From Repeal To No-Repeal-Yet-Maybe: Moreno’s Anti-Camping Ordinance Journey

District 3 Councilman Jose F. Moreno is the political heartthrob of the Left in central OC, who have great hopes he will be their progressive paladin fighting against reactionary local government. One of those areas is repeal of Anaheim’s hated (by the Left) anti-camping ordinance, enacted by the city council in 2015 in response to city parks turning into homeless encampments – and thus preventing families from using them for their intended purpose. In the view of local progressives, this ordinance “criminalizes” homelessness.

In the space of a few weeks, Moreno has gone from fire-breathing support of repealing the anti-camping ordinance to “let’s study the data” temporizing:

As you can see in the video, Moreno brought the crowd of progressive activists to their feet with his fiery speechifying on the question of repealing the anti-camping ordinance (posed in the context of the belief the anti-camping ordinance is a human rights violation). Compare that with the last month’s reassurances that he didn’t intend to repeal the ordinance even though he had agendized possible repeal of the ordinance in order to have a “discussion” of the ordinance (which could have been accomplished by agendizing a discussion of the ordinance).

Cynics might say the difference is the Moreno of October 2017 was running for a four-year seat, while the Moreno of January 2017 is facing re-election in two years during a low-turnout election with a more conservative electorate.


  1. The Truth About Anaheim

    Wait, I am shocked to hear that DOCTOR Jose Moreno was politicizing the issue during the campaign and now is acting like the very politicians he said in his speech needed to be kicked out of office!

    • I’m surprised at you for calling him a DR. and since he flip flops actively throughout Anaheim…We should ask him to wear flip flops at our council meetings…let him know these are ” our council meetings ” he’s just there to listen to our concerns and any suggestions he may dream up will and must be brought up in our meetings. btw he should attach Velcro to them flip flops so he don’t slip n fall

  2. Matt
    The city spent $3 million on the police alone to do nothing about the homeless except arrest them.
    We are playing up the dollars as it would cost less to build and maintain a facility for the homeless, that is the political play. I checked with the hospitals in the area and they get 3 to 5 homeless a day.

    If you leave them on the streets or incarcerate, the real costs to the system are staggering
    This is also humanity and helping your fellow man, it should be non partisan. It shouldn’t even be about money.
    Come to the city council meeting and help us
    For the city and for your fellow man


    • Mike,

      I call BS on your comment “I checked with hospitals in the area…..” which health care provider provider you this information? It is illegal to disclose such info.

      You are over eager to make your point and resorting to fraud and lies.

      Publish the names and sources, these paitents stand to gain more $$$ in lawsuits than the can earn in a year if you are telling the truth. Help them Mike, or admit that you are lying.

      Not mentioned in your fantasy is who pays for these visits…..

      • Mike never said the hospital gave him names. Hospitals can give out numbers, they just can’t give out names and of course any medical information. Read it, ” I checked with the hospitals in the area and they get 3 to 5 homeless a day”. The hospitals consulted did not disclose anything other than general numbers.

      • I just walked in and asked for the estimate on the amount of homeless per day over the course of the year and one admission person said 3.
        At another hospital they said 5 average per day
        Another said they would not tell me

        Guess I caught them on a good day?
        They do say in this government assessment that the cost is $40,000 per year to keep the homeless on the street.
        Studies show around $20,000 to $40,000 per year

        Of course I think this is a humanity issue not monetary.
        I would try to bring people together on Humanity issues that transcend politics.
        Of course the means talking to humans…

  3. Why doesn’t Mike Robbins and his entire family put action where their mouth is and urge council to convert former STRs into temporary housing for the city’s homeless? That would be an effective and quickly solution to providing real housing and security for those currently living on the streets. My guess is they would scream to holy hell if Moreno or any member of the council made that suggestjon. They are hypocrites and have faux concern and passion for these indiviiduals – they are just looking for another cause celebe to speak about and get their three minutes of fame on the city channel every meeting. Go back to where you came from – no one is buying all of your rants.

