OC Register Endorses Steve Faessel in District 5

The Orange County Register has endorsed Councilman Jordan Brandman for re-election from District 3, and long-time civic activist Steve Faessel for election to city council from District 5.

Outlining their reasons for endorsing Faessel, the OC Register opined:

In Anaheim’s City Council, District 5, race, we endorse Steve Faessel. In addition to nearly 30 years of experience as an executive of Ace Hardware, Faessel has had extensive involvement in community groups and on local government boards such as the Anaheim Public Utilities Board, Planning Commission and Budget, Investment and Technology Commission. Although we strongly disagree with his enthusiasm for the luxury hotel subsidy, we have broad agreement on a number of other issues.

“I’m not a supporter of taxes of any kind,” Faessel told us. In addition, he opposes the streetcar and the prospect of the city paying for a new baseball stadium for the Angels. He calls the short-term rental ban “draconian,” and says the city could have looked more at permitting rentals in certain areas.

A sound choice by the OC Register.




  1. Even a broken clock is right twice a day!

  2. Does this mean we get a popcorn machine at city council entrance!

  3. Weird, the Reg holds Lodge’s pro-giveaway stance against him, but not against Faessel? Don’t they know he lobbied for the giveaways, proudly supports more, and is financed by their beneficiaries.

    Oh well, consistency is the hobgoblin of smaller papers I guess.

    • Mr. Nelson –

      The Orange County Register points out that even though they are in strong disagreement with Steve Faessel on his enthusiasm for the luxury hotel subsidy, they have broad agreement with Steve on a number of other issues.

      The Register also points out that they are in disagreement with Steve Chavez Lodge about his stance on the luxury hotel subsidy. They then write the following, “More importantly, we found a number of his answers to our questions to be evasive, and the herculean effort it took to even get him to speak with us causes us to question how accessible and responsive he would be to his constituents, if elected.”

      Oh well, accuracy is the hobgoblin of Vern Nelson I guess.

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