Homeless Advocates Cancel Plan For Up-River Migration of SART Tent City

Kraemer Glassell SART AB feat

The homeless advocates trying to organize denizens of the Santa Ana River Trail encampment to re-locate their tents up-river have abandoned their efforts, with one of them admitting in a Facebook post the plan “didn’t solve this very serious homeless problem.”

“UPDATE: THE HOMELESS DO NOT HAVE A SAFE HAVEN BY BRIDGES OF KRAEMER PLACE. The shelter is FULL, and the nearby riverbed channel is NOT an alternative,” wrote advocate Matthew Skaggs, who is also a community volunteer for homeless advocate Nancy West’s proposal for a sanctioned homeless campground in Anaheim known as Alfresco Gardens.

On January 22, the County began serving notice to the hundreds of homeless living in the sprawling SART squatters camp that they would have to leave while offering them access to services. A few days earlier, Skaggs and another homeless advocate, Curtis Gamble, had responded to the impending rolling eviction by encouraging residents of the homeless camps to take their tents northward to the section of the SART by the Kraemer/Glassell Bridge, on the east side of the river. This section is in the City of Orange and adjacent to hundreds of homes. Skaggs had passed out at least 100 flyers in the homeless encampment, featuring a map of the new venue he proposed for relocating the encampment.

The news site reported on this effort yesterday afternoon and word quickly spread to residents via social media. Several hours later, Skaggs published a Facebook post nixing the effort:

Skaggs nixes Kraemer bridge homeless migration AB

skaggs b kaye homeless migration convo AB


  1. Oh, now I see!!!!!!He like the attention!!!!!

    Read his reply to Brian in the last few reply. “MY NAMES ON ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE LATELY, SOME GOODS AND SOME VERY MAD”

    He loves attenrion, however he gets it. What a nut.

  2. “The neighborhood was having a field day…” Really, is that all you have to say? Matthew Skaggs, you not only jumped the gun offering a misleading alternative to homeless folks, affecting them, you did so with what appears to be no concern for how the suggested neighborhood feels on the matter. Intentionally or not, your no good actions are not applaudable, as they affected all sorts of people.

  3. And the saga continues. Hopefully people will eventually come to the realization that a majority of these folks do not want services. Pack them up if they refuse, ship them to their home cities, whatever it takes. There is no more sympathy for the folks that refuse free services because they might have to follow some rules. Society is based more or less on rules we follow. Civil Liberties gives us the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It does not give the right to disturb others with panhandling, disturbing the peace or other issues that have become related to the SART encampments.
    Eventually people will come to this realization and begin to enforce and relocate. Gosh it sounds a bit like World War 2 stories of relocation

  4. Thee St. College Asphalt

    I’m sure Matt has a few extra beds or sofas at his house, he should just invite him to his house and neighborhood instead of ours. We should find out where he lives and move them to his yard.

    These people who are steering this are reckless and have no concerns for actual tax paying homeowners who follow the basic rules of life.


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