    • I was a protester in the Vietnam war days. My father was a protester and always involved in charity work.
      We have always been involved. Schools, books for the schools, better teachers, less children in the class rooms, after school programs, cooking for barbecues at the schools. Some of these were every day while our kids were in school. We did walk for candidates even some I will not mention, for decades. Cigar and Scotch nights with Tom Fuentes for many years.
      So my neighbors come to us as they knew we were somewhat in the know. The house across from me, next to me, behind me, is driving my family crazy. Here are pictures of all the cars on the streets and look on line at all the homes and the people in them. Wow The STRs were just a few homes away from me and I was not aware of all the parities and cars and problems. Our kids are out of school and this seemed like a great cause helping the neighbors. And we got crazy involved as the problem became more and more evident with all the research and thousands of pages of document requests. Once we began the project we committed to see it through.
      So in one meeting we hear a little old lady come in and tell the council that the police confiscated her stuff while she was in the bathroom. That is crazy. I thought right then we have to get off the STR thing and on the confiscation of the homeless property. But we made a promise to our friends and neighbors to help them and we did.
      Now we come back to this – homeless, and in the last year it has become a REALLY big thing. We will probably be in this till the day I die.

      • I’d place a safe bet that the police didn’t take her stuff Just because she went to the bathroom. But by all means, ask for the body cam footage. While you’re at it, ask for all the footage of the outreach team. You’d see how many don’t want help.

        • They don’t trust the police or outreach team. In one instance they moved the people our of La Palma park for Lucille’s dog park. 100% refused services and this was exposed in a city council meeting by Lucille herself.

      • The beauty of this is that short-term rentals will be turned into drug rehabilitation homes. In the city will be unable to do anything about it. Cheers. You one.

        • You won? Who won and what was the prize?

        • There is a 7 year waiting list for rehabilitation facilities and it is controlled by the federal government.

        • Excuse me I forgot – rehabilitation homes also cannot have pools for insurance purposes and the STR backyards are set up like water parks.
          My friend runs rehabilitation homes.

          • There are some rehabilitation homes in my neighborhood. I suspect the people that run those homes are in it just for the profit.

            Their ‘patients’ hang out and smoke dope a few houses down.

            So much for rehab.

            Oh… can the rehabilitation homes have hot tubs? Because the one closest to me has an in-ground tub in the back yard.

          • Obviously you don’t know what you’re talking about. Most sophisticated company self-insured. So that’s not an issue

    • Mr. Robbins, this isn’t the first time someone has asked you if you’d support using the hundreds of STRs in the city as small emergency homeless shelters. It makes perfect sense from the consensus “housing first” approach.

      But you never answer the question.

      You’re quite willing to encourage homeless camps in other people’s neighborhoods. Will you put your money where your mouth is and support using STRs in your neighborhood as emergency shelters?

      • Stop bullying someone for trying to make a difference. If you lived next to an STR would you still feel this way? I think NOT.

        “Here’s to the crazyy ones, the mistfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently–they’re not fond of rules…You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things…they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do”. Steve Jobs

        You may not agree with someone’s opinions but you should not be so mean when they speak them. #thoughtfuldialogue

      • Imagine a down and out or mentally challenged guy or gal pitches a tent in the bushes 200 yards from your house by the freeway. That is a Homeless person.
        Now the homeless guy moves into the yard next door 3 feet from your bedroom window – invites his 11 brothers and sisters to join him, and they bring their spouses, and children plus Grandma and Grandpa. Now there are 34!
        The Karaoke machine they brought starts at 8 am! Finally,
        2 kegs of beer and THERE –
        You now have a STR.

        • Replace that yard next door with a place where you hoped to take your children to play and where you wanted to safely exercise when you bought or rented your home.

          Replace the 34 relatives with a mix of 34 individuals that may be mentally ill, addicted to heroine or just released from prison. Next, add 10 gang members and 10 male and female prostitutes.

          Swap the Karaoke machine out for loud arguments, drug deals and “Johns” showing up to pay for sex at all hours. Spice things up with the occasional gunshot and knife fight.

          Replace the 2 kegs of beer with feces, discarded condoms and heroine needles, graffiti all over the walls of the nearby homes and THERE —

          You now have a park that was converted into a homeless shelter as a result of rescinding an anti-camping ordinance and keeping the restrooms open 24 hours.

