Anti-STR Activists Now Demanding Repeal of Anti-Camping Ordinance, Establishment of Homeless Encampment on Karcher Property

South Anaheim resident Jeannine Robbins helped lead the effort to shut-down hundreds of legally-operating short-term rentals in Anaheim. Last night, she announced on her Facebook page that she and other activists will speak at tonight’s city council meeting urging repeal of the anti-camping ordinance enacted in 2015 as a tool for reclaiming city parks that had turned into homeless encampments:


Robbins appears to be following the ACLU’s belief that a person has a human right to sleep wherever they decide if there isn’t room in a nearby homeless shelter. Furthermore, there is a reason cities lock park bathrooms at night: if they don’t, park bathrooms tend to become locations for clandestine drug use or sexual activity.

As for the demand to turn the Karcher property into a homeless encampment: good luck support from anyone who actually lives in that area and would have to deal with the consequences. Residents of those neighborhoods were fed up enough with the detritus — hypodermic needles, human excrement, used condoms, etc. – from the La Palma Park homeless encampment. Their community lobbying helped lead to the anti-camping ordinance; it’s unlikely they’ll welcome the return of a city-sponsored homeless camp.

Repealing the anti-camping ordinance would be terrible public policy. It’s pure propaganda to claim it “criminalizes” homelessness. What it does is help the city ensure public parks remain just that: parks for the public. A mindset seems to have taken hold among homeless “advocates” that unless one has a solution for homelessness, then one isn’t allowed to criticize or object to their demands.


  1. Pure madness! They’re parks, not shelters! We offer a ton of outreach and assistance. This is not a viable solution to the homeless crisis.

  2. Jeannine Robbins:

    Please leave your address so we can invite the transients, many of whom have a very long history of violent crime on their record, to camp in front of YOUR house,, on YOUR sidewalk, next to YOUR kids.
    Feel free!!

  3. A Real West Anaheim Resident

    Jeanne is off her rocker!!! This is the worst idea ever!!!!! Plus she should probably do a little more research into what other cities are doing with ordinances in parks. Costa Mesa has something similar which is no sleeping in parks! Maybe she should invite them to use her yard to camp on and offer her bathroom. The transients that want help get help and are placed in transitional housing, what’s out there doesn’t want to live anywhere else but the parks and have us tax payers pay their way!

  4. And another thing, Jeanine…..before you start thinkin your all high and mighty for suggesting this crap, know that with all the outreach services Anaheim offers, the ones left DO NOT WANT HELP.
    THEY HAVE BEEN ASKED. Yes, it is a basic right to have a restroom. They shoyld go to a shelter and use one. The bathrooms at the park were destroyed by criminals, using drugs, and showering with dribble of water we had for softball kids to wash their hands. There is a reason why the police, paramedics and fire dept use rubber gives dealing with these people. They have crapped in the middle of the aisle at States Bros., refused help when offered, repeatedly been warned by police for their criminal behavior, and are simply here, because people like you fight to give away our children’s parks to them, with every handout possible. You are so sadly uninformed, and certainly the wrong person to speak out.
    Please do your homework.

  5. If she thinks STR’s are a problem, she should try living next to transient camps. Is there anything stopping the STR owners from using their properties as transitional housing? Perhaps that’s a solution!

    • There’s NOTHING the city could do to prevent transitional housing for mentally ill folks or others with disabilities. Using STRs for such purposes or to house people in dependency recovery would be a great use of STR assets.

  6. At least Jeanine has the courage to try to change things. “One person can make a difference, and every person should try.” JFK

    • Unless you live right next door to this, you should not be speaking for the victims of the consequences, if you think it’s bad now, just wait. The people who stand in front of council as homeless advocates seem to be stroking their own ego, because if they really wanted to help, really, they would open their very own door to the transients, not open a children’s park door. Do you understand? And anyone else who agrees.

    • You think courage is opening up,our parks to drug use and criminal behavior? That’s what you call courage? Lead by example then and open up your house. Or as we stated, turn all those STR homes into homeless shelters!

      • Recently on Euclid there was an encampment that took over a bus stop. They put tarps from the bench and hung it over a homeowners wall, making a tent. I can’t imagine how that homeowner felt, or the people needing the bus stop, or those wanting to walk down the sidewalk. Maybe that is why Jeanine made these suggestions. “People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do .” Steve Jobs

  7. Giving them free range though is not the answer. I just believe in abiding by the law. Not making exceptions. It will be too late once it’s enacted, and then what?

    • Fair point, free range is not the answer. It is a very serious issue and each individual has their own individual problems. I have worked with the homeless and found some do not want to change. But, we need to have options. I to believe in abiding by the law but some don’t, or don’t see that as an option. Very tough issue.

  8. Rescinding the camping ordinance basically brings us back to free range, It will be disastrous for Anaheim.

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