Reactions To Inflammatory Tweet By ACLU Staffer Against Anaheim Police

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As reported yesterday, Jennifer Rojas, the ACLU – SoCal’s lead political advocate in Anaheim and author of the group’s error-filled report claiming the Anaheim Police Department is one of the nation’s deadliest, published a tweet castigating the APD for “criminaliz[ing] Latino men trying to feed babies.”  Rojas jumped to that conclusion in response to an APD tweet seeking public assistance in identifying two Hispanic men for stealing baby formula from a Stater Bros:


Baby formula is popular among drug dealers for cutting the drugs they sell.

Councilwoman Kris Murray brought up Rojas’ tweet at the December 19 city council meeting. Rojas subsequently deleted it.

Radio Silence From Rojas
We e-mailed Ms. Rojas yesterday, asking if she believes seeking the arrest of two men for theft “criminalizes” them and that their ethnicity is germane; does she believe she owes the APD an apology; why she deleted the tweet; and whether she thinks her tweet (and subsequent deletion of it) impairs her effectiveness as a policy advocate in Anaheim, and undermine the credibility of her report on the APD.

Ms. Rojas has not yet responded.

Reactions from the Anaheim PD and the Anaheim Police Association
We contacted the Anaheim Police Department for comment. This morning, spokesman Daron Wyatt said the department does not have a comment on Rojas’ tweet, but opined:

“I can tell you the theft of baby formula is not a new crime. It is sold on the black market. We have had great success in solving these types of crimes by posting the videos on social media platforms and have received a couple of tips already on this case. I saw Jenn’s tweet shortly after it posted and I responded that it was a burglary, which is a criminal act.”

APA President Edgar Hampton

APA President Edgar Hampton

Anaheim Police Association President Edgar Hampton was more direct in his assessment of Ms. Rojas’ temper tweet:

“So this is what the ACLU considers rational discourse?   How can you take anything seriously from a person who honestly believes such a nonsensical point of view?   How am I supposed to believe that an objective and reasonable look at police conduct can be accomplished by someone who thinks like this?   Would you trust someone like this with your livelihood?  The attitude that crime is oOK if you really need something (and that was just assumed on her part) is ridiculous.  If I need a car to get to work to feed my family should I be allowed to steal one?  Should I be allowed to steal a wallet or purse because I need money for groceries?  Ethical behavior should be demanded from everyone not just conditional to what their needs are.  I hope that this comment was shines a light on the mentality of some of the folks we are dealing with.”

Council Candidate Reactions
We also reached out to several mayoral and council candidates. District 6 candidates Sergio Gonzalez and Trevor O’Neil didn’t pull punches.

Sergio Gonzalez

Sergio Gonzalez

Gonzalez’s take on the ACLU activists tweet:

“The City of Anaheim is  not criminalizing “Latinos” trying to feed babies. The police are attempting to apprehend two males (race, sex, age, scars, tattoos, clothing etc. are simply descriptors) accused of committing the crime of theft or grand theft, depending on the value of product which was stolen.  

Rojas owes everyone an apology for distorting the facts and downplaying a crime by painting it as a humanitarian effort, and throwing in the overplayed “race card” into the mix. Her apology should begin with the Police Department. She is playing to a certain audience  with her theatrics. She shatters her credibility when she (and other “advocates”) distort the truth and/or facts with emotional cries of “racism” or other distracting labels that are irrelevant to the crime.  Many of these activists, community organizers, advocates, etc., prey on a misinformed populace and undermine lawful civil society in the name of reform.”

Trevor O'Neil

Trevor O’Neil

O’Neil had this to say:

“These men criminalized themselves by committing a crime. It is reprehensible of Ms. Rojas to demonize the Anaheim Police Department for enforcing the law. Ms. Rojas not only owes an apology to APD for her irresponsible comments, but she also owes an apology to those she represents for instilling a notion that criminal behavior is acceptable, and to every law abiding Anaheim citizen whose tax dollars pay for the public protection. The fact that Ms. Rojas would make such a comment certainly calls into question the integrity of the recent APD use of force report she authored. The men and women patrolling our streets deserve better.”

Mayoral candidate and former Councilmember Lorri Galloway’s comment:

lorri_galloway_small“No matter a person’s race or nationality,  it is a crime to steal food from a retail store. Anaheim police are not at fault for doing their jobs. Their is no need for a baby in Anaheim or  Orange County to go hungry without formula or food with so many local government and charitable programs available for needy children,  whether they are a citizen or not.  It is more reasonable to believe ,  with all that we know about drug abuse and dependence that permeates our communities, that perhaps these thieves were stealing to feed their drug habits,  not their hungry babies. “

Requests for comment were also e-mailed to mayoral candidates Harry Sidhu and Ashleigh Aitken. This post will be updated with their responses when (and if) we receive them.

