Will Tait Vote On Operation Home Safe Tonight?

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Anaheim Insider here.

Will Mayor Tom Tait vote on Operation Home Safe, Councilmember Kris Murray’s proposal to declare a state of emergency on the Santa Ana River Trail and mobilize to move the homeless out of it?

It’s not an idle question. Mayor Tait is known for recusing himself from votes even when it isn’t necessary, citing a desire to avoid even the appearance and possibility of a conflict.

Operation Home Safe resolution directs Anaheim to devote manpower and financial resources to the removing the homeless from SART, which is County property.  The resolution also directs the city to sign an agreement with the County to “conduct joint enforcement” on the river trail, and to “supplement and assist assist with the administration of county efforts to create a temporary, emergency shelter to serve up to 500 people as a part of this effort.”

Mayor Tait has routinely recused himself from matters involving the County of Orange because his company does business with the County. He’ll recuse himself on minor OCTA-related agenda items for the same reason. On May 5, 2015, He recused himself from voting on the Bridges at Kraemer homeless shelter, and on a workforce development agreement with the County, for the same reason. On April 7, 2015, he also abstained on a Kraemer shelter vote, and on an OCTA grade separation project. Will he follow past practice and recuse himself tonight, in which case Mayor Pro Tem James Vanderbilt will preside over the hearing on the Murray’s proposal? And if he doesn’t, then why has he been recusing himself so often for so long?


  1. Are you reading this Mr.Tait?

  2. Who cares if he votes or not. There are 6 other members also involved. If there are not at least 4 votes for this proposal, remember that come election time. Should be unanimous, however, politics will rear its head and lack of leadership will come into play. Clear the trail

  3. District 5 resident

    Let’s stop calling them homeless they prefer to live on the street. These people are vagrants and the OC sheriff needs to disperse this huge problem with sound and light make it very uncomfortable for them to remain. They will head into the cities where things will take care of themselves. Then local police can keep them moving. Enforce current laws.

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