Democratic Socialism Is Still Socialism

Why are we featuring this Prager University video “Democratic Socialism Is Still Socialism”? Because two of the four members of the Tait Slate of city council candidates — Jose F. Moreno and Arturo Ferreras – can be fairly described as democratic socialists. This is especially true of Moreno – as anyone who has spent any time scrolling through his Facebook page can attest:


This matters because an elected official’s votes and actions are guided by their political philosophy, and this is particularly true of highly ideological politicians like Moreno. The leftist academic talks openly about the various and expensive government entitlement programs he is itching to implement.

So take a few minutes to watch and then ask yourself if Anaheim would benefit from electing two council candidates who subscribe to a failed political ideology (or at least a derivative of that ideology) that is most effective at diminishing freedom and producing poverty, shortages and misery.


  1. Moral is be happy poor, boundless opportunity ahead!

  2. Paul Aguirre Martin

    * EARN * SPEND * BUILD *
    Paul Aguirre Martin

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