Senior OC Democratic Party Official Admits Secretly Shipping Marijuana Across State Lines

jeff letourneau AB featSpeaking at this Tuesday’s Anaheim City Council meeting, senior Democratic Party of Orange County leader Jeff LeTourneau stated that three days earlier, he had hidden marijuana in a stuffed animal and shipped it to a family member on the East Coast:

“Now, to the gentleman here who is ranting and raving about medical marijuana, let me tell you about what I did three days  ago. My 86-year old adopted mother called me and said that her nephew was dying of Stage 4 lung cancer in upper New York where they have no access to medical marijuana. I drove my butt down to my pharmacy with my ID, and I bought painkilling oils, brought them home, put them in a stuffed animal, and shipped them to New York for him, so he could get through his chemotherapy.”

LeTourneau’s actions are violations of federal law. Despite the public nature of the admission, the likelihood of federal authorities taking action against the Democratic Party official “are around 2%” according to a law enforcement official contacted by OC Daily.

The night before his startling admission, LeTourneau was elected Vice Chair, North County of the Democratic Party of Orange County. LeTourneau is a long-time left-wing political activist known for his confrontational, abrasive political style.

Prior to stating he had smuggled medical marijuana – which is still illegal under federal law — across state lines, LeTourneau also attacked Anaheim Police Chief Raul Quezada for his statement that marijuana was addictive:

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  1. Jeff Letourneau is a SAD DISSAPOINTMENT to society. He could have done so much good, his activist nature, his natural intelligence his charming (unless you disagree with him) personality.

    Instead he turned MANIAC jerk.

    At Heart, Jeff is a hypocrite: he is willing to turn his back on his own “CAUSE” for the sake of his and his friends advancement. As a simple example, please view his comments here regarding Howard Ahmanson, who supports the reprogramming of “Homosexuals” on a local blog:

    Yet when his favorite candidate, Jose Moreno took money from Ahmanson, Jeff was OK with it.

    This guy is a manipulative big mouth, who will stab his closest allies in the back if it suits him. Dig DEEP into his past and who pays him and it all starts to make sense.

    BY THE WAY: If you want to save a dying guy from CANCER, you don’t need to stand up at City Council, in a city where you do not live to do it. BLOWHARD.

    • Point of information: Jose F. Moreno didn’t take any campaign contributions from Howard Ahmanson.

      Ahmanson funded an independent expenditure on Moreno’s behalf. It’s worth pointing out that there hasn’t been a peep out of the conservative guard here in OC GOP-land over Ahmanson’s critical role in electing the most left-wing Democrat elected official in Orange County. Thanks, Howard.

      • It is amusing to see that a temporary and limited alliance based on shared, bipattisan revulsion at criminally irresponsible economic policies is equally upsetting to leftist puritans (of convenience) and klepto-Rrpublican partisans.

        • You live in a fantasy world, Vern.I’m not “revulsed” by what Jeff did. I actually empathize with his motives. The reality is you haven’t a clue as to my views on medical marijuana. You simply project onto me you prejudices about conservatives.

          • Um, that comment was about Ahmanson helping Moreno win, it seems like you misunderstood every clause of the sentence. I suppose I could have been clearer.

  2. Let’s hope the federal authorities take his admission to conceal and mail narcotics across state lines more seriously than local law enforcement.

  3. I have a question for you, Matt:

    If he was referring to CBD-based oil, instead of THC-based oil, will you retract this article?

    CBD’s classification as a Schedule 1 drug, in opposition to its prior classification as a dietary supplement, did not go into effect until today (January 13, 2017). It is my understanding that CBD oil is now recommended for treatment of cancer-associated symptoms by most clinics/dispensaries as it does not lead to the high that many “patients” would hesitate to experience. If I had to guess, unless Jeff is well-versed in medical marijuana products, he likely purchased CBD oils if he asked for something that helps with cancer-treatment symptoms.

    Therefore, Mr. LeTourneau was perhaps misinformed about the legality of what he was sending to his sick “relative”.

    Here’s the source for the Schedule 1 date:

    • Uh, no.

      Jeff said what he said. He said it publicly. On cable TV. All I’ve done is publish it here. There’s nothing to retract.

