Districts 1 and 3: Barnes and Brandman Wins Highly Likely

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Tait Slate candidate Denise Barnes once again expanded her lead over Steve Chavez Lodge. Yesterday, the neophyte candidate led by 183 votes. 443 ballots were counted and now she is ahead by 187 votes.

D1 tally 11-15

It’s near-certain Barnes will take this. She’s been expanding her lead for the last week, and the universe of uncounted ballots is dwindling, meaning Lodge will have to take a huge chunk of those votes in order to prevail.

In District 3, leftist academic Jose F. Moreno picked up 42 votes, whittling Councilman Jordan Brandman’s lead from 279 to 237 votes.

D3 tally 11-15

The question is whether there are enough uncounted ballots in District 3 to allow Moreno to overtake Brandman? It’s hard to say, but odds are Brandman hangs on to win a squeaker.

Lost in that vote watching is the fact that once the four Anaheim city council races are decided, there will be a drawing of straws to determine which district will ex post facto be designated the short-term, two-year seat. When Anaheim expanded the size of the council from four to six members and shifted to by-district elections, one of the four seats on this year’s ballot had to be a two-year term in order to have three council seats up every election cycle. The normal method would have been to designate one of the seats the short-term, two-year seat ahead of time; that’s what Garden Grove did.

However, normal and Anaheim are often strangers – and under the city’s settlement agreement with Moreno and the ACLU, the short-term seat is designated after the election by having the four winners draw straws. Whoever draws the short straw gets a two-year term. If that turns out to be either Brandman or Mayor Pro Tem Lucille Kring, they will be barred from running again due to the term limit provisions in the city charter.


  1. Denise Barnes is a big score for Tom Tait. At long last, he will get a council ally who can’t think for herself and will obey directives from Tait and Mishal Montgomery. Plus, Mishal can get her 20 years in PERS by becoming Barnes’ council aide after Tait terms out in 2018.

    Unless Barnes draws the short seat.

    • Boy are you right on.
      How embarrassing for West Anaheim to be represented by a person so grossly incompetent.
      West side has been begging for help and then they go and elect a person who can’t even muster a coherent sentence. Further,she was elected solely based on Tait’s endorsement. The guy who hasn’t lifted a finger!

  2. Miryevette Judah, the leftist Muslim Extemist posted a social media report this evening tbat “officially” Jose was within 95 votes today.

    Unofficially she said there wete 264 ballots not tabulated that broke 201 to 63 in favor of Moreno. Must be nice to have infiltraded the ROV and Ned Kelleys operation.

    One has to wonder who Jose had granted access to these “untabulated” ballots.

    • suoirafeN ekiM snibboR

      With 6 observers standing around every counter, Jose and Jordan people, this is as good as it gets on the voter watch.

  3. Breaking Disney’s control of Anaheim is in sight. The people will prevail. Let us see how Murray and whoever is left feels to be powerless

  4. Matt,
    Thanks for jinxing it with this article. Jordan is done at this point…we know the provisional ballots will be stuffed with illegal alien votes for Jose. I just hope Steve can hold on in district 5.

    Mark kkk,
    Nice work on infiltrating the infiltrator. In sure there is some dirty stuff going on…I mean this lady – she hit the trifecta Muslim…leftist…and exremist!!! The nerve of mineva! Keep on the trail Mark kkk… We need more right wing Christian moderates like you to keep on eye on these dark people from foreign lands.

    • Your language and manner of speaking should not be allowed and would not be from a reputable site that is interested in intelligent, thoughtful conversation. Ms. Judah do you know her? Have you ever even spoken to her? Is it you disagree with her standing up for what she believes in? I have spoken to her and she is a thoughtful caring person who is passionate in her beliefs that all men are created equal. Allowing this hate to continue shows part of what is wrong with Anaheim. The City of Kindess needs leaders that are kind and untarnished by corruption.
      “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” Mahatma Gandhi

  5. UPDATE: Jose Moreno 95 votes away from Brandman!

  6. Matt –

    Any idea on the average number of Provisional Ballots that have been deemed valid in previous OC Elections?

    Also, any idea on the percentage of OC provisional ballots that originated from Anaheim in previous elections?

    In a Voice of OC article, Dr. Moreno is quoted with estimating that 11,000 to 12,000 voters casts ballots in District 3. As of yesterday, 10,399 votes were counted.