In the meantime, click here to read about the ACLU-SoCal fight to legalize prostitution. It will give readers an idea of just how radicalized this venerable organization has become.


  1. How much do you get paid by the Anaheim Cop Union, Mr. Conservative?

    • That would be 0 [zero], Mr. Ignorant. It must be liberating to assume anyone with whom you disagree is being paid to do so. It certainly eliminates the need to think.

    • How much is the Denise Barnes campaign paying you, Warren? No one would put themselves out there to defend such stupidity for free.

      • That would be o [zero] Mr. Ignorant. It must be liberating to assume anyone with whom you disagree is being paid to do so. It certainly eliminates the need to think.

        • Warren it seems you just talk in circles, which is usally done when someone does not have fact to back up their position.

          • Facts?

            Or do you really mean garden-variety distortions meant to stir up alarm among the old ladies and Trump voters?

            • Warren: Just as I said you talk in circles. Speak with fact/facts that can be backed up for proof and maybe people will take what you are saying seriously.

              A fact is we are governed by laws.
              When a law is broken you should expect to be punished.

              There are plenty of organizations that can help those that need it.

            • Because anyone who criticizes Denise Barnes is a nervous old lady or a “Trump voter” (which Warren uses as a perjorative).

              Keep it up, Warren. You’re doing a great job of making Barnes look even worse.

              • No, not “anyone.” Just the people I have discovered here who seem to be itching for some silly cause or other to get worked up over.

                You’d better get used to Ms. Barnes. She’ll be around for another 7 years.

                In the meantime try a happy injection of kindness. You’ll thank yourself!

                • Warren:

                  How many years before Barnes is able to speak without reading from a script? How many years before she’s able to answer questions in public? What will she do when Tait isn’t there to tell her how to vote? How many years before she can talk, think or act without her council aide or Mishal Montgomery telling her what to do?

                  You know as well as the rest of that she’s in way over her head. But you’re not honest enough to admit it.

                  • Honesty is my Best Policy. And I am being honest when I say Ms. Barnes is doing a bang-up job – and she’s only just started. Just wait ’til her second term!

                    Mishal Montgomery is a lovely lady. And Smart. The new council majority proves it. Please show some respect for this lady. It’s the kindly thing to do!

        • Warren:

          You can’t even think of an original reply so you plagiarized Matt’s!

    • OK, you oppose the author’s acumen regarding Jennifer Rojas distorted comments, and apparently, law enforcement doing their job, seeking alleged thieves for breaking the law. Makes no rational sense to any reasonable person. And you levy an accusation on the author for simply stating his view of events…and educating readers on the not so obvious use of baby formula.

      YOU let distorted bias make an accusation without facts. Shame on you Warren Higa, as well as Jennifer Rojas for doing the same thing only targeting Anaheim’s law enforcement. Her deleting the tweet after the fact doesn’t neutralize her charge. Looks as though both of you are cut from the same shameless ragged cloth!

      • You have entered a fact-free twilight zone Gary Gensler.

        Instead, open your heart to kindness. Anaheim is The City of Kindness! You’ll feel better about yourself. I promise.

        • I have never been one to live in fantasy or make accusations, as you did with your opening remark to the article. No doubt you didn’t like what you read so you lead with a lack of kindness accusation. If someone needs a dose of kindness and reason, you might look in a mirror. I promise.

  2. Where do each of our mayoral candidates stand on the SART issues?

  3. My point was stealing is criminal, camping is illegal, enforce the laws or we are all doomed. Of course offer a way out to the homeless and if they do not take it, they are subject to the same laws we all should be.

    • Doomed? really? Doomed?

      Oh, good grief. Try some kindness for a change. The homeless are not coming for you. Your wife and bright-as a-penny kids are safe. I promise.

      • I think Warren should walk door to door wearing a big Councilmember Denise Barnes volunteer badge and tell District 1 residents that the homeless are not a problem and they should calm down and try kindness.

        How about Warren?

        • Everyone I know in District 1 is very happy about Ms. Barnes. Except Steve Cabot Lodge. Oh, wait he moved out. Or did he ever move in? Hard man to pin down. Lots of addresses.

          I will be happy to walk door-to-door for Ms. Barnes – in 2020 when she successfully runs for re-election! Residents will embrace Team Tait kindness – just like they did in 2016.

      • warren higa: You have nothing intelligent to say. You do not make any sense and must not live in the same Anaheim that the rest of us do.

        • Warren must not live in Anaheim let alone district 1. District 1 continues to decline and all i hear is my neighbors complain about Barnes not doing anything. So i guess if you like encampments and declining quality of life Barnes is your pick.
          Higa and Barnes are out of touch.

