OC Union Official Says DUI Checkpoints Viewed As Threatening To Illegal Immigrants

The second meeting of the Welcoming Anaheim immigration task force is meeting this Friday at 8:30 a.m. at the Gordon Hoyt Conference Room on the 2nd Floor in the Anaheim West Tower, 201 S. Anaheim Boulevard. No agenda is yet available.

This site has secured some video from the inaugural meeting of the immigration task force, the brainchild of leftist Councilman Jose Moreno and ostensibly led by his political ally, Mayor Tom Tait.  In this clip, OC Labor Federation Executive Director Julio Perez explains that DUI checkpoints are viewed as a threat by undocumented immigrants:

“Now, before this last November election, yeah, our people were walking around the streets, welcoming, they would come into city hall and other areas. But now with the new regime – which I like to call it — now our people are scared. They’re scared not only to come to city hall, but to open their door to anybody.

So the interaction that communities, especially undocumented people have, with government agencies has been very negative, okay. So if you have or have not been update…if you’re in a network, you start saying, ‘Hey, there’s a raid in Euclid, there’s a raid on Harbor Street. So what is that interaction? It could be a simply a police officer doing a routine stop, or a DUI stop.

So the way immigrant communities and undocumented people see DUI stops, it’s an attack on our communities. It could be just a routine thing, and we’re saying let’s do these DUI stops somewhere, but I’ve never seen a DUI stop outside of a bar – it’s usually next to some of the heavily community…immigrant communities.”

No agenda for this Friday’s immigration task force meeting has yet been posted. Thus far, Mayor Tait has not made good on his promise to agendize a repeal of the council authorization of the Welcoming Anaheim immigration task force in order to de-couple it from Brown Act open government law requirements for transparency and disclosure.


  1. “now our people are scared” Does this imply Julio is an illegal? DUI stops are always in a well known location on a busy street. If you are illegal you should never drink and drive. Anaheim is not holding people for legal status are these people stupid?

  2. So he’s beefing that law enforcement is actually out there enforcing the law? Stop the presses!
    Does Julio live in Anaheim?

  3. Julio is from Anaheim; last living in Sanat Ana. At a OC Young Democrats meeting, suggested he was open to a political opponent to AD-69 state rep Tom Daly. Still bitter of the 2012 election I see.

  4. Uh, it’s pretty easy to see what Julio was saying there, much as you’d like to twist it. It was nothing against DUI stops. He’s just describing the understandable insecurity and paranoia in immigrant communities under Trump, and how rumors of immigration checkpoints often turn out to be based on DUI checkpoints.

    Next outrage?

  5. Is he currently a resident of Anaheim? If not, why is he on a board for Anaheim? All of the members should be Anaheim residents.

  6. The MarshallPlan

    Wow. While it’s not in Anaheim or even Orange County why doesn’t he call the family of Sandra Duran and see how they feel.

    If you don’t know who that is (and you probably don’t because the Times hasn’t really covered it) check out the Los Angeles Daily News archive to read the story.

    • See, the packaging works. Even though Matt accurately quoted Julio, you believe he was criticizing DUI checkpoints because of Matt’s headline and commentary. Of course there needs to be DUI checkpoints, no matter people’s immigration status.

  7. Thank you Marshall Plan, well said. Why are some protected to the detriment of others. Drinking and driving is against the law.

  8. This Friday: Mayoral Task Force on Welcoming Initiative: All are welcome.
    Time: 8:30 AM – 11:59 PM
    Location: Gordon Hoyt Conference Room
    Where: 201 S. Anaheim Blvd. 2nd floor
    Anaheim, CA 92805

    Be informed on what is happening in our city, how it is being done and who is doing it.

  9. The task force meeting is open to the public. Can you update your article here to include the information perhaps?

  10. I FIRST ASK:

    Where does Julio Perez live? Online records show him as living in Santa Ana for at least three years.

    If true, could the welcoming committee not find an Anaheim resident to serve/speak to their concerns.


    Mr. Perez and his colluegues should be careful, we saw the Los Amigos rally-cry by Alfredo Amezcua, the biggest RACE-PIMP in OC last year, it turned out to be TOTAL BS. Julio and his ilk prey upon the undocumented for self-serving political purposes (Ada Briscenio).

    Whoever that lady was up front in the blue shirt, should try Selson Blue or Head And Shoulders.

    See you Tommorrow!

  11. Can Someone IDENTIFY the fourteen people sitting around this table?????

    Who are they and what is their interest in Anaheim?

  12. I believe that there are government mandated objective criteria which PD’s must follow in determining DUI check-point locations and timing. Like frequency of accidents and DUI’s at certain locations. PD’s don’t set up DUI check-points whenever and wherever they feel like it.