      I have a question for you: given your family’s leadership role in imploring the city to do something about the homeless, would you support allowing the homeless to use housing vouchers to live in STRs in Anaheim? The STRs you and the other anti-STR activists find most noxious – those with bedrooms added and retrofitted with bunk beds affixed to the walls to maximize the number of guests – would be ideal to meet immediate re-housing needs.

      • Hey Matt!

        I was curious to see if you would continue to imply that an act was illegal, even if further developments and evidence might show that it was not. LeTourneu’s statements were extremely irresponsible and worthy of consequences. However, my prior assertion might negate any “legal” repercussions.

        Given my personal lack of participation in the proposals to tackle homelessness in Anaheim, I am unable to take a position on the option you have presented.
        However, I will be the first to update you should my own stance on this matter change. Currently I have no opinions/proposals on how to tackle the issue in an appropriate manner, except to say that I do not agree with everything presented thus far. There’s a reason I haven’t spoken lately.

        • There’s no likelihood STRs will ever house the homeless when there’s far too much money to be made in turning them into sober living homes without any ability for local oversight.

  4. Good for Jeff! Alleviate suffering instead of following a stupid draconian outdated law that is still only in place because of Big Pharma.

  5. What would you do if it was someone you loved and they were suffering? Have you known anyone with Stage 4 Lung Cancer? Think of how much you use your lungs and then think of someone struggling to breathe, the cancer slowly choking them until their blood gets saturated with carbon dioxide making them halucinate. Have you ever heard a dying person beg for help? What would you do for your loved one? Most would do exactly as this man did. I am sure at that point he was very sad and trying anything to help. Shame on you for attacking this man and publishing a story because he does not share your political view points. You look small for doing so. A new low…

  6. And, “the likelihood of federal authorities taking action against the Democratic Party official “are around 2%” according to a law enforcement official contacted by OC Daily. [ie Matt]”

    Sounds like you hoped to get Jeff arrested, in some twisted puritan incarnation of gonzo journalism!

    • Vern, I took you off comment moderation a few days ago, and you immediately return to the form that got you put into it in the first place.

      You are off your rocker. Jeff stood in front of the Anaheim City Council, and on cable TV and online video said that he hid medical marijuana in a stuffed animal and shipped it to New York. All I did was report what he did, of his own free will. I posted his full statement and the video. Nothing was taken out of context. Do you dispute any of the facts presented? And you still try to paint ME as the bad guy.

      I don’t want Jeff arrested. That’s poisonous gossip on your part.

      • Being off moderation is nice, but it doesn’t mean I’m gonna start agreeing with you, or calling things as I see them.

        So, you called law enforcement, told them the situation, but do not want to see Jeff get into trouble. That’s hard to grasp, but okay.

        • If you ever start agreeing with me, then I’ll be worried I must be doing something wrong, Vern. I’m not asking you stop “calling things as you see them” (as you self-regardingly put it). But you could start by acting like a normal, honest human being – for example, refrain from immediately jumping to the worst assumptions about the motives of those with whom you disagree.

          I called a friend in the law enforcement community to verify that what Jeff did was against the law, before I wrote it. I didn’t ask for any action, and this person has no ability to do anything about it. This is only hard to grasp because you (and your friends) always assume the worst in those you deem Enemies of The People.

  7. My point is clear.:

    Jeff believes it is OK for Jose Moreno to benefit from Howard Ahmanson’s support (indirectly) but he believes it is WRONG for others. He Said:

    “As for me, as a strong supporter of the LGBTQ Center based in the 46th CD I’ll take the candidate with a 8 year 100% LGBTQ voting record over the candidate who took donations from Ahmanson who gave a quarter of a million dollars to Yes On 8 !!!! JUST FOLLOW THE MONEY and nobody has to get personal!”

    and then doubled down:

    “Ok. Taking you at your word I guess I’ll have to accept a candidate with a 99% LGBTQ vote with one abstention in 8 years over the one who took money from an extremist homophobe who bankrolled Yes on 8 to the tune of $250,000. Thanks for the clarification.”

    So Jeff, is Jose a MONSTER for taking Ahmason’s money (indirectly) or are you simply full of SH!T???

    Get with it Brother. which side are you on????

    • I say follow the money but not just on Democratic politicians lets follow all the money and include the Republican politians as well. We cannot forget how Disney funded two candidates for city council in the last election. Yes, follow the money please.

