UPDATED – District 3: Brandman and Moreno TIED

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You cannot make this stuff up.

The Council District 3 race – upon which the balance of power on Anaheim City Council hinges – is tied:

D3 tally 11-18-16

It’s our understanding all the ballots in District 3 have been counted. If so, state law says the winner is decided by a coin flip.

The loser of the coin toss can request a recount, and this could wind up in court a la Janet Nguyen-Trung Nguyen in the 2007 special election in the 1st Supervisor District.

In the unlikely – and since this is Anaheim, that word is employed cautiously – event it is tied at the end of the day, state law says the winner is decided by another coin flip. The strangest turn of events would be for the winner to be determined by a coin flip, and then lose the upcoming drawing of lots and have to run again in two years.

To summarize: control of the Anaheim City Council could be decided by a coin flip.

Have all the ballots in District 3 been counted? There still 92,484 uncounted ballots county-wide. The Registrar of Voters has sorted the provisional ballots by cities – but not districts within cities, and informed OC Daily this morning (November 19) there were about 3,000 uncounted Anaheim ballots, which are part of the Senate District 29 processing; that would encompass District 1,2 and most of 3. He said his office should get “pretty darn close” to counting those ballots today.

As is always the case when there are close elections, observers have challenged ballots. The Voice of OC reports:

“As Brandman’s lead has shrunk, the tension has increased and the tactics have changed inside the Registrar’s office. Challenges to provisional ballots (presumably by Brandman’s people because those ballots have skewed toward Moreno) skyrocketed to nearly 200 on Thursday, Kelley confirmed.

But Kelley said he determined only three of those ballots should be disqualified. “

When OC Daily reached out to Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley this morning, he those “nearly 200 ballots” were actually county-wide, not specific to Anaheim – which undermines the presumption the challenges were from “Brandman’s people.”

Furthermore, Kelley said those challenged ballots were mostly Vote-By-Mail (VBM) ballots, not provisionals as reported by the Voice of OC.  He also the three disqualified ballots were all VBMs; he said none was from District 3. Kelley said one was from Lake Forest and believed another was from Newport Beach. He did not DQ any provisionals brought to him for review.

Kelley said when ballots are challenged, they then go through “a second tier with very experienced full-time folks. That process is also observed.”

“I don’t see those unless they are challenged for a final appeal,” explained Kelley. He said five to seven provisional ballots came before him for review on Thursday, and another six to eight on Friday.

Keep in mind these ballots he is discussing are county-wide.

While the number of DQ’d  is small, given the District 3 margin even one or two could decide the race, or precipitate a recount.

OC Daily will keep you posted on this topsy-turvy race.

Senate District 29

OC Daily will keep you posted on this topsy-turvy race.

Senate District 29
Adding up the published results from the registrars of Orange, Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties – all updated late this afternoon – GOP Assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang has a slim lead of 187 votes over Democrat Josh Newman:

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  1. There are still votes to be counted so I wouldn’t count on any coin toss if I were you. Votes will be counted and recorded all weekend. However. the website will not be updated until Monday at 5:00 PM.

  2. The people will not allow this to happen. It would be so shady for anyone to try to settle with a coin flip. Get your trick two sided coin ready Disney and James Robert Reade. The Alt right will not be able to wiggle free here, the people are watching.

    • Your coin must be from a source other than WIC!

      • I am not on WIC and I figured you were Alt Right! Your comments do not make sense. You belittle people because of race and class which is a shame for you because you may be missing out on knowing some very nice people. What was said about Ms. Judah was wrong and is not a reflection of our city. What you imply or outright say about Latinos is wrong. It is wrong to bring race or class into an election. It should be about who will do the best job and make the best decision on behalf of the PEOPLE the serve. It is wrong to say racist things. It is wrong to be racist. Be kind, care about others, you will feel better and what you say will have more of an impact.

        • Yet the while lawsuit to force districts, as well as the campaign that followed, was precisely about race! You’re absolutely right, it’s about who is the best candidate, not their race or gender.

