Palm Lane Charter Operator Approved By AESD Board of Education

victorious Palm Lane parents AB feat

After spending three years and nearly a million dollars opposing a parent-led effort to convert Palm Lane Elementary School into an independent public charter school, the Anaheim Elementary School District Board of Education voted 5-0 to approve the parents selection of New Century Charter Schools as the charter operator.

The parents group and their supporter erupted in cheers and applause after the vote.

While the Palm Lane parents were jubilant, an air of resignation hung about the Board. When the AESD Board voted on the original Parent Trigger Law petition in February 2015, the board room was packed with teachers union members from all over Orange County urging rejection of the charter petition – a demand the AESD Board obliged.

Last night, teachers union president Kathy Heard sat silently and impassively in the audience. No anti-charter placards were waved and no one spoke in opposition to approving the New Century selection. The AESD Board – which had spent more than two years and nearly a million dollars fighting the parents’ charter effort in court – moved the two pertinent items to the front of the agenda. The Board unanimously approved Trustee Jeff Cole’s motions to approve without discussion or comment.  After two years of battling the parents, the AESD Board disposed of the matter with all the fanfare of purchasing new lawnmowers.


  1. What a waste in legal costs, court time and related expenses.

    Plus the treatment of the parents that cared about their kids by AESD, that will never be repaired, and makes others distrust the board.

    Here is hoping the new Palm Lane is a Hugh success and we get smarter kids graduating from the program.

  2. The outgoing AESD Superintendent is a great big warning sign for her gaining organization to heed! She has proven her character has shown that before she would give up a poor performing school to a spanking new charter school, she was willing to piss-away $1,000,000.00 in taxpayers loot, as if she were the CEO of COSTCO!

    It’s just another troubling sign that the public has a great propensity to place the most unsuitable people in positions of great responsibilit, as with the City Council, City Manger and Mayor’s positions. It’s time for a bottom-up review of the positions named herein, to distinguish the horse-holders from the straphangers and the straphangers from the shit-shovelers. I really wonder if anyone with any clout reads these comments or is this just more feel good, go nowhere slickary?

    • You guys are still not getting it. Mike matsuda, al jabbar and jose moreno make all the big decisions in both districts. Because the board members who are supposed to be trustees for the public are puppets. There are 3 auhsd teachers that sit on the board in the elementary district and they do exactly what their boss tells them to do. In fact Ryan Rueles has been bragging about running Kimble out of town. Believe me, he takes great joy in having the power to ruin or try to ruin careers of good honest people. It would be nice of he would grow up and move out of mommies house someday, but right now he is a sad little boy with too much power.

      • matsuda, al jabbar, ruelas, and jose moreno need to go. They need to be exposed and run out of town. Those doing their dirty work should be advised not to follow their directions any more as they are losing power and the citizens are turning on them. Someone needs to look in their closets and come forward.

        Drain the swamp.

  3. I agree, anyone endorsed by Moreno and Tait are a detriment to the community. Their governance has been corrupt and incompetent. Look at some of the totally under qualified people they have put in important positions: Quezada, Matsuda and Andal.

    • Neil,
      Its even worse in our schools. Matsuda is so insecure he ran off all administrators with any experience and hired unprepared replacements. Auhsd still pays well but its no longer a destination district. The people he hired at kennedy and anaheim high are way over their heads. Interim principals at Savanna and Magnolia, the lowest test scores in orange county. Next november we have a very important election.

    • Neil – agreed! Let’s add Montgomery too! All should be added to KFI’s “Hacks in a dumpster” We need a giant shovel to cover what we need to throw in a dumpster to clear Anaheim.

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