#MeToo Anaheim: Blogger Vern Nelson Denies Sexually Assaulting Former Councilwoman Lorri Galloway

Vern Nelson AB Feat

Last week, we reported that former Anaheim Councilwoman Lorri Galloway, who is running for mayor in 2018, published a #MeToo Facebook post in which she alleged that Orange Juice Blog publisher and editor Vern Nelson sexually assaulted her five years ago.

Nelson made this comment the next day on a post published by one of his OJ Blog writers:

Vern nelson denies Galloway allegations AB

Nelson’s contention is the former councilmember invented her allegation of sexual assault out of whole clothe in retaliation for his mildly critical description of her mayoral candidacy in a recent blog post. Nelson was arrested last year for Driving Under the Influence, and this offense is being prosecuted as a felony. If convicted, it will be his 5th DUI conviction. He is currently in rehab.

In the wake of Nelson’s denial (upon which he expanded here), Galloway posted this on her Facebook page:

Galloway FB response to Vern




  1. Lorri Galloway is credible. Period.

  2. In related news, fellow COP HATER and convicted FELON Renee Balenti’s son, Dylan was convicted last week to 11 years in state prison for Burglary and assault on a minor with intent to RAPE.

    These are the same fine folks that can been seen marching arm in arm with Donna Ascevedo Nelson, Jose Moreno and even Mayor Tom Tait.

    If you don’t believe me search Dylan Reed Jaquette in the OC Register.

    These are the kind of people who represent our city?

  3. Of course Vern denies it. He’s out on bail for felony DUI, and a sexual assault accusation could get him remanded back to jail pending trial.

    What does Galloway have to gain by manufacturing a sexual assault allegation against a marginal blogger? On the other hand, Nelson has every incentive to deny.

    If it comes down to credibility, Galloway wins hands down.

  4. Greetings from San Diego!

    This horrific incident means it is high time to bring transparency to political engineering in Orange County. Who makes descions at Orange Juice Blog? Do interested parties pay to plant hit pieces on the blogs? (I have some insight on that point from a couple of different perspectives.) How many people have been victimized by unaccountable shadowy political hacks? Once again, the political establishment has failed, this time to an extent that it can not even protect its own. It’s shameful…

  5. Actually, Vern’s the one doing the lying here. I have had a number of conversations with staffers at the Eli Home about the truth. Lorri’s done commenting on this case but when its an issue of credibility, she’s far more credible than he could ever hope to be.

  6. Some Daze are Diamonds

    Vern is such a hunk because of his piano playing skills. Women throw themselves at him? Yeah. Sure.

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