Anaheim: Tait/Progressive-Left Slate Losing in Council Races

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November 2016 was another election showdown between the traditional “Anaheim Way” coalition and the strange alliance of Mayor Tom Tait and progressive interest groups.

And it was another defeat for the Tait/Progressive-Left efforts to take control of the city council.

This election is the culmination of a multi-year effort by a coalition of progressive political interests — aided mightily by Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait — to tilt the balance of power in city government toward the Left. Tait, the left-wing hotel workers union UNITE-HERE and progressive political groups are backing the candidate slate consisting of Denise Barnes (District 1), Jose F. Moreno (District 3), Arturo Ferreras (District 4) and Mark Lopez (District 5). Barnes is a Republican, while Ferreras and Moreno are left-wing Democrats; Lopez became a Republican in January but his policy positions are continuously evolving.

Arrayed against them are a candidates supported by a coalition of businesses, trade unions and public safety: Steve Chavez Lodge (District 1); Councilman Jordan Brandman (District 3); Councilwoman Lucille Kring (District 4) and Steve Faessel (District 5). All are Republicans with the exception of Brandman.

The with all precincts reporting but with a lot of uncounted late and provisional ballots, here’s how things stand.

District 1

D1 results 11-9-16


  1. I think its great you think selling out the future of millions is the right decision.

  2. What are you talking about?

  3. Lucille Kring will be my councilwoman, Sir.

    District election has brought our local Drmocracy to a more representative level so we need to respect our system, the will of the majority of voters.

    It safe to safe the status quo is a more appealing choice than a government lead by progressives.

  4. At least we still have a good chance to pull out district 3 with the provisional ballots. Its Sad that with all of the grassroot work done in this campaign locally, money still prevails.

  5. Good grief. Not only are you leftists crybabies, you’re not even original. You behave like bees in a hive.

    Not only did Lucille Kring win, she won BIG. Fior weeks people like you and Cynthia Ward and the Robbins Family claimed she was the most reviled person in District 4. Too bad for you the voters didn’t agree. She trounced Arturo Ferreras. It would seem D4 voters don’t share the ankle-biters obsession with STRs and hotel subsidies.

    Keep whining and hashtagging, if you like. Just don’t do it here.

  6. Would you like a Make America Great Handkerchief!

  7. Maybe Hose Moreno and Ruales discovered that children and non citizens can’t vote.

  8. Closer to what?

  9. So called peoples map was a disaster for Jose F Moreno!

  10. Election proved Anaheim rejected so called people’s map.

  11. Adopt a therapy dog at OC Animal Shelter!

  12. You state businesses but the biggest is Disney who spends millions to get their candidates elected. This is a good investment for them they in turn get many millions back in subsidies/tax breaks. Why don’t you publish how Brandman and Kring could afford to run the campaign’s that they did. How did Lucille Kring afford to be able to send up to 3 hate mailers A DAY to confuse the voters into voting for her? There will be an investigation as it is against the law.

    • Disney and major developers contributed to IEs that were used in races in Anaheim and Irvine. Voters have an obligation to educate themselves on candidates and issues. Yes, there’s a lot of money in local elections promoting certain candidates and tearing down others — its not a level playing field when it comes to money. But money doesn’t vote – people do. IEs allegedly don’t coordinate with campaigns, but IE mailings are not against the law. Are you implying voters are stupid? Are they that easily confused by mailers? I’m not happy about the millions developers spent to defeat Mary Ann Gaido in Irvine, but none of the negative mailers I received created any confusion about who I was voting for.

      • In Anaheim it wasn’t just the deluge of mailers. It was signs and actual sign twirlers along with the mailers . Mailers that state in bold type how a “candidate in Anaheim is wrong for Anaheim, Anaheim’s working families can’t afford this candidate.” Further, his agenda will hurt our economy, and increase taxes”. Let’s be real your this is the district that Disney is in. Lucille Kring’s smear campaign went on to state “Arturo Ferreras was active in radical organizations that have tried to force their agenda on Anaheim- costing taxpayers millions of dollars in legal fees” In fact it was the current majority who were standing up to the 18,000 signatures against the subsidies given to Disney. Arturo Ferreras was actually representing the best interest of the people. Further, it was the majority on Anaheim’s city council who cost the legal fees fighting the people’s desire. The current majority on the city council fought their own people in regard to the peoples map. They are the ones that create the legal fees and they do so fighting their own people. Then Kring’s campaign uses what she has done, lies and says it is her opponent. I agree that money does not vote and voters should educate themselves as you have but the fact is many do not. If you get a sinister looking mailer day after day. painting someone to be “dangerous” and “hurtful” it may either sway you or make you say I don’t know what to do I will vote for no one. The campaign in Anaheim should have been about the issues and voting history. Instead it was a show of Disney silently flexing their muscles. Unfortunately, many in District 4 have either given up or do not understand what is actually going on with this current city council, and what they are doing today means for the future. Also, it was by no mistake that they pushed the passing of the People’s Map as close to the recent election, giving less time to educate the people on what districts are and what districts they belong to. They are not stupid. But sir, in one day I got 3 mailers, each different smearing Arturo Ferreras with outright lies, colorized to make hims look sinister. In the same day, I got a mailer in that also contained lies stating how Lucille Kring votes in the best interest of the people, touting her Catholic faith and how wonderful she is. Lucille Kring even appeared in a Democrat voting guide. Her campaign did pay for some of the smear, so much for the good Catholic faith. It is unfawful for a business entity to fund campaigns to control elections. That is what needs to be stopped in Anaheim, Irvine and every city. I ask that everyone looks into the campaigns in Anaheim, specifically Kring and Brandman and how much was spent and follow the dark money and find out who is spending it. We must stop Disney or any other entitiy to control elections for financial gain. It should be a fair fight and a clean win. Also, yes we must educate our voters to stand so resolutely in their decision that nothing can influence it, not even Disney $. I ask you Dan C. to help by extending this situation by writing and exposing it. Education and exposure can make a difference.