  13. Why is this meeting not available as other workshops and meetings are? Where is the transparency? Who are the people on the “task force”? How were they appointed? Where do they live? Why can’t the citizens that LIVE in Anaheim have the say in what happens in their city? Why can’t we know what is happening in oour city?

  14. “Welcoming Anaheim” Taskforce should be available on live feed, that would be a step towards transparency.

  15. Welcoming Anaheim does not seem so welcoming.

  16. Why is the mayors aide at the table? Is she on the board ?

  17. Mishal? She is earning every fine of her massive rIse and pension

  18. Julio does not live in orangeview, which is a school. I do not believe that he lives in Anaheim. Those that live in Anaheim should be the ones who have a say in the city’s direction. Only those living in Anaheim should be on task forces that will affect them.

  19. I don’t know if anyone at the table lives in Anaheim. For example Saldivar works in Anaheim and will be propped up as the next principal at Anaheim high and across the table is Jaron Fried the #2 in auhsd. It’s an amazing well orchestrated game just would be nice if those folks would do the job that they are paid to do which is run schools. Perhaps the political levers and strings are needed to compensate for their general incompetence.

    • Good thing any decisions will be made by the democratically elected city council, all of whom have lived in Anaheim all or most of their lives! Eh?

  20. The fact is they will need to prepare for a probable loss of some funding. You can call it what you want but you don’t have to label yourself a Sanctuary City to be considered one. This is a very tough situation.

    • We fit the definition of de facto Sanctuary City as does every town in this conservative county, so I’m assuming most cities in at least California, maybe the nation. Trump can’t punish us all.

      • Do you really want to risk that Vern?
        The people selected for the board should be anaheim residents, period. Julio isn’t one. Mishal isn’t one. Jaron isn’t one.
        Why not appoint non residents to other boards too? Like planning? Based on your argument, it’s the elected who have final say anyway…

  21. What makes you think Mishap is “On the board?” It looks to me like she was just there as an aide to her boss.

    Half the people there were different than the first meeting so I’m not sure who’s “On the board” vs who’s invited to give their ideas each time.

    I asked Julio and he IS living still in Santa Ana but he says “I’m there because I represent (I think) 40,000 Anaheim workers.” So you-all can stop bellyaching about that.

    And I’m still not seeing why Jose and Tom wanted it more secretive but so far I’m glad it’s not.

    Not as much good food as the first time though!

  22. Trump can and will take away federal funding from those that meet the criteria of Sancturary City. You will see those that can’t afford it rethink their position. The burden to fix certain things will fall back on the tax payers. The decision on what to fix will without the funding will fall on the council. The voting residents have the right to insist on full transparency and inclusion.

    Making fun of someone who is bothering to express themselves, may make them not express themselves in the future.

    “The best way to solve problems and to fight against war is through dialogue.” Malala Yousafzai

  23. Correction: Sanctuary. See SOP it happens to us all, please keep commenting!

  24. I may be crazy, but I like the idea of checkpoints, I do not want a drunk driver to destroy people I love. If the driver is illegal, isn’t it obvious they are AGAINST OUR LAW? Geez people, don’t do illegal things if you don’t want the consequences.
    I do not think the people who represent WELCOME ANAHEIM should be from another city either….that’s like me representing and voting for things that happen in Malibu or Temecula It makes no sense.
    I am sick to death of everyone’s political objective rather than literally focusing on IMPROVING Anaheim. That includes WEST Anaheim.

    $48,000.00 repair for chiller repair for city hall????????? See the item on the agenda, if they spend that much to keep comfortable, the can easily take care of WEST ANAHEIM, and our constant begging for help. Watch how fast THAT gets approved!

    Oh brother.

    Priorities, ethics, fairness, and loyalty….do they know what these are?

    • Sigh… yet another anaheimblog reader who got the impression anyone is against DUI stops. Commenting here is like shouting into the wind.

      • Kind of like you repeatedly saying the Welcoming Anaheim task force doesn’t make policy – when no one has said that is does.

      • How are you interpretting it then? “So the way immigrant communities and undocumented people see DUI stops, it’s an attack on our communities. It could be just a routine thing, and we’re saying let’s do these DUI stops somewhere, but I’ve never seen a DUI stop outside of a bar – it’s usually next to some of the heavily community…immigrant communities.”

  25. Well said. We need to start with adding more police. How can we expect people to respect the law when we do not have enough officers to enforce them when we don’t Are the residents of Anaheim aware that we have LESS than 400 police on the ENTIRE police force? This includes the number of cadets that are NOT yet available to serve. Moreover, consider that some of those numbers may need to call in sick for work ect.

