Initial “Welcoming Anaheim” Meeting: Friday, February 17 at 8:30 a.m.

The first meeting of the controversial “Welcoming Anaheim” Mayoral Task Force takes place this Friday, February 17 at 8:30 a.m. in the Gordon Hoyt Conference Room on the 2nd Floor in the Anaheim West Tower, 201 S. Anaheim Boulevard.

Click here for the agenda.

Anyone interested in attending should do so, as this may be the last meeting of the Welcoming Anaheim Task Force governed by the Brown Act open government law. At the February 7 council meeting, Councilmembers Kris Murray and Lucille Kring pressed for full public transparency for the Welcoming Anaheim Task Force, including livecasting the meetings and archiving the video. After all, many working residents cannot attend city meetings scheduled at 8:30 a.m.

Councilman Jose Moreno, the godfather of the task force, and Mayor Tom Tait, the name sponsor, opposed full transparency without explicitly explaining why. The mayor ultimately responded by agendizing repeal of the council action establishing the task force in order to de-couple it from Brown Act open government requirements.

If that happens, there would be no legal requirement to publicly notice Welcoming Anaheim Task Force meetings or even to open them to the public. The mayor and Councilman Moreno are controlling the task force membership and agendas; if transparency doesn’t serve their purposes for the task force, the meeting may not be open.

Given Moreno’s support of sanctuary city status for Anaheim, and since the Welcoming America program encompasses both legal and illegal immigrants, its reasonable to assume the District 3 councilman’s brainchild will deal with the topic of illegal immigration. At the February 7 council meeting, Moreno stated his concern about posting video of the task force meetings might inhibit the public from speaking – a concern that’s difficult to take seriously given that immigration activists are hardly shy about stepping up to a microphone and expressing themselves on video at Anaheim City Council meetings.

One of the reasons the Welcoming Anaheim Task Force engenders suspicion is how hard Tait and Moreno push back on full transparency. When was the last time anyone heard of an elected official seeking to unauthorize their own task force in order to escape open government law requirements? Presumably this task force will result in a set of policy proposals that will go before the council. Shouldn’t the process by which those proposals are generated – even if it is stage-managed and orchestrated by Moreno and his progressive political constitutencies – be open for the public to see?


  1. From what provision of our charter does the mayor gain power to appoint a task force and use public resources without cuoncil approval?

  2. And for the love of God, where are the OCGOP and Register? How can they ignore this blatant abuse of power. It’s Bell all over again with this group – a mayor doling out pensions and obscene, unchecked pay raises to his political staff and now blocking basic Brown act protections. Perhaps the LA times could send the same reporters who took down the scum in Bell could investigate this crew. Just insane this is happening in Anaheim!

  3. Given that Friday AM is predicted to produce “the heaviest rain event” in six seasons, one wonders who will show?
    Tom Tait in his $65,000. SUV?
    Jose Moreno, who should be doing his job as a public school instructor?
    Will Ada be there? Of course?
    With three jobs and six kids we can bet the matron of disobedience (at a cost to her own) Yesinna show?
    Not too many piano shows at 8 am now that the humdinger has closed, so Nelson’s a shoo-in.
    Wait, Jeff and his concuno can ride together in the black sentra, Prius or even ride a bus in the rain…….while the spouses work….at casino’s and medi-cal scams.

    Mark Daniels will show. Maybe even Cynthia.

    Thanks Kindess.

    • don’t forget the king of tranperancy and kindness for everyone else except me, Mike Matsuda and few of his other overpaid not so superintendents.
      They don’t have anywhere else to be waisting taxpayer money.

    • Count on Greg Diamond to be there to spend n for Tom Tait and Jose Moreno. Why won’t the DPOC do something about him

  4. Immigration activists have NEVER been too shy to speak their mind. It’s really insulting what Jose Moreno and Mayor Tait are doing. Why did Denise Barnes go along with all this? THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL. This has Mishal Montgomery written all over it.

    • Uh, you don’t have any idea how different this Age of Trump is, for undocumented “immigration activists.”

      • Are they MORE undocumented than a few months ago, Vern? Do you support deporting ANY illegal immigrants?

        • Dangerous felons sure. Not folks with a fake ss#

          • Then you’re asking for special treatment, Vern. Not equa treatment. We are all equal in the eyes of the law. Come here legally. We welcome that.
            Once you create a free pass for one law, you set precedent for them all. What if we became a sanctuary against a law you believed in? Say the voting rights act?

          • What’s a NON-dangerous felon? Car thieves? Identity thieves? Committers of property crimes?

            They shouldn’t be deported?

            I’m sure immigrants who went to the trouble of coming here LEGALLY appreciate your laissez-faire attitude toward those who break the law to get here.

          • Yeah. Identity theft. No big deal. Who cares if someone steals a Social Security Number.

            Spoken like a true non-contributing member of society.

  5. Also, what if other boards lacked transparency? Like the one set up to discuss districting?
    Who are the members of this super secret board??

  6. Greg Diamond says this will backfire. He’s always right

  7. 8 Months Later…

    All the time and effort placed into “Welcoming Anaheim” brought forth the following policy suggestion:

    – That the City Council formally designate the City of Anaheim as a Welcoming City where all residents feel welcome, safe, and able to fully participate in and contribute to our city’s civic, economic and social life;

    – That the City of Anaheim become a member of Welcoming America, a national non-profit organization dedicated to supporting communities that are committed to fostering a vibrant and welcoming community for all residents;

    – That the City of Anaheim continue to work with local school districts and other local nonprofits to enhance collaboration on programs aimed at serving some of our newest residents;

    – That the City Manager be encouraged to consider designating a services coordinator in the City, who would be responsible for overseeing efforts on immigrant integration and coordination among local stakeholders;

    – That city staff seek to maintain, refine or develop city privacy policies aimed at protecting the privacy of our residents to ensure trust with our residents and to promote civic engagement and participation;

    – That the City of Anaheim encourage business leaders, civic groups and government agencies to undertake their own initiatives to make Anaheim a welcoming place for new residents and a major center for global commerce and tourism;

    – That city staff continue to work on programs that benefit the community as a whole and that foster inclusion for all residents.


    Only two of the policy items specifically direct the city staff to perform an action of some kind.

    Declare Anaheim a ‘Welcoming City’ and join some group of self-proclaimed welcoming cities… OOOOHHH AAAAHHHHH Tom Tait and Jose Moreno are such men of action. Those two gigantic steps will improve the quality of life for all of Anaheim’s citizens for decades to come.

    I’m soooo glad that Tait and Moreno are focusing on the needs of our neighborhoods.

    From now on, I’m calling those two the “The Milk Toast Twins”.

  8. Someone tell the emperor that he has no clothes on. What has being called the City of Kindness gotten us? Higher crime, more traffic. a terrible homeless problem, failing schools, a unhappy police department rife with infighting, high turnover in city hall and many unhappy voting residents.

    Pat yourselves on the back some more council members and Chief Quezada. You do not have the people behind you. The voting people I should say. We should do an approval poll.

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