  4. Robbins and his STR activists monopolized dozens of meetings complaining about STRs and how they effected their quality of life. Now they want to damage other neighborhoods quality of life with safe zones. Transient calls far outweigh those complaints about STRs and are also more serious!
    Robbins and the activists are free to open up their homes and backyards yet they don’t. Can you say hypocrite?

    • Some are asking for zones around town. I am looking for a transitional shelter 1/4 mile from any home bordering a freeway on land that was already purchased for a 600 room homeless shelter.
      It never happened for some reason…

      • Mike –

        You said, “Some are asking for zones around town.” Yep, like Mike Robbins.

        Here is a quote from the OC Register.

        “No one wants to take responsibility and step up and do the job,” Mike Robbins said. “We need a 600-bed shelter on Harbor and the 91 freeway, safe zones and remove the ordinance that allows them to confiscate homeless people’s property. They should also leave bathrooms (in the park) open at night.”

        Here’s a photo of him mugging it up for the camera during a meeting where a group of activists agreed to push the city to perform the four actions in Robbins above quote.

        The reason why a 600 bed homeless shelter never happened at the Karcher location is because of what you failed to mention when describing the location.

        A 1/4 mile walk is not a long one. It’s about 5 minutes.

        A 5 minute walk northeast from the location takes you across the 91 and into the apartment communities along East Orangefair Mall Avenue. A new apartment community will soon open on the Mall property itself at the site of the old churrascaria.

        A 5 minute walk south from the location takes you across La Palma and into that historical residential area.

        A 5 minute walk southeast will get you to the location where construction will soon begin on an apartment/condo community at the corner of Lemon and Anaheim Blvd at the location of the old Wheel’s Warehouse property.

        Here’s some other interesting facts….

        A 15 second walk due west, across Harbor Blvd, will have you standing in the front door of a preschool.

        A 30 second walk due south will have you in either the Starbucks or Carl’s Jr. That Carl’s Jr. used to be the corporation’s flag ship store. Today, it hires 24 hour armed security.

        A 45 second walk due south will have you in the parking lot of a vocational school that conducts evening classes. Many young women use that parking lot while attending class.

        A 1 minute walk due south is an Elementary School serving 200 children and an after school program providing services to working class families throughout Anaheim.

        A 2 minute walk due south is La Palma Park, where the city is planning on converting much of the west side property into a community sports complex to promote healthy living to residents of all ages through neighborhood leagues.

        That part of Anaheim is starting to turn around. Regardless of the original intent of the purchase, that property is no longer appropriate for an enormous homeless shelter or camping zone.

  5. The Truth and Nothing But

    Here is the solution to the problem; not encampments in our City Parks. Every do-gooder allow two encampments in their back yard with the home owner responsibility to keep it clean, quiet and trouble-free. Each person who lives in an apartment, follow their ‘perceived’ heart and allow one encampment to live with them inside their abode, following the same rules as stated above. Suddenly these people will recognize and understand what ‘nimby’ means when it comes home to roost. After all, it is the year of the ‘rooster’.

    • Most people like me have enough with taking care of the squatters in my house they are called family.
      However 46% of the homeless are mentally challenged and need professional help.
      The point overall is that they need professional services whether it is meds or job training not something you find in my back yard. We are working for a transitional center to move them into permanent housing as it is less expensive and invasive than the homeless being on the streets.
      And by the way the humanitarian thing to do?

      • Before pushing for anymore transitional centers, let’s see how this one off of Kraemer will work. These things are expensive and experimental.

        We need to be careful not to waste additional money on investing in transitional centers if this 200 bed one won’t work. That money could be directed towards finding and implementing other efforts that have proven track records.

        I want and will support productive efforts to get homeless of off the streets without destroying the quality of life for the home owners and renters of Anaheim.

        Mike Robbins, his wife and a group of other activists are pushing a plan that will significantly deteriorate the city’s neighborhoods and provide minimal, if any, humanitarian relief for the homeless.

  6. “Shame on you Mr. Brandman!” No, SHAME on YOU Jose.

  7. I commend the Robbins family for caring about their fellow man. …”the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do” Steve Jobs #thoughtfuldialogue

    • Do you know who really needs commending? It’s the individuals that work with City Net that go out and fight the war of homelessness one individual at a time.

