Barnes, Vanderbilt To Speak, Take Questions At WAND Meeting Tonight

The West Anaheim Neighborhood Development Council – commonly know as WAND – meets tonight, April 12, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the West Anaheim Youth Center at 320 S. Beach Boulevard.  WAND is a long-established West Anaheim civic activism group whose area of focus has been what is now Council Districts 1 and 2.

District 1 Councilmember Denise Barnes is slated to provide a briefing on District 1 happenings and issues, while Councilmember James Vanderbilt will speak to District 2 issues. Vanderbilt was elected at-large in 2014, but announced at the end of 2015 that he was moving to District 2 – relocating from the condo in downtown Anaheim where he had lived since the early 1990s to a fourplex apartment building owned by his family.

Presumably both Barnes and Vanderbilt will take and answer questions from residents.

From the WAND e-mail:

“There will be a conversation with residents about problems existing in West Anaheim which includes Districts 1 and 2. Bring your questions to the meeting. Both councilmembers are interested in your comments.

Our WAND BBQ committee is working hard on the 21st Annual Anaheim Western BBQ to bring you an interesting event this year. The layout will be mainly in the south area of the park on the soccer field. New ideas and events are being added with a different car show group this year. The BBQ will be on Saturday, May 13 at Twila Reid Park from 10 am to 4 pm. We welcome volunteers to help us on May 13 to make this event a big success for the community. Go to WANDBBQ.ORG for more information on sponsor, crafter and non profit forms.”


  1. Denise Barnes will actually take live questions from real people? Or will Matt Holder step in an answer for her?

  2. She’ll be reading off the iPad. …and crying…

  3. Compare this meeting to the town hall meeting put on by Kris Murray. Murray fielded questions- ALL questions from the audience about any subject. Barnes and Vanderbuilt sat and listened. They answered no questions. They offered no solutions. How sad that this is West Anaheim’s leadership. Instead they just allow themselves to be puppets for Tait while the west side continues to suffer.

    • You were at both how? They were the same time like 20 miles apart. Or, you’re just guessing?

    • Stack the audience (with that “pre-register” requirement) and that’s safe to do. That’s what Gary Miller did when Obamacare came up, too. There are all sorts of ways to avoid answering hard questions if you’re devious enough.

  4. Anaheim hills resident

    I attendees this forum and did not register in advance. In fact the crowd was overflowing and many who attended did not register either. It was a good community forum and there was consensus among those who attended that we should have them more often. Council Member Murray and city staff who attended took questions all night and stayed after to speak with residents one on one.

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