Wincome Group Donates Furniture to Anna Drive Residents and the Illumination Foundation

Wincome Donation2Yesterday Wincome Group donated 47 hotel rooms worth of furniture to Saint Anthony Claret Catholic Church for distribution to residents of the Anna Drive community in Anaheim, as well as to Orange County’s Illumination Foundation. The donation comes as Wincome Group continues to make major investments in Anaheim, including plans to cease operations at the Anabella Hotel and begin its redevelopment into a four-diamond property, and major renovations at the Anaheim Hotel.

The Anna Drive neighborhood is one of the most challenged in Anaheim and these families stand to benefit from the donation. The donation to these residents was recommended by Anaheim Fifth District Councilmember Stephen Faessel.

wincome Donation7“The neighborhood has seen a lot of hardship in the past few years and our residents work really hard to create a safe environment for their families. It is because of companies and organizations like Wincome Group that we can continue to provide resources for these families in need. We are so grateful for this furniture donation and the impact it is going to have in our community,” commented Yesenia Rojas, a community activist in Anaheim.

The second beneficiary of the donation was the Illumination Foundation, an organization whose mission includes helping the homeless population by providing targeted services to the homeless community.

“We are thankful to organizations like the Illumination Foundation for their work in the community. Wincome is happy to give back,” stated Paul Sanford, Asset Manager for the Wincome Group.

Wincome Group will be closing the Anabella Hotel to begin the construction of their new four-diamond resort which will bring 1,968 new construction jobs to the city as well as 514 jobs upon opening of the hotel.


  1. Pictured front and center taking advantage of the generosity of the Annabella is Yesenia Rojas who constantly joins the Moreno, Acevedo, Unite HERE, OCCORD crowd in attacking resort and hotel businesses. Can’t get any more hypocritical than that – wow!

    • Not hypocritical at all. To begin with, none of the people you list are “against the resort district,” they are against half-billion dollar tax subsidies to build four-star hotels when three-star ones could be built without subsidies, to the much greater profit of the city and its people.

      I spent a lot of time that morning making that case to Mr. Sanford, a case he was already familiar with as he’d heard the public comments of me and others, and reads my blog. A really nice guy, he seemed kind of sheepish about the whole thing, and pointed out that the subsidies were not Wincome’s ideas. (And what business would turn down such a deal, just as what working-class neighborhood would turn down a lot of pretty good used furniture?)

      “Hopefully this whole deal will work out to the benefit of Anaheim’s people,” he said several times about the subsidy. When his Hong Kong counterpart was asked by Mayor Tait last year if they’d be able to build four-star hotels without a subsidy, or with a much smaller one, he wasn’t completely sure. Mr. Sanford this week said no they couldn’t have, but he admitted that they COULD have built a 3-star with no subsidy. Then the furniture arrived and both me and Sanford worked side by side for a few hours loading up trucks with heavy beds and dressers – a most interesting experience and good exercise.

      Bringing the furniture to Anna Drive and Illumination Foundation was Councilman Faessel’s idea. He really seems to have fallen in love with Anna Drive, I’m not sure why. We see him more often than Mayor Tait or Lou Correa! My neighborhood appreciates the consideration and the furniture (although the mattresses needed to be steam-cleaned!) But the PR value to a somewhat controversial company escapes nobody, as neither does the difference in magnitude between a half-billion dollar subsidy and the giveaway of thousands of dollars’ worth of furniture.

      I’m deciding whether this is worth writing about on my blog. Within less than a day I was already getting obnoxious texts from Dan Chmielewski who apparently had a spy there, accusing me of being “against four-star hotels” which is a dumb simplification, of “hypocrisy” for working with Wincome, and the typically creepy “I have photographs.” I guess the first order of business is to finally block him off my phone, just as he banned me from his blog.

  2. why at Anna Drive? the Hotel should have distributed the furniture in other neighborhoods.

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