    • Kring won due to initiative support to remove Ponderosa Park gangs.

  13. Lucille Kring took credit for Arturo Ferreras’ work in Ponderosa. The people of Ponderosa had never seen her until the election began. That is straight out of a present day leader in the Ponderosa community who has been a long time community activist in Ponderosa, and his name is not Arturo Ferreras. Your comment is not accurate, go ask the people of Ponderosa, who rally against her.

    • Lucille Kring funded more improvements to Ponderosa than the past 10 councils combined. She was instrumental to the development of the new community center, skateboard park and other community improvements. Arturo Ferreras has only paid lip service to the Ponderosa neighborhood. All of the BS that’s talked about by the anti STR community to diminish Lucille is just that BS. Ponderosa is much better off by having her on the council. Anyone who says otherwise is purposefully twisting the truth for political reasons.

    • Kring and Law Enforcement removed Ponderosa gang members. I don’t think I ever released to the public the photos that led to the removal because I didn’t want “Slug” and everyone at Wakefield to know before the enforcement could be fully inmplemented. So, United, or whatever your name is, you were not privy to Kring’s work behind the scenes. You are just jealous that a popular woman candidate defeated your unpopular socialist male opponent.

      • What are you saying? You have pictures to prove what Kring did by all means publish them. Show what she did. If it was honorable she would have published them already since she never misses a photo op. And are you law enforcement? Why would you have prior knowledge. Kring did not publish them and you did not either because you are not proud of them. I would never be jealous of a known liar. She is only popular with the likes of you. #showmewhoyourwithIwillshowyouwhoyouare

  14. Notorious Mike Robbins

    We run a priest who’s only served the people his whole life and lose? He would not let us say a bad word about his opponent and I think Lucille was a giant target the size of Costco.

    Sometimes in some cities they will run a non human for mayor like
    LUCY LOU — RABBIT HASH, KY, The German Shepard. I think of Lucille that way like a trained goat owned by a Disney PAC.

    I never thought Lucille could possibly win but with all that money behind her every household got flyers every day. They claimed she was supported by the Sewer Fillers Union, the Trash Accumulators Amalgamated, the Short Term Regurgitators and even the past animal whisper mayor.
    The Firestarters union lit a fire under the registered voter’s ass and asked for their support.
    The elite of the past trained animals came out to proclaim she was the right trained animal for the job, woof woof, meow meow and ribbit ribbit. The top animal trainers claimed “she was the goat for the job – If you need to clean up Anaheim she will chew her way through the city leaving no trash bin upturned” they proclaimed. “You know how goats love wine? Well she goes through Bev Mo and empties the racks”. They added “No leash necessary for this Mayor pro tem as she can do what she is told and go where she is told with barely a nod of the head or a whistle”. Finishing left overs is also a goats best follow up to any event and Lucille the goat, makes all the animal whisperers proud. Nothing left for the homeless when she is around. They even pack up the leftovers from every event for her handler to take home for a later meal.

    I do believe this is a perfect example for the dog whisperer show as it shows the training of the humans and the goats. He typically trains the humans and the animals as that is part of the process. In Anaheim the animal whisperer has trained the animals and the people to work together to do Disney’s bidding. Mystical I think, almost unbelievable.

    A goat able to vote? That is the problem as she is trained to push the buttons at the city council. So now with about $2 billion in lost tax revenues for the city from the lack of a gate tax from Disney and hotel subsidies we are heading down a difficult financial path. A goat path so to say…

    And so here we are being led down a goat path by a goat and her goat whisperer. The plan I guess, is to come up behind the 300 Spartans and WIN.

  15. You’re all class, Mike Robbins.

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