Retired Firefighter Sergio Gonzalez Running for Anaheim City Council From District 6

sergio gonzales ab feat

Sergio Gonzalez, a Republican and retired LA County firefighter, has filed paperwork to be a candidate for Anaheim City Council from District 6, which comprises Anaheim Hills. 2018 will be the first time residents of the easternmost section of the city will elect its own district representative to city council.

Gonzalez filed his candidate intention and campaign committee formation forms on October 10.

According to his Linkedin profile, Gonzalez was a Los Angeles County firefighter/paramedic from 2000 to 2014. Prior to that, he was an engineer firefighter with the Lynwood Fire Department from 1983 to 2000. Since 1983, he’s been president and owner of Protech Life Safety Services, which provides CPR/First Aid/Fire Safety education to businesses and organizations.

Also running in District 6 are Republican businessman Trevor O’Neil and Grant Henninger, an urban planner and Democrat.


  1. Who is most likely to be a true Republican, Trevor or Sergio? Does anybody know the answer to this questions. It’s very important that everyone know because Tom Tait is a Democrat pretending to be a Republican and we don’t want to make the mistake again of voting for an imposter.

    • Sergio is a true republican he doesn’t dance around party lines. He is firm and his convictions and a very honest person. He has no political agendas to make this a career. He is running because he truly loves his home of Anaheim .

  2. I would like to see where David Sergio stands on many issues: homelessness, STR’s, Weed business licenses, zoning law changes to fit more structures on less lands, camping in cars, park lands to start. Maybe he should run for Mayor

  3. Fellow entrepreneur

    Sergio looks like a public employee union guy who has spent a lifetime at the government teet. Trevor is a lifelong Republican and small business owner who has done nothing but create jobs, pay taxes and advocate or small, efficient government. To me, the distinction is clear.

    • Without know Sergio’s background it might be best to wait to hear what he stands for before making a clear decision. He has much more experience than “just” being a firefighter. If you are a close friend of Trevor’s I can understand you have made your choice.

    • That’s a ridiculous criticism, and you do Trevor no favors by leveling it.

      By that standard, conservative GOP Rep. Tom McClintock – who has drawn a government paycheck virtually his entire life – is just a career government employee.

  4. Anaheim Hills Resident

    I hope Trevor O’Neills supporters can show a little more class than the statement made above. What a ridiculous comment. Sergio and his family have been involved in Anaheim hills for decades and care about our community. I hope all campaigns will be positive and avoid these kind of pointless attacks. Not okay.

  5. fellow entrepreneur

    If Sergio is a strong conservative candidate then it certainly is a shame that we have two conservatives that are going to spend tons of money in District 6 battling it out when that money could be better spent in Districts like… oh, I don’t know… 3 maybe?

  6. Sergio is as Republican as you can get! He is pro 2nd amendment. Sergio and his wife have both worked full time, put their daughters thru local schools and both are in college. He has never relied on anyone else to take care of his family other than the pay checks they bring home.

  7. One should not assume a candidate’s convictions based solely upon a profession. As someone who is active in local and state GOP politics, I know many good conservatives who fight for the principles of limited government, lower taxes, and reduced regulation, who happen to make their living in or around the public sector – whether as elected officials, a staffers, government employees, or public affairs professionals, etc. Let’s be fair and get to know the candidates based on who they are, rather than who they are perceived to be.

  8. Jamie copenhaver

    Have know sergio for over 12 years. He is honest and has a backbone to his convictions. He is active in his church and has been a civil servant as a selfless firefighter. He is truly a conservative republican that will stand strong for the people and stands firm on the issues at hand . He believes in the constitution and bill of rights and the the freedom to bear arms. He is gor the people. He will fight for all of you. He will never waiver or back down. We need people with strong moral forthright and convictions. I endorse Sergio Gonzalez as a man for office in the city counsel.

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