          • I agree with you as I am actually sick of politics as are many in Anaheim. The districting came about because people were not being listened to and their needs were not being represented. The council could have passed a district map without a lawsuit. The fact that people rests solely on those council members who voted against it. Why, so they could keep their positions and vote for those they serve, the special interests. Take Lucille Kring, she says Arturo Ferrreras cost the city millions in lawsuits yet it was her actions and voting against the people she serves that brought the lawsuit. She painted Ferreras as a sinister individual who would vote against the people and cost them milions unlike her “who votes with the best interest of the people in mind.” This is a total LIE and is exactly transposed. Ferreras has spent his whole life in the working for the best interest of the people he serves. He is not influenced by anyone in his decision making and would not let his decision be changed due to race or gender. He would make his decision on what is right. If he does not prevail I hope this lying, ugly hurtful smear campaign does not deter him from running again. He would serve District 4 doing is right for the good of all people – not basing it on gender, or race but what is a just good decision for all.

            If someone votes racially on the new council and not soundly then they can be voted out. Don’t forget they will need a majority too. It looks like we will have a people’s council to go along with the map!

        • Your Cult Leader Jose F Moreno blames United States for denying Latinos an education and allows gangbangers to violate the Sovereignty of Anaheim with graffiti vandalism as a form of territorial acquisition in response to the Treaty of Hidalgo which he equates to Americans stealing this land from Mexico. You hide under the name “Democracy” refusing to present your true legal name because you are an Alt Left Racist!

  3. This is the result of district elections. Crazy that our city has been reduced to this lunacy. 159 years and now the city has been degraded to democracy by coin toss. And for any of the loons who comment here and elsewhere it’s the city charter that dictates this process so shelve your crazy conspiracy theories.

  4. There are several things in the city charter that the council does not adhere to. If this was to be attempted as a tie breaker we all know it would end up in court if need be. Don’t fret, it is not going to stay tied, Moreno is going to win and brandman is going to lose.

  5. It’s that attitude that makes me hope Brandman wins and your smug attitude takes a walk. Sick to death of this nasty atmosphere that’s been created by Tait/Moreno and the rest of their sycophants. Our city was peaceful before this crap started and before Tait was mayor. I will take peace over his brand of kindness anyday.

    • detalubobmocsiD ekiM snibboR

      Tom comes in and says
      What you talkin’ bout Willis?
      These here financials are just all fershunkled!

      Just like Washington Anaheim is buried in debt only we do not print money like Washington. But oh we do have a giant “pig” bank called Disney – with giant stacks of money like a Matterhorn – money, like fluffy drifts of green snow flowing off in every direction.
      And “We the People of Anaheim” PAY to protect the money, keep it safe, protect the roads, the electricity, the water, the sewers, and even school for the kids of the workers that help stack up the money in unbelievably higher piles.
      All this and Disney has finagled a way to pay nothing into the system. Wait for it…
      For the next 45 years no taxes on Disneyland.
      So as Disney expands they will need more water, more electricity, more road work, more sidewalks, more sewers and more schools for the workers children. “We the People” pay for it.
      Matt get out your check book…

      • If you keep digging that is only the beginning. Well said! We need to expose what this council has been doing and investigate them and the kickbacks. The people of Anaheim do not understand what they have done and hope to continue doing. If a new council is seated they must be held accountable as well. If you look into the business decisions they have made they are astoundingly awful. There is not sound reasoning for their fiscally reprehensible decisions. We have grown as a city and become more prosperous but our city’s residents still need so much.

      • What in the world are you talking about when you say:

        “For the next 45 years no taxes on Disneyland.”?

        ONE instance a gate tax was negociated, they still pay plenty of PROPERTY TAX, SALES TAX, UTILITY TAX etc…..

        You are either a product of Al Jabbar’s failing Anaheim school system, disingenuous or a flat out liar. Maybe all three.

        I’s not lost on most that most of Jose Moreno’s supporters hail from elsewhere: Brea, BP, Irvine……these folks have NO SKIN in the game.