      Here’s their website –

      Consider attending one of their meetings at the Anaheim Central Branch to find out how they put their care for their fellow man into action. You can contact them at for the date and time of the next meeting.

  8. Citynet the religion formerly known as Kingdom Causes?

    • I commend the Robbins’ and those like them that have no agenda but to try to make Anaheim a better place for all.

    • How would you think that City Net is a former religious institution?

      I looked up “Kingdom Causes” and that organization looks like it still exists.

      City Net does collaborate with religious institutions that want to serve the homeless, maybe “Kingdom Causes” had worked with them in the past and that’s the reason for the confusion.

      What the Robbins’ are pushing for won’t make Anaheim a better place at all. It will make it a far worse place.

      I don’t doubt their sincerity, but they are sincerely wrong on this issue. They are calling for actions that will cause far more harm to the residents of Anaheim than good.

      There was a time when park restrooms were open 24 hours and the anti-camping ordinances weren’t in place.

      The home owners and long term renters of Anaheim will fight any effort to return to those dark days.

  9. “City Net – formerly known as Kingdom Causes…” They changed their name and logo, this was found on the Internet and they do have a religious affiliation. Transparency is important.

    • Does that change the work they’ve done to make anaheim a better place? The efforts of city net are improving conditions here. The actions folks like the Robbins call for will make conditions far far worse.
      I’m really surprised you or anyone would commend the Robbins given their intimidation tactics both online and at council meetings.

  10. No it does not negate the good work they have done, just should be transparent that their is ministry mixed in. Also on their site they do not capitalize the C in Catholic ever, which could indicate that they are not as inclusive as professed.

  11. Anaheim I did some research and agree with you that it is a faith based organization. Which, is pretty much the norm when it comes to organized volunteers assisting the homeless. They also work with other faith based organizations to reach out to those on the streets.

    As you stated, that does not negate their good work.

    Within Christian Churches, the word catholic without a capital ‘C’ is a synonym for ‘the universal church body’ or ‘all of the believers of Christ.’. So, they are actually indicating that they are inclusive of the different denominations within Christianity.

    If groups from other faiths approach them to assist the homeless, I have a tough time believing they would exclude those other groups. The different city governments contracting out to City Net might find themselves embroiled in lawsuits and bad press if that was the case.

    But back to the point. The four point of action that the Robbins family and their fellow activist are pushing will make the residents of Anaheim suffer and provide little if any relief to the homeless population.

  12. The C in Catholic is proper to capitalize as it is the name of a faith. They used it as such when they were comparing their beliefs to the Catholic faith. It was done more that once and they were only comparing themselves to the Catholic faith. It was not showing inclusivity. Just as you capitalize C in Christian Churches, Catholic Churches should be capitalized. Further, the point was they changed their name and their logo and they should present themselves openly to the city and any other contracted entity.

    The Robbins family are trying to solve an issue out of compassion for others. They should not be ridiculed for thinking and trying. Why would anyone try to help if they were going to get publicly scorned for their help/ideas. Thoughtful dialogue helps people with different views share ideas and allows different viewpoints/people to work together towards a solution. They did not just present the parks ideas, and to me it appears that they just see the urgency of the issue and are trying to find temporary solutions to said issue. That being said I would not like to see the park by my house used as a temporary shelter but I overcome that opinion when I am driving in the rain in my nice warm car, and pass a homeless person pushing all their belongings in the rain. completely unprotected. It could happen to any of us and then how would we feel?

    • I’ve quickly learned that many of the posters in the different OC political oriented blogs spend their time ridiculing one another and then getting offended when they themselves get ridiculed.

      The Robbins family, Mike in particular, has dished out and been the recipient of ridicule for years.

      Don’t be so willing to feel sorry for them. When most people are given a taste of their own medicine, they begin to empathize with how they’ve treated others and adjust their own actions as a result.

      That doesn’t happen in these blogs and Mike has continued to willingly participate in them. Reminiscent of the GEICO commercial, it’s what they do. So when it comes to the trash talk, act like you would when watching those GEICO commercials and have a good laugh at it.