    There are only 37322 vote by mail ballots left to count for the 1668 precincts. However, there are something like 103,000 Provisional ballots left.


  7. Yeah,
    And can we go and be an observer as those provisional ballots are counted?

  8. Mark,
    Good work on infiltrating the alleged infiltrator. The neve of this manerva woman. She is certainly a leftist and okay I can see where you view her to be extremist. But can you reflect on why it was necessary also inform us about her religious affililiation?

    Bottom Line is that district 3 race is over. In spite of one million dollars of spending by Disney and much more by others that were in control of the former majority the people have spoken. Just because we don’t have big mansions in the hills and move from apartment to apartment more often so our votes come in late doesn’t diminish the value of our vote.

    Both Kring and fassel should be worried that the privisionals will erase their lead too.

  9. Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that. – Martin Luther King

    Christians would not speak and judge the way you do. Have you ever even spoken to Ms. Judah?

  10. Matt, are you seriously OK with all of the racist comments here — including from people who seem likely to know Mirvette Judeh’s first name, but choose to call her “Miryevette Judah,” “Minerva,” “Manerva,” and who knows what else they have in story.

    I hope you’re not gearing up to be Donald Trump’s social media representative here in OC.

    As for the people asking about vote-counting procedures in the office of Registrar Neal Kelley — not “Ned Kelly,” the legendary bank robber of the Australian Bush, as your educated writer probably knows — campaigns can get information that others can’t (although no greater access to the ballots.) So you may want to talk to the people working with Jordan, who from what I saw are mostly from or working under the direct supervision of the State GOP. They want to discard Latino votes so as to help Ling Ling Chang in her race against Josh Newman — and that seems to be A-OK with Jordan’s people, until the state Democratic people got wind of it and asked Jordan what the hell side he was on. (Good question!)

    Anyway, Matt, you have your state GOP contacts and they should know as much as Dr. Moreno does.

    • Is Jose F Moreno still promoting that incessantly bitter racist manifesto Americans denied education to Mexicans?!

    • Thank you Greg Diamond for speaking out against the racist comments on this site. I have met Ms. Judah and she seemed nice. I would like to ask some of the individuals what does an immigrant look like? When I read these types of comments I feel so sad that there are people with hard enough hearts that they speak this way. I am sure I will be called a leftist, extremist socialist for saying so. But does having manners and caring about all human beings make me one, if so then so be it. Because I will keep trying to have a thoughtful conversation with the haters in hopes that they will stop hating. Inside we all look the same can we not understand that, and try to understand each other and coexist?

      What needs to be discussed is how the people are being blocked from a fair, just election. Disney needs to realize they do not control our city election. We need to stop those that are taking from the residents and giving to those that do not need it, Disney. We need to elect individuals that will vote with the best interest of the people in mind, all people. Ask yourself what does an immigrant look like?

      “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.”

      Miss Judah and others that have been smeared on this site, Arturo Ferreras included, we all do not feel like that.

      Thank you again Mr. Diamond

  11. When did Greg Diamond start caring about people’s feelings? Only when it concerns his friends, apparently.

    Does Greg care about a commenter being called a Klansman? NO.

    So what it someone points out Mirvette is Muslim. She’s the one who makes it a big part of her activist identity.

    I’d like to know how Mirvette knows how many untabulated, unreported votes Moreno got.

    • Like most people, I probably started caring about people’s feelings shortly after birth. I think that you’re projecting there. Anyway, are you a “person,” Anaheimster? I thought that “you” were only a “persona” — and, from variations in writing style, a shared one.

      I oppose commenters — PERSON-commenters, not PERSONA-commenters, who cannot be defamed — being called Klansmen if they aren’t at a minimum largely in synch with the Klan’s agenda and tactics. Generally, I like my comparisons firmly grounded in the truth (unless I’m being hyperbolic or satirical.)

      I re-read Mark K’s comment and it’s pretty clear that the “uncounted ballots” that Mirvette was reporting about WERE THE ONES THAT HAD BEEN REPORTED THAT DAY. That’s about the split that would have given Jose his very good Wednesday total. Where she got the information? Probably from some loose talk, usually some amalgam of kernels of truth ground together with chaff of speculation that othen has gotten mangled as it is passed along, as happens on all sides at these times.

      But by all means carry on. If I were rooting for Jordan in the District 3 race, right now I’d be looking for something absurd to distract myself too!

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