Palm Lane Charter Fight: It’s Parents v. Anaheim Elementary School District In State Court of Appeals On February 23

The California Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments this Thursday, February 23 in the Parent Trigger Law petition case regarding Palm Lane Elementary School in Anaheim.

It has been more than two years since a group of Latino, mostly immigrant Palm Lane parents filed a petition under the state Parent Trigger Law to convert their low-performing school into an independent public charter school – as is their right. 67% of the school’s parents and legal guardians signed the petition. The Anaheim Elementary School District has been fighting them tooth-and-nail ever since, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on lawyers to stop these parents from sending their kids to a charter school. They were subject to a campaign of disinformation by the public school unions and “informational” efforts by the district to dissuade parents from signing the petition. The ACSD Board of Education denied the petition in kangaroo-court fashion that was so biased and unfair a Superior Court judge condemned it as “unfair, unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious” when he ruled in favor of the petitioning parents.

Due to the Anaheim Elementary School District’s hostility, intransigence and contempt for the will of Palm Lane families, many of the children whose parents signed the Parent Trigger Law petition are aging-out of Palm Lane school, and will never have the chance to attend the charter school for which their parents fought. This is great injustice wrought by the AESD Board and superintendent. It’s immoral. It’s representative of a system that talks about “the children” but is primarily interested in control, money and perpetuating the status quo.

It’s worth noting that Kris Murray and Lucille Kring — the two local Anaheim elected officials routinely denounced by progressive “community activists” as caring more about the Resort and Anaheim Hills than about “the people” – have championed these parents and their families. At the same time, the progressive activists who anoint themselves the voice of the people have either been silent about the Palm Lane parents’ struggle or actively opposed to them. I have never seen a single one of these so-called community organizers – who claim to represent the powerless against the powerful — lift a finger on behalf of the poor and working-class immigrant families working overcome fierce opposition from the government and government unions in order to provide a better education for their kids. Here are actual, real, identifiable immigrant residents they can help – and nada. Parents and children don’t pay union dues.

The oral arguments are this Thursday, February 23 at 1:30 p.m. at the California Court of Appeals, Fourth Appellate District, Division Three, 601 W. Santa Ana Blvd., Santa Ana, California 92701.


  1. Good luck parents

  2. Talk about fake news!
    1. 67 percent signed the documents. False!
    2. This was a group of mostly Latino immigrant parents. False. Fully funded by white capitalists.
    3. Kris and Lucy care about our people???? Hahaha. Okay right!

    • Kris Murray and Lucille Kring have done more for the people of Anaheim than you ever will. It remains to be seen what this “people’s council” will do other than pander to the people they claim to represent. I’ve yet to see anything substantive from Tait or his newly annointed majority. Their sole claim to fame at this point is to triple his political aides compensation at taxpayer expense.

      • Kris Murray/ Lucille Kring have done more for Disney and the special interests. They have not what is best for the people of Anaheim, look at how they vote.

        I know putting their years in office against the 2 months for the “People’s Council” is not fair. I will wait to judge but to date not an impressive start, I will give you that.

        • I don’t usually weigh in on these blogs but I’m a resident and an employee and feel the need to respond. In the past few years we’ve accomplished so much for Anaheim residents as a city in part because of the support we have from the council. Your attacks on Councilwomen Murray and Kring are cheap shots and just wrong. They work hard and all you see are the attacks on them but city staff sees all the hours they put in to serve residents. Our city has had a long term stake in the stadiums and convention center and resort area that predates them. Yes they’ve supported those programs but not at the expense of residents. Anaheim residents should know these attacks are political and not based in truth.

    • 1) Really? What was the correct percentage?

      2) Can you point out the non-Latino, non-immigrant parents for our edification? And I take it you oppose these parents getting help from conservatives (but are fine with participation by parents who serve as union auxiliaries)? Do you object to these parents getting assistance in the petition gathering? Or is it the skin color of those supporters that bothers you?Or that they’re “capitalists” as you call them (and what exactly do you mean by that)? What if they were Latino capitalists – would that be OK with you? Or simply capitalists of color?

      Really – this kind of tiresome identity politics is what helped elect Donald Trump.