      I remain sympathetic to the Robbins’ family STR fight even though they’re pushing a completely broken approach to resolving the homeless issue. The love for their family, neighbors and quality of life drove them to fight against the STR’s. The love for my family, neighbors and quality of life drives me to fight to support the City of Anaheim’s current stance on the anti-camping ordinance, closing the restrooms outside of park hours, confiscation of abandoned belongings found on public property and safe camping zones (particularly the Karcher site).

      The Robbins family and their fellow activists organized themselves around those four points. Those are the items on which they continue to want the city to act. Hence, the focus.

      I don’t just close my eyes and ignore the homeless issue. I realize that attempting to get a homeless person off of the streets is a battle. The battles change with each homeless person one encounters.

      There are things that I know I can accomplish to aid the homeless with my existing skills. I’ve committed to accomplishing those things. There are also a huge number of things that I need to learn about to better help them. I’ve also committed myself to learning some of those as well.

      • And now back to the fun of beating a dead horse… 🙂

        Here’s a link that hopefully explains why the choice of the word ‘catholic’ instead of ‘Catholic’. (Note… I’m not a Methodists, but the explanation is correct.)

        They are right to use the lower case ‘c’ when referring to themselves and the capital ‘C’ when referring to those Christians that belong to the Roman Catholic church. If they were comparing themselves to a different denomination, then they would likely call that denomination by its name like Lutherans, Methodists, Baptists, Pentecostals, the people that call themselves ‘non-denominational’ but only attend Calvary Chapels and Heretic Calvinists 🙂 .

        You know what will really flip your lid? Christians, Roman Catholics included, do the same thing with the word “orthodox”. 🙂

        • C in Catholic is capitalized period. Catholic faith C is capitalized. Catholic religion C is capitalized. It is used as a proper noun. It is a recognized entity and is a proper noun. Why do you only ask a Methodist? Go ask a Catholic, You don’t even have to go ask a Catholic, Google it. Look at what you quoted. When it is not capitalized it is either incorrect/typo or disrespectful.

          • False.

            The word catholic means universal. It is perfectly appropriate to not capitalize it.

            I believe in one catholic church. Fine. Means something specific.

            I believe in one Catholic Church. Fine. Means something specific.

            They don’t mean the same thing, by the way.

            They they

            • Anaheim –

              My arms are getting tired and the horse is still dead.

              But what the heck… One last wack. 🙂

              ‘Catholic’ and ‘catholic’ have been homonyms for a couple thousand years.

              Here is an answer by Father Charles Grondin from the Catholic Answers forum.

              Re: Difference between Catholic and catholic?

              The word “catholic” by itself means simply universal, wide ranging, broad. If the first letter is capitalized then it refers to the specific Church, the Catholic Church.

              If I said: “I received a catholic education.” The lower case “c” denotes I received a broad, wide ranged education in many subjects.

              If I said: “I received a Catholic education.” The capital “C” denotes I received an education based in the Roman Catholic faith.


              • Catholic used as a nous is capitalized. When you do not it is a sign of disrespect. Catholic education and Catholic education same comparison ? It is describing what type of education (proper noun) The group you were inviting people to, City Net (formerly know as Kingdom Causes) used it as a proper noun. I would never say “I received a methodist education or a lutheran education or a christian education.” Catholic Education/Roman Catholic Education is capitalized. Savy New Wales/Dictionary.

  13. I happen to agree with many of your viewpoints, especially that each case is different and almost all are battles. I appreciate your thoughtful dialogue as that is in my opinion we can attempt to begin solving this issue. Different viewpoints meeting together, like a thinktank. Working together in my opinion is more productive that slinging insults, which is counterproductive, and is an efficient way to the solution. No one is going to like everything in the result but their can be a result.

    I was involved in helping one particular case and I thought I had come to a great solution for every protest the individual posed. Sadly in the end, that is how this particular individual chose to live their life. I spent so much time trying everything to encourage this person, to no avail. In the end, the best thing I could do for them was bring essentials or a hot meal and spend time visiting. These cases are a battle and very emotionally difficult.

  14. Jose Reads the Blogs

    It’s clear from public comments, Moreno reads this blog and every comment. So does a Tait and Mrs. Tait. Nice interview on OJ. Too bad Tait’s rewarding his council aide with a rich pension while screwing over Police and Fire unions

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