Intolerance From The Party of Tolerance: Democrats Silence Sen. Janet Nguyen

Barely two weeks again, progressive Democrats across the nation expressed their outrage that Sen. Elizabeth Warren was “silenced” by Republicans during her floor speech accusing Attorney General nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions of being a racist. How dare Sen. Mitch McConnell silence the brave progressive senator!

But when it is a conservative Republican criticizing a leftist icon…apparently Democrats think silence is golden.

Yesterday, Senator Janet Nguyen, who came to the U.S. as child fleeing the Communist conquest of South Vietnam, rose to honor those millions who have suffered and died under the Vietnamese Communists and criticize the legislature for two days earlier honoring the late Tom Hayden – a former California legislator who actively gave aid and comfort to the North Vietnamese enemy during the Vietnam War.

Nguyen first read her statement in Vietnamese without interruption by the ruling Democrats, because they had no idea what she was saying. When she began reciting the English version, they were quick to action. Democratic Sen. Dick Monning rose to his feet to raise a “point of order” and object it was inappropriate to criticize a “fallen” colleague – as if Hayden had died in battle rather than supporting the Communist regime actively killing American servicemen in the field.

The presiding officer, Sen. Ricardo Lara, relentlessly pounded the gavel in an attempt to silence Nguyen, who refused to be quiet and continued delivering her remarks – even as Lara summoned the sergeants and had her physically removed from the Senate chamber.

Here’s the video:

To summarize: in the inside-out moral order of modern progressives, it is permissible to wrongly accusing a conservative of being a racist, and impermissible to stop the smear.  At the same time, it is forbidden to truthfully state that a man aided and abetted our enemy in wartime, and such truth-telling ought to be silenced.

Following is the English text of the remarks Senator Nguyen attempted to deliver:

Members, I recognize today in memory of the million of Vietnamese and the hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese refugees who died seeking freedom and democracy. I recognize that on Tuesday you had an opportunity to honor Senator Tom Hayden. With all due respect, I would like to offer another historical perspective.

On Tuesday, instead of participating, I chose to step out of the chamber out of respect to his family, his friends and to you. In contrast to your comments on Tuesday, I want to share what Senator Hayden meant to me and to the over 500,000 Vietnamese Americans who call California their home, as well as to the over 1 million Vietnamese Americans across the United States.

As you may be aware, Tom Hayden chose to work directly with the Communist North Vietnamese Government to oppose the efforts of United States forces in South Vietnam.

Mr. Hayden sided with a communist government that enslaved and/or killed millions of Vietnamese, including members of my own family. Mr. Hayden’s actions are viewed by many as harmful to democratic values and hateful towards those who sought the very freedoms on which this nation is founded.

Were it not for the efforts of the thousands of men and women who served bravely in the United States military and the South Vietnamese military, as well as the efforts of millions of Vietnamese citizens who resisted the communists, I would not be standing here on this Senate floor humbly representing the residents of the 34th District.

In addition to the sacrifices made during war, the efforts of President Ronald Reagan in the 1980’s allowed many Vietnamese like me to seek refuge in the United States.

In contrast to the great many people who fought to defend freedom and democracy, Mr. Hayden supported a Communist agenda and traveled to North Vietnam during the war.

He believed that those who protested the human-rights violations of the Communists were tools of the CIA. It is known that he believed that the war was a conflict between Imperialism, led by the United States and the “free” people of North Vietnam. Former Senator Hayden was profoundly wrong in his support of the Communist.

Members, to this day, the government of Vietnam continues to violate the basic human rights of its citizens. They systematically continue to oppress freedoms of expression, religion and assembly and incarcerate those who speak out for freedom and democracy.

Thank you for allowing me to make my comments. I proudly stand before you as a Vietnamese-American who appreciates the freedoms that so many around the world do not enjoy.

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  1. There is no moral equivalency between Sen Warren wanting to read a letter written by someone else to a vivid relocation of a person’s escape from tyranny and possible death. Mrs. Tom Hayden (Jane Fonda) committed treason when she met with the North Vietnamese and then Hayden campaigned on that for years. I know we are not to speak ill of the dead, but we should not stand idly by and watch history twisted to fit what they wish would have been. Ms. Nguyen showed more courage in her floor comments of a few minutes that Tom Hayden did in his entire life. Again, Fonda should have been tried for treason.

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