      3) And yes Kris Murray and Lucille Kring do care about Anaheim residents, regardless of their race or ethnicity. It’s that old-fashioned belief in color blind government that people like MLK Jr. promoted and modern progressives like you have rejected in favor of racializing public policy.

  3. 1. Under 50 percent that is why petition was denied
    2. You are getting caught up in racial politics. This quite simply a personal vendetta that led to an outside group trying to seize our taxpayer paid for assets. When Jose Moreno called for the firing of the principal at Palm Lane he sounded the bell for vultures to come in.
    3. You Kris and Lucy would be the first to examine the validity of citizenship, residency and legal status if the shoe was on the other foot, but this case you are advocating the give away of a multi-million dollar publicly owned facility based on a sham.

    • Ryan, are you Ryan Ruelas, Anaheim Elementary School District Board member? If so, you should man up and identify yourself. If you’re proud of your role in this, put your name to it.

    • “1. Under 50 percent that is why petition was denied”
      The District’s verification process was a joke. The AESD wanted the petition to fail. The district did its best to undermine the petition drive, and characterizing its signature verification process as bare minimum would be an overstatement. That’s why the judge slapped the District upside the head in his ruling in favor of the parents.

      “You are getting caught up in racial politics.”
      On the contrary, it is you who was quick to inject race into this issue by attemting to dismiss supporters of the Palm Lane parents at rich white people.

      “This quite simply a personal vendetta that led to an outside group trying to seize our taxpayer paid for assets. When Jose Moreno called for the firing of the principal at Palm lane he sounded the bell for vultures to come in.”

      Hmmm…your contention is these parents put all this time and effort into the Parent Trigger petition process, put themselves in the cross-hairs of the public school unions, made themselves targets for ridicule and contempt by the District establishment — all because you claim they have a beef with Jose Moreno.

      Uh, yeah. That makes total sense, Ryan.

      But thank you for admitting Moreno was behind the firing.

      Furthermore, there is no “outside group” trying to “seize our taxpayer paid for assets.” You’re being inflammatory and dishonest; teacher union propaganda. An independent public charter school – which is what those parents want Palm Lane to become — is still a public school. It still belongs to the taxpayers. It is simply operated differently than a traditional public school, and is no longer on the direct control of the school district.

      If charter schools are so awful, why are they so popular with parents? Why do parents want more of them? Why is it that failing charter schools get closed down, but failing traditional public schools just keep going and continuing to fail generation after generation of students?

      You Kris and Lucy would be the first to examine the validity of citizenship, residency and legal status if the shoe was on the other foot.
      It’s amazing how radical progressives like Ryan reflexively resort to tarring opponents as racists. Here’s the difference between you and me: I don’t care about the ethnicity, income level, or immigration status of these parents. They have a right to a quality education for their children and a legal obligation to send them to school. They also have a right under state law to use the Parent Trigger Law to convert their school to charter status under prescribed circumstances. They just want a better education for their kids, and they believe making Palm Lane a charter school will help them achieve that. You are more concerned with protecting the status, power and control of the unions and the public school system. If a charter school provides a better education – and the empirical evidence continues to support that view – why would you fight to keep parents and their kids from having that opportunity? They can’t freeze-dry their kids and wait for you and the rest of the educrats to finally, someday, some year, get it right.

      • Your lack of concern about ethnicity helps perpetuate the wealth gap that exists in the country. You were born in third base and think you hit a triple. Its called white privilege and you can’t make up for hundreds of years of legal discrimination by saying everything equal now

        All charter schools are not bad. But your assertion that all parents live them is incorrect too. This trigger law was used in this case so politicians like young kim who is pictured above spoon feed these poor parents and promote this private takeover.

        Do some reading on this trigger law before you allow your hatred of all public employees cloud your judgement. This not a good way to help underprivileged people.

        What do you have to say about all the sham schools that have harmed children like the celebrity charter school that was recently shut down in Los Angeles? The capitalistists profitited greatly while the issues of poverty were made worse by this lack of oversight and rush to create a free market. Children are not widgets!

  4. Sadly, it appears we don’t have the actual facts in this story. Written to cause disagreement and hostility between people.

    • With all due respect, Mr. B, this article is factual. And the motive you ascribe to me is incorrect and pure supposition on your part – which is ironic given your initial (erroneous) complaint of an absence of facts.

  5. District 4 just suffered a riot last night. Where is our leadership?

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