        It is NOT Disney’s responsibility, nor it’s customers to subsidize the children of Anaheim, who’s parents are to uneducated, underemployed to realize they can’t depend on others to support them.

      • “For the next 45 years no taxes on Disneyland.”

        Mr. Robbins: that is a lie. You know it is a lie. And yet you still say it.

        And are you honestly trying to claim that Disneyland is a financial drain on Anaheim? That’s ridiculous.

  6. It’s that attitude that makes me hope Brandman wins and your smug attitude takes a walk. Sick to death of this nasty atemosphere that’s been created by Tait/Moreno and the rest of their sycophants. Our city was peaceful before this crap started and before Tait was mayor. I will take peace over his brand of kindness anyday.

    • What attitude is that “Get Real”? The attitude that the people of Anaheim demand a city council that votes in the best interest of the people they serve rather than giving what should be ours to Disney who doesn’t need it? The attitude that we expect transparency and fair treatment and our lives to be improved? Our city has not been peaceful for quite a while. This current city council , and their majority coupled with their special interest based voting, has created “this nasty atmosphere” that you speak of. Mayor Tait had the courage to stand up to the special interests because it was the right thing to do. He voted with the best interrest of the people in mind and has been berated for it. It is wrong, just look around, our city needs so many things and why are they not getting done? Sure, they may change a few things and take many pictures of it. Then they hold the pictures up as their good acts but “look under the rug there is a lot of hidden dirt that needs to be cleaned up.” Mayor Tait was the kind one. It is kind to look out for others. It is kind to be fair.

  7. Progressives are getting all excited over socialist Moreno, getting their panties bunched up. So in the next two years instead of four Republicans , there will be six Republicans representing the city. The voters will vote on the hotel tax incentives and I’m guessing it will win in that off year election.
    There won’t be a expansion of social programs so Jose will be the lamest council member. If he picks the two year term straw, Jose won’t beat a Republican female challenger in two years. Then, you’ll have a Republican dominated city council and Mayorship. Hopefully, Jose will then move back to Oxnard.

    • Progressivism is a philosophy based on the Idea of Progress, which asserts that advancement in science, technology, economic development, and social organization are vital to improve the human condition.

      • That’s the biggest disagreement. You don’t see that the more you tax or regulate the private sector enterprises the less progress there is in science, technology and the economy. You fail to see that what you call illegal backs, happens throughout the state of California to spur economic development, creating jobs and building families. Who was the biggest city that offered back tax incentives last year to developers…. The city of Los Angeles. Which mayor benefitted from a tax incentive, public property giveaway in Garden Grove and seemingly has a problem now with Anaheims tax incentive … Yes mayor Tom tait and his company Tait associate ptoffitted from what you called ” hidden dirt”, “kick backs” to the developer to build. And you see no inconsistency.?

    • Either Jordan or Dr. José will be the only Democrat on the City Council and either would be aligned with three Republocans. So your comment is pretty (unintentionally) funny.

  8. Break the tie with pin the tail on the donkey! Dress Mayor Tait in a donkey costume!

  9. The city is functioning well. Services have improved and our taxes are low. The cabal that keeps up this insane mantra of the current council not governing in best interest of residents is crap. It’s all about trying to push a welfare state and the taxes to support it. It’s too bad so many people buy into the BS being peddled by Tait who voted for subsidies all the time. Many of us remember. So his attacks now ring hollow. He just wants a council that he controls. It’s about power and control. It’s never been about kindness. Tom Tait you are a petulant fraud. Mark my words if Moreno is elected people will know what oppression is really about.

    • What an interesting perspective. I do not know what insight you have to say the city is functioning well. In District 4 we have less services and longer response time for police calls, of which there are more. The current council is and wants to continue to offer subsidies to those that do not need it, making bad business decisions. That is why the people feel the way they do. The current council does not vote with the best interest of the people at heart. Mayor Tait is kind and actually courageous, to step across party lines and work with those he may not completely see eye to eye on ,but do it anyway for the good of Anaheim and its residents. Please share facts, all of them, for each council member, and how they voted. to establish the correctness of your statements. Everyone’s comments should be based on fact. I think it will be good to have different viewpoints from each district brought to the council.

