AUHSD Should Stop Using Public Resources For Political Activity

magcala-signs-furing-school-time[Cross-posted from OC Daily]

The Anaheim Union High School District (AUHSD) is probably the most politicized school district in the county, at least in terms of using district resources to advance political causes and help candidates.  For example, under the leadership of AUHSD Trustee Al Jabbar and Superintendent Mike Matsuda, the district has waged a political campaign seeking to undermine public support for charter schools – using district resources to host and publicize the screening of the subtly Islamophobic anti-charter school “documentary” Killing Ed, and publishing an op-ed calling for a moratorium on charters. The district also organized a pressure campaign to push the Anaheim City Council into giving it a dedicated portion of the city budget.

Teachers union activist Ryan Ruelas – an trustee of the Anaheim Elementary School District – has built a student club called AnaheimBROS, who serve as campaign workers for Anaheim’s close-knit network of progressive politicos – including Ruelas’ school board campaign and the Measure L districting initiative in Anaheim in 2014. This year, they’re the de facto Jose F. Moreno Youth League, walking precincts for the leftist Democrat’s council campaign and following him around to events.

Which leads us to the most recent example of the politicization of AUHSD under Jabbar and Matsuda. Last Monday, October 24, dozens of members of AnaheimBROS (and its sister group CROWN) – led by Ruelas – were transported in two AUHSD buses to an Anaheim City Council candidates forum, where they functioned as a cheering section for Moreno. From the OC Weekly:

“School buses brought a batch of kids from Anaheim High School to watch democracy in action at the newly opened Arab-American Community Center on Beach Boulevard. With Anaheim High School teacher and city school board member Ryan Ruelas seated at the front, his students, wearing Anaheim Bros and CROWN (Civically Raising Opportunities for Women) shirts, cheered wildly whenever Moreno made an emphatic point.”

AUHSD Stonewalling Media Requests For Information
No doubt Ruelas and the district will claim this was simply a school excursion to give students a peek into the democratic process – but is anyone going to buy that? OC Daily e-mailed several questions about the matter to Superindent Matsuda, Ruelas and the district PIO:



  1. Did the BROS and CROW’s organizations reimburse the Anaheim Union High School District for usage of the district buses and drivers? I know that GOALS Academy must pay the Anaheim Union High School District $70 an hour in order to get transportation for field trips.

    On a different note, does the Anaheim Union High School District allow students in school team uniforms to actively promote a candidate? If the district does allow this, can it be construed as Anaheim Union High School District endorsing a candidate?

    Here’s the Katella High School Baseball team apparently endorsing Anaheim Council Candidate Mark Lopez by precinct walking while in their uniforms.

  2. Sell the buses, buy students Chevrolet Impalas!

  3. This a dangerous and slippery slope, conscripting children, it however seems more and more common, in the ballot battles for school bonds in Brea and Orange, the teachers have pimped out students shamelessly.

    In the case of Al Jabbar and Ruelas, their support base (or lack there of) mandates they recruit children.

    • The Moreno Children were at my house last night. During his last run they showed up with T-Shirts saying “Let My People Vote.” We asked them who was NOT letting their people vote and they were stumped but had an obviously scripted answer. More than that I have been disturbed to hear from my neighbors regarding the Robert Nelson surrogate, a man named Jim, telling people with Jordan Brandman signs on their lawn that they should not vote for Jordan because he’s gay. Please explain to me how this is an issue.

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