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From the City of Anaheim:

Join Us and Help Shape the Future of Anaheim Parks

ANAHEIM, Calif. (April 22, 2017) — Andy Anaheim, the city’s lovable mascot, is leading the way on the most comprehensive look at our parks in nearly 30 years.

Kicking off on Earth Day, Anaheim Community Services will conduct a 12-month review that looks at each of our 57 parks, how they serve our communities and what might be needed down the road.

Anaheim’s residents will play a leading role by offering their thoughts about our parks today and what’s important to them in the future.

The initiative, called Planning for Parks, is made possible by $830,000 in funding approved by Anaheim’s City Council in February.

The funding also will help us update athletic fields and restrooms at parks.

“This is the city’s most expansive look at our parks since 1989,” said Brent Dennis, Anaheim’s Community Services director. “With the community’s help, this effort will address some near-term needs while also setting priorities for years to come.”

Andy Anaheim, the city’s cartoon mascot dating back to the 1950s, has gone outdoorsy to rally the community. Check out Andy Anaheim in suspenders and flannel with a shovel in hand at

There, you also can take our brief parks survey and share your vision for the future of Anaheim’s parks.

Is it more playgrounds, soccer fields, picnic areas or something else? Tell us what you’d like to see at your local park. Your answers will have an impact.

And look for Andy Anaheim’s Community Services helpers at upcoming community events this spring, summer and beyond.

Our staff will be walking around with tablets with the survey queued up and ready to go for you. It’s easy!

Parks are part of our lives. Be part of the effort to shape their future in Anaheim!

For more on Planning for Parks, visit For more on the city of Anaheim, visit


  1. Please help Twila Reid park. The list:

    Clean, safe restrooms
    Exercise equipment
    Dog patk
    Volleyball courts/tennis courts
    A larger community center with classes
    Park security
    Rod iron fencing closing the park at night ALL around the park
    Music/movie/summer events every week
    Clean NEW bbqs
    Get rid of the pickle ball and put in a worthy game. No one uses it, and never will. A better choice would be volleyball
    Better markers for walking around the park (1/4 mile etc)
    Make it harder for transients to stay, they practically live at the south parking lot
    Copy Stanton new park ideas. THEY DID IT RIGHT.

    clean, safe restrooms
    Exercise equipment
    Dog park (clean and maintained)

    Thank you.
    We want to come back to Twila Reid.
    You have the power.
    Make it hapoen.

    1. Remove the skate park that only serves some and attacts drugs/drinking, graffiti and crime (it is right next to 2 schools).

    2. Install an exercise course that is more inclusive for all.

    3. Light up all areas of this park.

    4. Bathrooms – There are none – the city allows soccer and other sports to use the field, where are they
    where are they going to the bathroom?

    5. Redo the baseball diamond so people can use it. It is full on rocks or change the space for better

    6. A gazebo that the parks could rent out like Modjeska has and families could use for parties or
    neighborhood events.

    7. Music events in the park.

    8. Bring back Andy Anaheim’s Summer program like the old days: parents paid a fee and kids could play
    sports and do crafts or play carroms and tetherball under the supervision of the park and recreaction

    1. skatepark out and changed to exercise course
    2. lights all over all areas in the park
    3. bathrooms that are clean and safe

    Those that live in the neighborhood surrounding this “pocket park” or the families that come to this park want a place to enjoy the outdoors and visit with each other. We love our city and are sad to see what is happening to Palm Lane Park. We want to have an environment that is inclusive and safe for all. It is very encouraging to hear about this program, we need and thank you.

  3. It is important that you complete the survey listed above which is what the city staff will see. They will not see your comments on this blog page and they are all great comments that should be seen. Again the link is :

  4. Complete this survey: PLEASE. Jeanine is correct we need to tell the city how we feel and what we need in the forum that they set or they will decide for us and count our silence as acceptance. Try going to a park and spending some time, looking around, thinking about what would it take to make it better. Come on Anaheim speak up, don’t give up, care.

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