          • That’s wrong, my dear. I have my finger on the pulse of Anaheim. And that pulse reflects the heartbeat of a city that gave Mayor tait 54% of the vote in 2014 against four or five opponents.

            Game. Set. Kindness.

            P.S. I know you resent Ms. barnes, but really, if you want to complain blame the folks who ran an out-of-town opponent against her.

            • warren: maybe the pulse of 2014. Now we all have seen tate at work and the pulse that you speak of has def. weakened as he is not taken seriously. Kindness really?
              barnes will not be reelected. I do not resent barnes, I simply do not think she is fit for the job.

        • That’s no very kind. You just resent me because I’m a huge fan of Tom Tait and the People’s Council.

  4. I was watching the video of the last council meeting. At around the 3 hour and 20 minute mark, (The meeting went about 6 and a half hours), Councilmember Murray’s item requesting an apology from the ACLU in regards to the report they wide distributed to the press in regards to the Anaheim PD. The report contained many errors, and accused 2 officers of things they didn’t do (kill someone).

    During the discussion it came out that on December 5th, the ACLU sent the council a private letter admitting many of the errors contained in the report. But that evening, during the Public Comments portion of the meeting, Ms. Rojas talked about the report as if it was 100% correct, and repeated the already admitted false facts.

    Then, the tweet discussed earlier came out the morning of the last council meeting, while the city officials were participating in the Homeless triage day as part of Operation HOME Safe.

    During the discussion, Councilmember Moreno did not want the letter sent asking for a public statement correcting the errors, and an apology to the two officers named, and tried to talk the rest of the council out of it.

    The final vote was 6 ayes, and one abstention by Dr. Moreno. I am not sure if the letter has been sent yet, but the ACLU has remained silent on the matter. (It took about an hour to discuss, and worth watching at, or on the Government Access channel).

    In another vote, Mayor Tait tried again to get Dr. Moreno named Mayor Pro Tem. The vote was 3 Ayes (Tait, Moreno and Barnes) and the other 4 Abstained. Motion failed due to a lack of a majority. The matter then was tabled to the next meeting with 6 Ayes, and one Abstention by Dr. Moreno.

  5. ANAHEIM open your eyes

    The decisions Jose Moreno has historically made proves his inadequate ability to be on council.
    I have never seen a more ignorant, ill chosen candidate in history.

    Any council member defending or in agreement with him should automatically have their integrity be questioned as well.
    It says so much of Denise Barnes and Tom Tait.

    • BRAVO Anaheim! moreno, barnes and tait should run off the council. barnes and moreno must NOT be re-elected. tait has forever tarnished his political reputation and voters must never forget his record. These awful representations of Anaheim are called the evil triplets

  6. I don’t know if this topic is germain to the post, but, for certain it rings familiar with the past two commenters:

    It is not lost on me (or others) that Dr. Moreno is playing “identity politics”. How else does one explain his refusal to:

    CONDEMN his own brother-In-Law’s violence against women; Instead he wrote a letter asking the judge leniency in his brother-in-law’s sentencing for domestic violence. This is well documented.

    CONDEM/REBUKE Julio Perez, his political mentor; Perez has been accused by five women of sexual harassment and currently enjoying a PAID leave of absence from his post as an AFL-CIO director.

    CONDEM/REBUKE/DISASSOCIATE Victor Valladares; Valladares, who is mentored by Moreno and politically close, has been accused of assaulting his ex-wife; He is also been accused of domestic abuse. This of course is on top of the Burglary, Drug possession and multiple DUI’s racked up by Valladares, who remains in good standing with the DPOC as a central county delegate.

    The bottom line is it’s OK to hurt or harass women if you are OK in Moreno’s book. He has alluded to the tough times Latin Men have compared to their Caucasian counterparts.

    How about a post ADMIN, on how hypocritical this is, maybe ask the Mayor of Kindness to comment, how about Cynthia, she has been seen cozying up to Jose lately.

    All of this is Public record, published elsewhere and within the community common knowledge.

  7. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    Wow – I made a mistake coming here for news about Anaheim politics. This is clearly a right-wing front group. Anybody who defends the armed Anaheim government uniformed goons is definitely not someone I would ever vote for nor support.

    • Anastasia, this is NOT about right or left anything. It’s about attacking our great mayor and his political allies who are opposing corporate giveaways – including to the storm-trooper union.

      I keep trying to introduce kindness here because we are the City of Kindness. So far, no luck.

  8. Must be warren higa’s sister

  9. Warren must be Tait, only Tait would think he is a great mayor and Barnes is outstanding. Tait is termed out and hopefully voters will remember his foolish kindness agenda. The more we see of Barnes the more she is exposed as a Tait flunky.

  10. Anahem: Remember tait, moreno and barnes when voting. Remember what they did to our city

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