UPDATED: Moreno Labels Murray Push for Transparency on Immigration Task Force “Dog Whistle Politics”

District 3 Councilman Jose F. Moreno tacitly played the race card during an exchange with Councilwoman Kris Murray over her request for full public transparency for the “Welcoming Anaheim” immigration task force – accusing her of playing “dog whistle politics” and claiming “people like you” intimidate Latinos.

The progressive Chicano Studies professor – who has made greater transparency a priority – expressed strong opposition to such transparency for his Welcoming Anaheim initiative. Many residents suspect this task force is a Trojan Horse for for making Anaheim a sanctuary city, given Moreno’s public support during his 2016 city council campaign and statements at his swearing-in.

The Welcoming Anaheim Task Force had it’s inaugural meeting this morning. Among its members are Julio Perez, the left-wing Democrat who runs the Orange County Labor Federation, and Greg Walgenbach, director of the Diocese of Orange Office of Life, Justice and Peace. Perez has marched in opposition to deportation of illegal immigrants and in favor of granting them expedited citizenship; Walgenbach was among the small group protesting against the County of Orange removing the huge homeless shanty town from the Santa Ana River trail.

In a comment on TheLiberalOC.com, OC Democratic Party Vice Chair Jeff LeTourneau (a staunch Moreno supporter) described the Welcoming Anaheim Task Force this way:

“To demand a Santa Ana style Resolution (7-0 Democrat Council) from the Anaheim (6-1 Republican) Council is to doom the measure to failure and preclude any of its benefits from being passed on to those who desperately need protection from the Trump administration. However, the current Moreno/Tait led Anaheim effort to provide the Sanctuary City protections through the use of the Mayor’s Advisory Council is a masterful effort to pass meaningful legislation that will benefit thousands.”

In other words, LeTourneau approvingly recognizes Welcoming Anaheim as sanctuary city status by other means. LeTourneau also resorted to the cliched progressive tactic of mau-mauing an opponent by flinging the “racist!!” charge:

Finally, Murray and Kring’s efforts to hijack the Advisory Council by alleging it as non-transparent is also nothing more than an effort to rev up their racist supports in and effort to defeat the much needed protections modeled after the SA resolution!!!

Welcoming Anaheim!


  1. Truly disgusting!
    Did anyone attend this morning’s meeting? Who are the members and how were they selected?

  2. Yeah we went. Members included Tom, Jose, Faessel, Rusty Kennedy, Julio Perez, and various religious leaders. I still don’t understand exactly what it’s all about.

    But talk about dog-whistle politics, all this scare talk about Sanctuary. You’d never know, reading this blog, that this task force can’t implement ANY such policy without a Council vote.

    (And I really don’t understand what my friend Jeff was saying there, I’ll have to ask him.)


    • Moreno…someone who is dying for transparency and open government is a hypocrite. He schedules the meeting at a time when people are at work and votes against not revealing who is on the taskforce and allowing them to be tapped? Why? because he does not want to have folder for his re-election in 2018. Let’s be clear, friends…Moreno will try to get re-elected in 2018 and will fail. He is hoping he wins to run against Tom Daly in 2020. Moreno has told many people that he wants a sanctuary city and will USE this lame excuse of a “taskforce” to accomplish his end result….much like he did for the “Citizens Districting Committee.” And where is the OCGOP??!?! No where! Tait has them by the purse strings. His precious father ran the show and they are all indebted to him. In addition, he hires TJ Fuentes and Jon Fleischman to do all his dirty bidding..all with John Lewis, Matt Holder and Mishal Montgomery at the helm. This, Anaheim, is NOT KIND! I wish Murray, Faessel or Kring would agendas the city to vote on whether Anaheim will be a sanctuary city NOW. If Tait is true to his word/desire of NOT making Anaheim a sanctuary city…have him put his money where is mouth is. I call BS. EYES WIDE OPEN ANAHEIM!

    • Yes, disgusting that Moreno made the comments he did towards Murray. Also disgusting that this task force is fighting to be transparent.
      How many of the members are anaheim residents?

      • Moreno is a huge jerk and flat our rude against Murray. Kudos to her for maintaining her composure. He displayed elements of desperation. She is WAY smarter than he will ever be and he simply cannot handle it. Moreno is dangerous and a TERRIBLE council member.

    • 3 council members = Brown Act violation. How stupid. Now we’ll have to shell out our tax dollars to deal with the impending complaint.

    • Is this the same Julio Perez that couldn’t afford to pay his Visa bill despite making $100k per year working for the grocery workers union?
      Or is it the same Julio Perez who grew up in Anaheim, then got caught carpetbagging in a Santa Ana assembly race, in which he couldn’t even muster up enough votes to make the run off in almost EXCLUSIVELY latino Santa Ana?

      Is Julio Perez was the “pillar” of society councilmember Moreno referred to?

  3. I went to this meeting today and Moreno didn’t once mention sanctuary city after professing for months as a candidate he would push to make Anaheim a sanctuary city. He claims to have run to serve Latinos in Anaheim and sits idle when undocumented immigrants are being rounded up nationally. He’s a fraud. Keep pandering Dr. Moreno. You are clearly not interested in serving anyone but yourself. #emptypromises

    • LOL, Moreno sucks because he’s sneaking in Sanctuary City, Moreno sucks because he’s NOT sneaking in Sanctuary City, the only thing you people here agree on is that he sucks.

      • I don’t think anyone sucks for following their principles. If he believes in it as he stated repeatedly when campaigning then he should take action. Playing word games is not leadership.

  4. Moreno is completely untrustworthy.
    Just get him outta office.

    Anaheim is so pathetic now.


  5. If you are going to call for transparency then you yourself should be transparent. If not what is your given word worth? #transparentAnaheim

    • I’m not an elected leader of government.

    • Moreno is the one who fought transparency. Along with Tait. Because both are trying to deceive the public about what if anything they are attempting to accomplish.

    • I was saying all those in an elected posistion should be transparent, often that is what they run on to get into office. Once in office is often a different story. Anaheim’s residents should demand it.

      • I agree with you

        • I wish you would give the same scrutiny to the district office and elected board members of the anaheim union high school district. They selected an incompetent boob to run the district 3 and half years ago. Now that the district is in financial crisis, we must look back on the following questions:
          1. Why was Liz fired (she was politically conservative and financially prudent)
          2. Why did the board pay for an expert search firm to select a well qualified candidate only to reject Dr. Hinneman for a guy with no administrative exoerience?
          3. When will the board check misguided spending habits of this mad man. A central office that continues to bulge while he calls for teacher layoffs, larger class sizes and pay cuts for everyone except him and his cabinet.
          4. Why would the board give them a raise? Morale is at all time low, there is no support for teachers or site adminstration.
          5. His enemies list has targeted a record number of teachers and administrators. A more experienced human resources department would have slowed him down, but these guys have no idea what they are doing and so we have dozens of people in paint leave and pending lawsiluits that will cost millions.
          6. Speaking of lawsuits. Instead of providing a better product he spending districts resources to sue charter schools Another losing move.
          7. Thank you for providing this venue to air our concerns. I have friends that have tried to ask Matsuda tough questions and raise concerns before and he has made it clear that he wants them punished for being honest.

  6. Mike is a classic bully that hides behind a fake persona. Make no mistake about it he respects only those who can do him harm. So the board will continue to be misled and seduced by his bs but if you are a subordinate watch out!

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