4th Supervisor District: Kerr Campaign Announces OCEA Endorsement But Stonewalls On Residency Issue

The Joe Kerr for Supervisor campaign sent over a press release announcing his endorsement by the Orange County Employees Association – which surprises no one given their shared dedication to government employee unionism and opposition to outsourcing the performance of government services to the private sector. Government of government, by government, for government.

The Kerr campaign has still not responded to repeated inquiries as to whether the candidate has moved into the 4th Supervisor District from his South County home in affluent Coto de Caza in the 5th Supervisor District, where he has lived since 2000.

The press release:

OCEA Endorses Joe Kerr for Supervisor

Brea, CA – The Orange County Employees Association (OCEA) announced their endorsement of Joe Kerr for Orange County Supervisor today. The backing of the OCEA represents the first major organizational endorsement to be awarded in the open-seat race for the Fourth Supervisorial District.

In announcing their support, OCEA General Manager Jennifer Muir Beuthin released the following statement:

“Joe Kerr is a smart, tough, and tested leader who has dedicated much of his life to keeping Orange County’s families safe. We know that he will make a great Supervisor, one who is committed to ensuring every Orange County resident has access to safe neighborhoods, adequate housing, good economic opportunities, and a high quality of life. The Orange County Employees Association is proud to announce our early endorsement of Joe’s campaign for Supervisor.”  

Founded in 1937, OCEA is the largest independent public-employee labor union in Orange County. They represent around 18,000 employees who work in county government and various cities and special districts.

Joe Kerr is a second-generation professional firefighter who served as a Fire Captain with the Orange County Fire Authority and Orange County Fire Department for over 25 years. He was the first President of the Orange County Professional Firefighters Association, the former Vice President of the California Professional Firefighters, and a former Vice President of the Orange County Central Labor Council (AFL-CIO). 

Joe was awarded Fireman of the Year by the Cypress Fire Department in 1979, Overachiever of the Year by the Orange County Firemen’s Association in 1984, and Fire Captain of the Year by the Orange County Fire Department in 1986. In 1981, he was given a Certificate of Merit from the Orange County Board of Supervisors for his role while responding to the Air California jetliner crash at John Wayne Airport. Joe was also presented with the Courage Under Fire Award in 1999 for rescuing and reviving a non-breathing occupant who was trapped in a residential structure fire. In 2012 after retiring, Joe received numerous awards and recognitions for helping save the life of a baby who was drowning and had stopped breathing in a swimming pool.

Joe’s history of community service includes having served as an advisor to the Board of the Orange County Foundation for Oncology, Children and Families (OCF-OCF).

Joe grew up in La Habra and Cypress. He and his wife, China, are the proud parents of a 13-year-old son.


  1. Joe Kerry is a DPOC alternate for AD-55 and was named in January. The party checks addresses. Perhaps he has not yet re-registered to vote AND that is irrelevant. He lives in the district now; Young Kim has her own residency issues. But shouldn’t issues that matter to the 4th district mean more than a home address of a candidate?

    • Ridiculous.

      To live in a district is to understand and appreciate issues in a district.

      To pretend to live in a district is to PRETEND to understand and appreciate issues in a district.

      Moving to a community for the specific purpose of running for office is simple and plain evidence of pretending to care about issues affecting a community. It’s arrogant, it’s shameful, and it’s wrong.

      That DPOC has done this twice in two years is an absolute insult. You and your party should be embarrassed that you’ve completely abandoned local candidates, quality candidates, for the pleasure of stroking your own egos.

    • joe kerr is in the process of stealing the home away from his sister Rosemarie Kerr and her two daughters ages 10 and 12 who last year stole his very ill father james kerr out of the lake elsinore home where he resided under his daughters 24 hour care,on Wednesday August 23 at 6:01 a.m. the sheriff will lock them out and they will be homeless.Joe Kerr is for the families…wrong…he is a greedy piece of crap and if he wants to meet me on the streets of the U.S.A. bring it Mr. Kerr and pack a lunch.You have just destroyed your entire family…good luck in your future,you are gonna need,sincerely,Lucas McEntee 936-404-2748

  2. “Joe grew up in La Habra and Cypress…”

    Well, if he’s serious about representing that area, he’d better get his arse back up there, this early in the season, and get to know the area again. We don’t need a Real Househusband of OC.

  3. You sure talk about the househusband a lot, Vern. Why so obsessed?

    • Actually I wasn’t thinking of Steve when I wrote that. Isn’t Coto where that show is located?

      • There are several “Real Housewives of…” shows Vern; the OC one runs from Coto to Laguna to Newport and Irvine. I’ve seen 5 minutes of one episode but anyone who reads a newspaper sort of knows this answer.

  4. You couldn’t afford a subscription to the register. You are poorly informed Nelson. Best not to write about things you don’t know

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