    In Long Beach they have 1000 officers I am told. While Anaheim is slightly smaller than Long Beach in size if you equate each, Anaheim should have an estimated 900 available officers AT LEAST. We are asking the current staff of officers to have far fewer people, yet keep our city safe. Further, while being understaffed and out numbered be totally perfect in all aspects of their jobs.

    They may know what priorities, ethics, fairness and loyalty are but it may really be a question of where and who they serve when they apply them.

  26. task forceˈtask ˌfôrs/noun: a unit specially organized for a task. They are putting their ideas together to then bring them to the council to be voted on. Anaheim needs to be aware of what this means for its residents.

  27. Vern,
    I regret to inform you I am not just another blogger who thinks it’s about DUI stops. It’s about “THEY HAVE BEEN DOING CHECKPOINTS FOREVER!!! Why should we change that because illegal people doing illegal things are getting their feelings hurt? You do not make sense to me.
    I don’t care if you are brown, blue or purple, do the legal thing.
    That includes patiently tolerating checkpoints so knuckle heads who are wasted get taken off the road. Respect everyone, and don’t make exceptions.
    Got it?

  28. Now Matt is saying “Kinda like you saying the Welcoming task force won’t make policy, when nobody has said that it will.”

    Well, I guess I can stop saying that now, if this is a sign that YOU are going to stop ringing the alarm bells that the task force is going to SNEAK us into Sanctuary status.

    • Vern:

      We might be able to have a productive – or at least substantive – dialogue if you would take issue with things I say or positions I take, rather than caricatures and exaggerations of them.

      • More like paraphrase. When I have time I’ll go back and find your exact QUOTES, from… a month ago.

        • When you have time? You have nothing but time. You’re free from punching a clock and have almost no marketable skills beyond music. Go find it already. Ja-ja-ja

  29. We should all ring the alarm bells. We have been operating as a Sanctuary City without announcing that we are one. We can lose federal funding for our policies. Why not film and post the meetings. Why not be transparent?

  30. From an immigrant

    Welcome to Anaheim does not mean that if you come here there are no DUI!! All drunk drivers will suffocate Anaheim!
    DUI checkpoints in heavily populated immigrant areas… where in Anaheim is not heavily populated with immigrants, in California for that matter?
    This is absolutely ridiculous!
    DUI is against the law! Anaheim should stop trashing law enforcement! They are here to enforce the law! Let them do their job! Respect them! Soon they will not enforce it and protect us. This is absolutely crazy! Our local schools are graded at 2 and they have time for this type of ridiculous BS? This is what taxpayers money get waisted on? DUI checkpuin is DUI checkpoint! They don’t arrest you if didn’t drink. Now immigrants can’t complain about driver license and they start with this type of BS? STOP complaining and get busy! What will there be next after this? Our comunity needs the funds for better schools and kids programs… more law enforcement! I don’t see them complaining about the crime rate going up! Is that not important? NO because they don’t live here! They should not be allowed anywhere near decision making regarding our community. Their opinion is null let alone them deciding for us.
    SO: Welcome to Anaheim to all those that care to respect this city and it’s residents!
    NO TO SANCTUARY! That is an invitation to all who care to disrespect others! There is no need of sanctuary if they obey the laws! It’s that simple. Let’s keep it that way.

  31. From an immigrant: BRAVO! Who is in charge? Where are our leaders leading us? Did we vote for this type of leadership?

  32. From an immigrant

    Apparently we did 🙁 I see our mayor there…
    I wish there was an alliance of immigrants that would acctualy go after this Julio and people like him! He should not use the word immigrants because he does not represent us! He is representing his people! We don’t know who those people are maybe immediate family or friends who knows? The immigrants he is not representing for sure! He shouldn’t be allowed to use that word unless he is referring to all immigrants! If he is racist and he refers to just immigrants with a specific nationality he should specifically refer just to them and mention every time he mentions immigrants he should follow with their nationality so others are excluded! “Our people” that was such an racist term! They are separating themselves from everybody! U can’t make a public statement and look only on one side, that is called radicalism! Or is radicalism only when they choose? Not in the books I’ve been studying for sure!
    “Regime” he has no idea what a regime is like : comming from a communist country
    I can tell you that under a regime you are obligated to work! Otherwise you go to prison and you will work there! There is no way you will not work!
    You will not dare to say or insinuate anything offensive toward the “dictator” or the “regime”
    If you do you go to prison! Best case scenario
    You will not dare to insult or be disrespectful toward others or you go to prison! Best case scenario…
    You don’t look and judge your neighbors etc etc you want to maintain a friendly atmosphere cause otherwise you might bring in the problems I mentioned above!
    That is a regime!
    America is far from it!
    Now that I think back and look at the situations we have, SADLY a “regime” woudn’t be a bad idea..

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