ACLU Staffer Accuses Anaheim Police of “Criminalizing Latino Men” For Seeking Supermarket Theft Suspects

The ACLU has furnished a reminder of why its critics refer to it derisively as the American Criminal Liberties Union.

Yesterday, the Anaheim Police Department tweeted a request for public assistance regarding a supermarket theft:

Jennifer Rojas with the ACLU’s Orange County office responded by accusing the APD of “spending [money] to criminalize Latino men”:


Ms. Rojas’ online outburst illustrates a sense of moral balance that is seriously off-kilter. She justifies theft. She castigates the Anaheim police for trying to do their job: protecting the innocent from criminals. She thoughtlessly, recklessly tries to turn it into a racial incident. She assumes the worst of the police while assigning high moral motives to the thieves – on with no information apart from the tweet. Is Rojas trying to incite unrest?

A more likely scenario than Rojas’ Dickensian assumption is these men a ring that systematically steals goods from supermarkets and other retailers for re-sale on the street. Even if Rojas is correct that these guys were only trying to “feed babies,” that doesn’t justify theft – not when there’s WIC, Healthy Families, food stamps and a whole array of social services available to poor people with children.

This is the same Jennifer Rojas behind the error-filled ACLU report wrongly accusing the Anaheim Police Department of being one of the deadliest in the nation. Her rush to judgment, identity politics sensibility and obvious hostility toward should remove any doubts that her report camouflages an anti-police agenda.

Rojas has since deleted the tweet, betraying realization that it undermine her credibility, that of the ACLU and the political agenda they are pursuing in Anaheim.

Who Is Jennifer Rojas?
Rojas has worked for the ACLU since September 2015 and her title is “Community Engagement and Policy Advocate.”  In other words, she a paid progressive political activist. Rojas’ professional background also includes a stint with Asian Americans Advancing Justice (AAAJ) – the same group recently hired by the Anaheim Elementary School District to train district leadership in “cultural sensitivity.” AAAJ practices left-wing identity politics, and uses social media to promote ideas such as Thanksgiving being a sinister celebration of Native American genocide.

In addition to working as a government union organizer, Rojas majored in Ethnic Studies and was active in the radical student group MEChA. In short, she’s a left-wing social justice warrior, through and through:

Jennifer rojas f ICE retweet AB

On the upside, her intemperate tweet shows she cannot be expected to advocate on Anaheim police issues with fairness and objectivity. The sloppiness of her report on the APD already impeached Rojas’ credibility. This Twitter outburst has fatally compromised it.

A request for comment has been sent to Ms. Rojas, as well as to the Anaheim Police Department and the Anaheim Police Association.


  1. Little Jenny Rojas, should be reprimand and considered for dismissal by the ACLU for her biases and undermining politicizing of routine policing protocols. Her Tweeting commentary not only serves to delegitimize the ACLU’s Mission Statement, wherein lies the proposition that anyone, citizen or foreign national, is afforded the rights and provisions under the Constitution and its Articles whilst occupying American Soil.

    Mx. Rojas’ misguided, shortsighted activistic distortions, are unfortunately not exclusively Jennyesq.. With the Latino population will continue to grow every year throughout the decades until the Caucasian population has been surpassed. And in so doing, the ignorant interpretations, espoused as legitimate observations, made by intolerant’s, such as Jennifer Rojas, will surely catch fire and fuele the quite bigotry of our 1st and 2nd generation Mexican-born immigrants.

    The outward acts of sinester racism is illegal in our nation. Rojas’ contempt for Law Enforcement and foolhardy support for outlaw Mexican Americans, giving the benefit of the doubt that they are legal resident criminals, is a midnight vampire bite assured to render her underlings as rabidly intolerant as she is. Let’s put Rojas in our gunsights and pull the trigger on her bigoted fucery!

  2. Can we tell the truth for once: These men were not stealing food for their babies. They were stealing ingredients to manufacture drugs.



  3. It’s OK to be a thief then?
    No matter what it was, it was thievery. And they would describe them the same way if they were black, “little” people, a one legged Asian, or white female in her teens….it is what it is What is wrong with people who support the aclu…it isn’t what is intended for.

  4. The men are clearly Hispanic, a request for information is useless without a detailed description. The ACLU is a joke; because some ACLU progressive flunky tries to push her stupid social justice agenda, we are supposed get scared and go back to the politically correct crime descriptions.

  5. After reading this I had to laugh and question what extent, if any, twisted moral values and or entitlement thinking plays in representing today’s ACLU as a community engagement Advocate? Has a political, confrontational or divisive ring to me; not at all humane. Disregard criminal behavior in favor of using false information to attack Anaheim Police Department for doing their job, catch two alleged thieves.

    As I see this, there’s NO WAY anyone can defend thievery as racial, a civil liberty or entitlement. Furthermore, deleting her tweet after its social effect doesn’t mitigate her potential troubling ideology or intent. I am not unique when saying since childhood most of us were taught right from wrong; and no matter how small stealing is wrong, against the law and has consequences.

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