Moreno Changes His Tune On Police Staffing Levels

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Anaheim Insider here.

What a difference drawing the short straw can make.

When he was running for council last year, Dr. Jose F. Moreno didn’t know that if he won he’d be running for re-election two years later, in the 2018 off-year election. He barely beat Jordan Brandman in 2016 with high turnout by Democratic and Latino voters. He can’t count on either dynamic next year.

Not surprisingly, he’s morphed from progressive firebrand candidate into a much more modulated incumbent.

Candidate Moreno supported repealing the anti-camping ordinance; Councilman Moreno back-pedaled from that promise.

Candidate Moreno supported making Anaheim a Sanctuary City.  Councilman Moreno back-pedaled from that promise and now supports “Welcoming City” status.

Candidate Moreno welcomed the support of local anti-cop activists and scoffed at the idea that more police led to greater public safety. Councilman Moreno is very concerned that police staffing ratios are too low.

Here’s Candidate Moreno quoted in the Voice of OC in October 2016:

Moreno rejects the argument that adding more police officers would solve the city’s crime problems.

“This whole idea that…restoring police officers is going to create safety, it’s just not borne out of history,” said Moreno, arguing that even at full capacity, the city still faced serious crime issues.

Six month later, during the Mary 23, 2107 council budget workshop, following a presentation by Chief Quezada in which Anaheim compared unfavorably with other California cities when it came to police staffing ratios, Councilman Moreno pronounced himself very worried the Anaheim Police Department doesn’t have enough police officers:

“And I say that because I’m really concerned about these ratios. And you would think…at least for me as a resident and now as a councilperson, that we know that we are blessed with three major enterprises that attract a lot of visitors, that bring us revenues that we’ve [heard of] over the years to our city, yet we’re at the same space as Fresno, we’re the same space as Oakland, in fact lower than Oakland, close to Bakersfield.”

“Um, it’s really disappointing that a city of our size, a city of our wealth, that we are equal to Fresno. Not to diminish Fresno but they don’t have the kind of resources it seems that we presumably have.”

There’s nothing like a fast-approaching and problematic election to concentrate a politician’s mind and induce greater flexibility and capacity to re-think earlier positions.

It appears the anti-camping ordinance will be on the agenda at this Tuesday’s council meeting. Will Candidate Moreno or Councilman Moreno be voting?


  1. Jose is a fraud. He voted against the gay pride flag. He has zero influence over Tait. Jose wants to go to assembly but needs to win Re-election first. He is over his head.

  2. My position has LONG been: Jose Moreno is an upward mobile SELFISH TOOL. Who wll sell out his new “leftist” brethren the moment it becomes politically expedient.

    He is the poster child for the drama queens like Greg, Vern, Mirivette ect…..((None of whom lived in Anaheim).

    Let us not forget, Jose has been a registered Democrat for all of two and a half years. Remember Greg Diamond and Jeff LeTournueu fawning over him??

    The reality is:Jose will SELL OUT anyone.

    Jose Moreno is all about Jose Moreno.

  3. Really Jose you are really concerned? You are concerned only when the cameras are on. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. You fooled us once and got elected barely, but the people can see you Jose and shame on them if you are elected again. You do not represent all people.

  4. Police staffing levels are more than adequate. Officers need direction by the Chief to exit patrol cars and get some dirt on their sterile uniforms. Gang Enforcement Officers need to get out of that sterile building on Harbor Blvd and make their presence known so the criminal street gangs will leave Anaheim. It’s that simple.

    • Fact check: It is easily verified that Anaheim does NOT have adequate police levels. Do more research, it’s that simple. Start with the comparative study of cities our size and how many police said cities have, and how may on the police force we have. Check the crime statistics as well. The police are way out numbered.

      • Anaheim Police are only outnumbered by their own lack of involvement. Sitting in a patrol car and sitting behind a desk means zero cops engaged with the criminal element.

        • James Robert, where are you getting your facts from? Show us the facts that too many are sitting in patrol cars and behind desks. We have shown comparisons to other cities and they have concluded that based on our size and the crime rate, we do not have enough officers.

  5. The reason Moreno changed his tune is because now that he is elected, he has taken on a great responsibility to the citizens of Anaheim. He is now faced with making decisions based on facts, facts contrary to the liberal agenda. The liberal agenda just doesn’t work when checked against real facts. Next time, vote for a candidate that runs based on real facts, not warm fuzzy good liberal feelings.

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