Pioneer Park Renovations Completed

Pioneer Park feat

The OC Register reported last week on the completion of renovations to Pioneer Park:

High ceilings, stainless steel fixtures, painted walls and washable flooring, Pioneer Park’s bathroom has been completely renovated.

The upgrades at the park, at 2565 E. Underhill Ave., were part of $1.2 million earmarked in 2014 for park renovations. Construction was approved in 2016.

The park features new walking and running trails, lighting and landscaping, an outdoor exercise area and picnic tables and water fountains. 

Construction approved in 2016.” That would have been when the previous council majority was in power, back when – according to the revisionist history being peddled from some council dais occupants – the city council supposedly only cared about the Resort District and ignored neighborhood needs.

As others have noted, the facts contradict that false narrative.


  1. Pimentel makes it sound as if Council Member Barnes simply muttered the word “Creepy” and voila, the parks are renovated with clean bathrooms and rainbow belching unicorns.

    As Cunningham mentions, the construction was approved before she was in office. Also, Pioneer Park is a District 5 park. I recall Council Member Barnes only showing concern for the parks in District 1.

    I wish Pimentel would have been more accurate in his reporting of this article. Which staff members took the lead on these restoration projects? Which elected officials were actually involved? Those city officials are the ones that deserve recognition.

  2. Barnes had nothing to do with the parks or anything in Anaheim for that matter. All she does according to her is read emails. She has said in previous council comments, “I have no list of things that need to be done or have done” She’s the most useless person on council, the only thing she’s good at is crying. She has not or will not do anything to help the residents in district 1. When these parks were approved for renovation, it was the residents of these parks that got them done. The residents are the ones that continued to send pictures to staff and council. Barnes didn’t even do that before she was elected. Someone needs to recall her already.

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