Inclusionary Zoning: Will Tait Be “A Freedom Guy” Tonight?

Anaheim Insider here.

This is a text sent to Mayor Tom Tait by his staff consigliere Mishal Montgomery on April 28 of this year, alerting him to rent control concerns expressed by Vickie Talley, who represents mobile home park owners:

MM text TT rent control

Given Councilman Jose F. Moreno’s political philosophy, Ms. Talley’s fear were (and are) warranted. The “Denise” to whom Montgomery refers is presumably District 1 Councilmember Denise Barnes. It’s alarming that when Talley asked Barnes’ her position on rent control, the response was “I don’t know.”

As has been noted earlier on this blog, inclusionary zoning, a close policy relative of rent control, is on this evening’s council agenda.  Let’s hope Mayor Tom Tait is “still a freedom guy.”


  1. Dollars to donuts Tait and Moreno find a way to blame Disney and the 4-Diamond hotel “giveaways” for “forcing” them look at adopting what are really big tax hikes on home buyers and businesses.

  2. Pinky and the Brain comes to mind watching tonights city council meeting. moreno thinks he is “the brain” and tait surely is Pinky. moreno is doing his best to ruin our city. welcoming who?

    • LOL if it wasn’t so close to the truth and so sad for Anaheim. Unfortunately for those who knew JMs record this was predictable. So so sad 😞

  3. I really don’t get it. Just build more housing. I mean, arnt their constituencies out there that would support more construction? I recall that when people criticized the expansion of the Convention Center, construction workers lined up during public comments. Why can’t these people line up behind what is so obviously the right thing? Do we only like construction when it’s funded by public debt?

  4. What tait? How tight things are on our city? How about cutting your “assistants” pay to start. We don’t have funds and need? Where is all the money at? We need to get an audit! How about stopping the waste. You are a joke. A city like our needs to try to find money and we are looking for economic assistance? What has been done with our city’s funds?

  5. This seems like a possible Brown Act have our Mayors assistant communicating multiple council members positions to the mayor and trying to orchestrate something. Pretty devious.

  6. Tait a “freedom guy”? Explain that to the STR owners he screwed out of their freedom. I’m sure he also claims to be a “small-business guy”. Again, explain that to all of the STR businesses he shut down and the vendors they employed that are losing all of that business. It is interesting that this text message was sent just weeks after the city council voted to settle the lawsuit resulting from the city’s malfeasance and only months after the ban itself.

    By the way, if things “tight” with the city, let’s not forget that STRs brought in over $4 million per year of additional TOT.

  7. Tait has ruined this city, at least Pringle had a vision and wanted to make Anaheim a better city. Tait is in it for himself

  8. Pinky and the Brain one is a genius and the other’s insane. moreno thinks he’s a genius and tait is clearly insane. tait is so insane to think he will have any political future. He will go down as the worst mayor EVER.
    He cuts people off when he doesn’t want to hear them make points contrary to the stuff that he is selling. He is rude and actually comes off as a buffoon. moreno thinks he is such a genius that he will be able to continue to push his personal agenda and then get re-elected. Even his own district is on to him. He is a pompous snake.

    This council will not ruin Anaheim. We need to call them out for every unethical act they do and then never vote for them again. Anaheim will not be ruined by these ridiculous leaders.

    Well as I watched the council meeting this came to me and I really haven’t seen the show for a very long time. But Pinky and the Brain it is.

  9. Matt, you shouldn’t be alarmed at Barnes’ “I don’t know” position on rent control. You should be alarmed because what she meant to say was “Tait hasn’t told me what I think yet.”

  10. barnes does not represent Anaheim well. She does not come off as very intelligent and her dressing style is neither professional or appropriate. She is a ridiculous creature, much like a tait marionette when speaking and we all know tait speaks the same way. Kris Murray sounds the sanest of all. Too bad she is not running for Mayor I think she could win.

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