More Candidates Enter the 2018 Mayoral, Council Races

john machiaverna

Three more candidates entered the lists during the last week, hoping to be elected mayor or win a seat on the city council.

John Machiaverna, the executive director of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Anaheim and owner of J. Mac Jewelers, today filed his candidate intention statement to run for mayor.

The other announced candidates are former Anaheim Mayor Pro Tem Harry Sidhu (Republican) and OC Fair Board Director Ashleigh Aitken (Democrat). There are murmurings that former Councilmember Lorri Galloway (Democrat) is also considering a run, Galloway – along with Councilwoman Lucille Kring – challenged Mayor Tom Tait for re-election, and garnered 25% if the vote.

District 2

Rudy Gaona

Rudy Gaona

On August 7, Rodolfo Rudy Gaono filed his intention to run for city council from District 2 in West Anaheim; he’s the first councilmember to formally declare for that seat. 2018 marks the first time District 2 will elect a council representative. It is ostensibly represented by Councilman James Vanderbilt, who was elected at-large in 2014 and moved from District 3 to District 2 at the end of 2015. Vanderbilt is a military reservist, and the possibility he will be deployed has created some uncertainty over whether he will seek re-election.  Gaona has run for multiple offices during the past several years, including city council, Congress and the Board of Supervisors. In 2016, the National Guard veteran changed his party registration from Democrat to Republican.

Grant HenningerDistrict 6
Also on August 7, former Planning Commissioner Grant Henninger also filed his intention to run for council from District 6, which encompasses Anaheim Hills. Henninger is smart and policy-wonkish. He is also a Democrat, which will be a liability in heavily-Republican District 6.

The only other announced District 6 candidate is Republican business owner Trevor O’Neil.



  1. Grant Henninger voted against the overwhelming voices of the people and ruined many lives.

    • Then maybe Tait should register as a democrat, change his name, and run again for Mayor!

    • Details, please?

    • Can you please elaborate on that? What vote are you talking about? Grant has always baffled me a bit, he is a Dem who hangs with a crowd I don’t always agree with, yet I find him to be very reasonable in his thinking and he can justify his reasoning with sound policy. Most of all he can agree to disagree without being ugly about it, and that is exactly the kind of leadership I like to see. We don’t need people we agree with all the time, we need people who can be courteous and respectful when we DON’T agree, and Grant nails that. I am not a District 6 voter, but I am interested in whatever vote someone thinks he blew and “ruined many lives.” Would you mind filling in the details please? What did I miss?

      • “We don’t need people we agree with all the time, we need people who can be courteous and respectful when we DON’T agree…”

        That would be nice, Cynthia. Perhaps you could try leading by example.

      • So that would be a “no” on any specifics against Grant.

        As far as my attitude toward certain elected leaders I don’t agree with; there is a meme circulating on the internet about, “To those who hate the truth, the truth becomes hate speech.”

        There is a big difference between having a different view regarding policy decisions, and someone deliberately misdirecting and misinforming others to get the pre-determined outcome that harms those they were elected to serve while benefitting their pals. The first is a collaborative approach to government, and oddly enough something I was blessed to learn in my time on the Cemetery District (where my service was also condemned, over here, simply for concluding a contract with your pal Pringle, what a shocker!) I will fully admit to once having a “my way or the highway” attitude that I no longer use, and I will be forever thankful to my OCCD colleagues for teaching me how to find middle ground without giving way on my standards, it has been a great growth experience.

        But the SECOND way is called “fraud,” and frankly the only response to defrauding the public should be opposition! When someone deliberately twists the facts to get the outcome that would not result if the truth were known, and that outcome is detrimental to the people whose interests are supposed to be represented, then sorry, my obligation is to my fellow residents and taxpayers. Since I only have 3 minutes to communicate the facts of fraud when they become known the Friday previous to meetings, then I don’t have much time for the niceties. Please note you will not find an instance (not one I can recall) of profanity or name-calling in a Council meeting, and even a heated blog post is written to expose what I genuinely believe is the worst wrong-doing in the history of our community, with the possible exception of Metcalf’s admin in the 20s before they were recalled. I have stepped up and offered documents from the City’s own records systems to show how we are being harmed and this blog ignores it and conveniently looks the other way while finger pointing back at me. But then I am not paid for my viewpoints so I can afford to stand on terra firma, while you all are stuck on the shifting sand of whoever is dangling a check in front of you.

        Good luck with that. I was simply trying to get an answer about what you think Grant did. Instead, we see the usual response of throwing rocks at his character without explanation, and I am not sure why I expected anything else from readers/commenters over here. Y’all have a lovely day, I am going to do something more productive than hanging around waiting for a real answer to a question that never had one because an anonymous sock puppet was likely looking to make Trevor look good by slamming Grant. At some point you need to realize your way doesn’t work, and it doesn’t resonate with the public. The last few elections should have taught you that.

      • Cynthia Ward on August 15, 2017: “We don’t need people we agree with all the time, we need people who can be courteous and respectful when we DON’T agree…”

        That fine sentiment didn’t last long, as the real Cynthia emerges in her Facebook post of August 27, 2017:

        “Scrolling down and an ad for Anaheim Blog pops up, showing how many of my friends “like” that page. Disgraced blogger Matt Cunningham runs that hate-site, funded by the Chamber of Commerce. Look at the side bar, there is an entire category devoted to yours truly, and trust me it is not to praise my intellect, charm, and good looks. Same with the ugly things said about people I care about, people who are trying to make a difference in the world and being attacked because looking out for the everyday citizens of Anaheim is a threat to the old order of things in which ALL the City’s money is perceived to be available to the special interests and any promise to support neighborhoods decreases the amounts they believe are due to them. This is the entire purpose of the website’s existence, not to inform you or make Anaheim a better place. The owner/operator is not an Anaheim resident and his only interest in Anaheim is extracting a paycheck to say whatever he is paid to say.
        Now I am a big girl (bigger than I should be) and I have very thick skin (largely due to the scar tissue formed from removing knives from my back) and I can take the ugly comments over there, because they are so far from factual that nobody who knows me would find them believable, and those who would believe such clearly biased dreck are not people I need to have in my world. But I have to question people calling themselves my “friends” who are OK with what is written over there, not because of what he says about me (have at it, cowboy) but because of the clear division he is being paid to create, using hateful untruths.He does not represent the best of Anaheim and is harming efforts to help Anaheim achieve her potential as a city. I am not judging, but I am sharing what he is, and why you might not want to “like” a blog so filled with inaccuracies and biased pay-for-hate. It’s your call.”

        Hmmm. Dishonest personal attacks and deluded comments. And makes it all about her. So much for her support for disagreeing-without-being-disagreeable.

  2. Grant is one of the most reasonable people I’ve ever met. He is happy to discuss any policy and willing to listen to all sides. I agree with Cynthia that he is courteous and respectful even when disagreeing with him. Grant wants keep improving the community and surrounding businesses. He takes a bottom up approach to decision making that relies on sound thinking and data.

  3. I have a few question that are, I swear, the product of no latent interest. Is the restriction barring termed out council members from running for Mayor the same year their last term on the council ends still in place? Did I get that right? Is there any rational for that restriction? Is it just a quirk in Anaheim’s history that will live in perpetuity? I’ve always wondered…

  4. I have known Grant for over 18years and although I don’t always agree with him, he not only his highly intelligent but can’t disagree with out being a hateful or mean person. There needs to be more people like him in the political picture

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