  10. What has Mayor Tait actually done other than the hyperbole of kindness. He hasn’t lead one policy at city hall. I have lived in Anaheim for decades so I remember him on the council. He voted for the largest subsidy in city history for the resort district. The city funded half a billion in bonds. So if you don’t like the current council because of their votes for subsidies then you have to hold Tait to the same judgement. Otherwise you are just a hypocrite. Services are improving and police and fire funding has also been increased significantly at the request of his colleagues. If you want proof then watch the meetings for yourself. There are plenty of examples. Tait would rather elect people who want to raise taxes and turn Anaheim into a welfare state. I want council members who focus on governing and keeping taxes low.

  11. And there is nothing kind about him. It’s a charade to mask a bully. I watched him harass Shirley McCracken in the 90s – he was horrible to her. now he bullies the women on this council with the likes of people like you. Thanks to the advent of blogs, he can bully without having his finger prints on it. So sad that the man of the people, kindness facade sells. Staff, community members who are engaged, and many who have worked at his father’s firm know the bully. That’s the real Tom Tait.

  12. Break the tie-draw names from a Make America Great Hat!

  13. I have gone to the council meetings and watched them although not often as I find them distasteful. You should again pass judgement based on fact. Tait has not bullied anyone that I have seen rather he has been a lame duck based on the majority held with the current council. Surely you jest when you say “with the likes of people like me.” I will say it again, District 4 has made no progress. Crime is up and the response time for police calls is longer. You can see this in the paper reports. We had a rash of stabbings recently. Never have I seen this and I to have lived here for some time. The people don’t care because no one cares about them. So they rise and have rallied for democracy, for a society in which “all men are created equal.” We need a transparent city council who acts for the betterment of all people. A better Anaheim for you and me. I do not care who represents me as long as they are accountable for their actions and make the city a better place for all. Read please and understand what the subsidies and the business deals the current council has been passing or trying to pass.

  14. Such a typical comment coming from you. I don’t believe the homeless stabbings recently were as you say, done by “gangbangers.” Stabbings were not the only recent crime in Anaheimm, just one example.

    Each and every awful statement you make is easily dismissed with fact. “Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding.” – Mahatma Gandhi

    JRR think about this: “Tolerance implies no lack of commitment to one’s own beliefs. Rather it condems the oppression or persecution of others.” – John F. Kennedy

    I am not going to give up on you softening your heart.

    • You Socialists have no sense of humor! Just like your daddy Jose F Moreno, a person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs, jolted by every pebble on the road – Henry Ward Beecher.

      • Jose Moreno is not “my daddy.” I do not have “to many children.” I am not on WIC but if I needed it I would not be ashamed, that is what it is for. I am not a Socialist. What I am is a law abiding citizen living in Anaheim who cares about the city I live in. What I am is a Christinan that follows the love thy neighbor commandment. What I am is someone who believes there is good im most people even though it is buried deeply sometimes.

        What I do have is a very good sense of humor. But, JRR it is not humorous make racist comments or read them. It is not humorous to read or call people names. It is not humorous to read or say comments about people’s economic status or any type of their status. It is not funny to read or say comments about people’s desires for a better environment. It is not fully to read or say demeaning comments about race, gender. It is not funny at all rather it is hurtful and hateful.

        Your words are not springs. Your words aren’t taken in jest.

        “The sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, but for the wide world’s joy.” -Henry Ward Beecher

  15. Looks like Brandman lost. Tell him goodbye for me Matt.

  16. Jose Moreno is ahead of Brandman! It looks like the majority is over. I hope we get to see murray and if it is kring sitting there as lame ducks!

    • Congratulations! It’s a small world afterall!……It’s a small world afterall, it’s a small world afterall, it’s a small small world! Let me see you boring Socilaisas sing and dance to Disney’s It’s a Small World Afterall!

  17. It’s over dude – Jordan conceded. To the Leftist Academic.

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