City Council Preview: Mayor Pro Tem Politics, Cel Phones, Interim City Manager

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Tomorrow night’s council agenda features matters put over from the previous meetings, and expected items that aren’t listed. 

It was anticipated the selection of a permanent city attorney and a full report on Councilman Jose F. Moreno’s Homeless Policy Task Force would be on the agenda, but are not.

The council will grapple once again with the matter of selecting a new Mayor Pro Tem (MPT), as reported last week. At the December 19 council meeting, Mayor Tom Tait’s attempt to appoint Moreno to the post fell one vote shy, and Councilmember Lucille Kring’s motion to give Mayor Pro Tem James Vanderbilt another year in the post was continued at Vanderbilt’s request.

Prior to the actual MPT vote, the council will take up two items requested by Vanderbilt. First, adoption of a council policy to prohibit councilmembers from serving successive terms as Mayor Pro Tem. Rotation of the position has not been the norm on the Anaheim City Council, and Vanderbilt seeks to institutionalize rotation of the post among councilmembers.

The next item calls for the council to “discuss and provide staff direction regarding a potential policy regarding the use of the Mayor Pro Tem title.” Vanderbilt would like the council to establish a formal policy against using the Mayor Pro Tem title for political purposes, such as for a ballot title.

This should make for an interesting discussion because it’s the political uses that make the Mayor Pro Tem a coveted post – especially for use as a ballot title.

Both Vanderbilt and Moreno are up for re-election this year. Given his push for a prohibition on councilmembers serving consecutive terms as Mayor Pro Tem, it seems unlikely Vanderbilt would consent to serving another year in the position. Moreno will likely have an intense re-election fight, and running as Mayor Pro Tem Moreno would be helpful to his candidacy.

The other two councilmembers who have not served as Mayor Pro Tem are District 1 Councilwoman Denise Barnes and District 5 Councilman Steve Faessel.

No Cel Phones On The Dais
Also on the agenda is a “clarification” requested by Councilmember Barnes, which specifies that only city-issued electronic devices may be used at the dais for accessing agenda materials. Personal devices can still be used “in the event of an urgent family matter.”

Interim City Manager Evaluation
On the close session agenda is a performance evaluation of Interim City Manager Linda Andal – most likely a routine review of her performance since being named to the job several months ago after the Tait-Moreno council majority forced out City Manager Paul Emery.

Tomorrow night’s meeting might be a good opportunity to provide the public with an update on how the recruitment of candidates for the permanent city manager position is proceeding.


  1. The ONLY person that should serve as pro ten is Steve Faessel, or James Vanderbilt. If you look at everyones history, HOW they vote, no one else qualifies.

  2. I think that any councilmember running for re-election that year should not be eligible for the title, that leaves 3 members eligible.

    The Agenda Item that I saw missing, and was scheduled for a January hearing is the Permit Parking revisions. I hope that will be on the next agenda.

  3. The interim city manager is a fraud. She was only appointed to save Tait’s failing legacy. I suggest Mr. Cunningham do a FOIA request about Andal and recently departed police chief’s alleged dating relationship. I believe the city attorney conducted an investigation.

  4. Angry District 4 Person

    THEY ALL NEED TO GO! They are so out of touch whith what the people in this city want. This city is ruins. Moreno needs to be first to go. One by one get them out.

  5. Angry District 4 Person

    They all have discussed using electronic devices while the public speak on matters that are very important to them. Many jobs don’t allow using a phone in any way during work. These people we pay need to discuss personal matters with their family. This should not be allowed. They are supposed to be serving the public and the public deservies their complete attention. Using devices to get texts relevent to hearing matters? What is going on in Anaheim? If you do not want to dedicate yourselves to the job why run? Do you not consider the constraints that this will put on your life outside? My god, is moreno conducting the meeting? tait your plan will not work. moreno is going to be voted out. Enjoy it now moreno.

  6. Angry District 4 Person

    Anaheim is lost.

  7. Angry District 4 Person

    Last one: Trust any of you? can’t watch any more.

  8. Angry District 5 Person

    Angry District 4 Person, Moreno is going to be very difficult to get out of office. He has the full support of the California Democratic Party and, through Tom Tait, has almost the full support of the Republican Party.

    Tait will once again have former State Senator John Lewis and Jon Fleischman to use independent expenditure money to attack anyone (Republican or Democrat) that tries to run against Moreno.

    Lewis will then go on KFI’s John and Ken and talk about how we need to fix illegal immigration and stop California from continuing to plunge into the abyss of liberalism and stop the car tax and blah blah blah, when he has actually been helping turn over the Anaheim City Government to a group of people that are farther left wing than the majority of the Democrats in Sacramento.

    Likewise, Fleischman will continue to pose as a right wing Republican, hobnobbing with conservatives around Anaheim Hills, Yorba Linda and Brea spouting off the same rhetoric about stopping the liberals when in reality he’s a turn coat.

    Here’s what I think we’ll see for the 2018 election…

    Vanderbilt will move back to his mum’s house in the Hills and announce that he is running as the incumbent candidate for District 6.

    Jabbar will announce he is running for District 2.

    Cynthia Ward has already announced she is running for Mayor. She doesn’t have a chance at winning. However, Tait, Lewis and Fleischman will get the Republican party to support her campaign so that actual Republicans will be denied the party’s support and divide up the Conservative vote in District 5 and the Hills.

    In the meantime, Tait will continue to work behind the scenes to get Ashley Aitken elected.

    The day after election day will have Aiken as mayor, Vanderbilt barely winning District 6, Jabbar in District 2 and Moreno in District 3. Add Denise Barnes in 1 and the farthest left of the Democratic party has the majority of City Council.

    In 2019, Tait and his wife move to their newly purchased retirement home in Laguna or Newport. Lewis is back on KFI bemoaning how bad Anaheim became after electing a majority leftist city council and helped turn over the congressional districts in North Orange County to the Democrats. Fleischman is out making speeches to donors whining about Anaheim becoming the latest Los Angeles or Oakland.

    If Orange County Republicans don’t want to see Anaheim lost, then they better wake up now and disassociate themselves from Tait, Lewis and Fleischman.

  9. I have feared everything Angry District 5 has said. Please everyone needs to take heed. Vote them out and break the strong hold. Anaheim is truly in danger.

    • In November 2018, we get to vote for Mayor, plus Districts 2, 3 and 6 get to vote for their council person.

      So if you look at the 3 remaining, we have two friendly councilmembers, and one Tait fan.

      That says that if 2 of the 4 seats don’t go Tait’s way, we should have more stability and more business friendly council.

      Time to start paying attention, and volunteering for those folks running that you support. And for those who dislike Dr, Moreno, you can always volunteer even if you don’t live in District 3.

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