  8. What the Hell is wrong with you people? Contined cannabis prohibition is a CRIME against HUMANITY. We are at WAR here, trying to save lives while this tyrannical government laughs at the 2nd Amendment crowd which does NOTHING except scratch their balls while the USA burns! At least he has the GUTS to do the morally correct thing! GET A CLUE!

  9. I’ll post my thoughts about this merry little assassination attempt elsewhere.

  10. Why did you post this article then if it was not to make him look bad or in the very least make his affiliated party look bad, and I mean this question honestly?

    • Why did Jeff LeTourneau smuggle medical marijuana into New York and then announce it to the world in a ridiculous excerisenin virtue signaling?

      I’m not making Jeff look bad. He’s doing that all by himself.

      And you have some nerve to raise such a phony criticism when your commenting here is about making Lucille Kring look bad.

  11. When you published it in this forum with your commentary is why I asked. As for my comments in regard to Lucille Kring, I base my opinion mainly on her voting history, along with her comments and what is happening in District 4. Voting history is not phony.

  12. One small problem with Jeff’s confession. Medical marijuana is legal in Upper New York. His adoptive mother and nephew could have gotten those oils faster by driving. Medical marijuana is also legal in Jersey, PA, Mass. and Conn. Jeff committed a felony that was unnecessary.

  13. I will let Krings voting history speak for itself.

  14. Jeff LeTourneau ought to be arrested on felony charges. If there is no evidence against him, then he’s a known liar and nothing he says moving forward should be taken seriously. Either he committed a felony or he is a liar. Pick one

  15. We are all waiting for Greg’s defense article, come on Coccoa Puff explain how smart (or needed) iit was for this moron to stand there and say such a thing. Sometimes I think you fools just like to hear yourself talk so you can validate your existence.


    • Greg Diamond (parody)

      Please be patient. I’ve been very busy in a totally frivilous court filing and I’ve been working on my 40,000 word response. I’ll post it at 3:30 am.

  16. No, no. First you learn to spell. THEN you try your hand at “parody.”

  17. Greg Diamond (parody)

    Obviously you are uneducated. IF I was a parody I would never engage in the stupidity of misspelling. That is because I am a genius, just ask me. However, I am a true artisan of the hypothetical and nonsensical. I totally impress myself by wrapping illogical conclusions to sparse facts – which I generally hypothesized to the point of incredulity . I also entirely lack self-awareness. So IF I were not who I said I was, I would not confirm my spelling by using this well established info on a fake news website:

    Obviously you are not a Columbia law graduate or you would no such things.

  18. Seems Mr. LeTourneau’s has a First Amendment right to say his peace at a public mic without fear of retribution or consequences.

    Seems Mr. Cunningham has a First Amendment right to write about anything said at a public mic. Not sure but maybe Mr. LeTourneau is even legally classified as a public figure which gives Mr. Cunningham even greater latitude to report on such an event (See Public Figure definition at Wikipedia).

    Also, if Mr. LeTourneau’s intent was to get the message out that the state of affairs regarding medical marijuana is so bad that he is forced to send medical marijuana to a relative in New York in a package then isn’t Mr. Cunningham in a round about way helping to get that message out for you people that support marijuana? (“There is no such thing as bad publicity”- PT Barnum)

    Just so the record is clear we love Mr. LeTouneau and a lot of the things he stands for and wish no ill will to him. He is a big boy. He knows what he was doing when he told this story. In fact, I think he couched the story is such a way and left out just enough details (like the date) that he knew nobody would come after him and if they did he seems like the kind of guy who would welcome that fight head on.

    Also in the unlikely event someone were to knock on his door he has a great lawyer in Greg Diamond who could get those charges dismissed just like he has done in the past.

    Just a few thoughts for my friends on both sides of this issue.

    Thanks for the article.

  19. Stand for Anaheim

    What an idiot! How stupid can Jeff be!?!? Oh wait…yes, I get that he is helping people but, let’s be clear. This is a violation of Federal law and he stupidly admitted it. I hope the feds look into this. Karma is a bitch…

  20. Jeff shouted down a speaker at the last council meeting and called him a coward for bringing up the act of commiting a felony. No. Hiding drugs in a stuffed animal is cowardice. What’s next Jeff? Heroin? crack? I can’t see a stuffed animal today without wondering how Jeff would smuggle drugs in it. Why won’t Anaheim police arrest Jeff?

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