District 5: Lopez Calls For Making Anaheim A Sanctuary City for Illegal Immigrants

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At a candidate forum last night sponsored by a coalition of progressive political groups, Anaheim City Council candidate Mark Lopez gave his support to making Anaheim a “sanctuary city.” Lopez is running for city council from District 5.

The forum was for all candidates running in the four council districts on the November ballot; eleven were there. It was co-sponsored by the ACLU of Southern California, the Anaheim Poverty Task Force, the Anaheim Youth Justice Coalition, the Arab American Civic Council, CAIR-LA, LEAN, LGBT Center OC, NAACP OC, OCCCO, Orange County Equality Coalition, Resilience OC and Women For:OC.

There were few truly undecided voters among the audience, which was dominated by progressive activists; and questions posed to the candidates were generally from the left side of the political spectrum. A Fullerton College student asked the candidates if they “would support a resolution to make Anaheim a sanctuary city for the undocumented community, yes or no, and what would you do to help and protect the undocumented community in Anaheim.”

The Voice of OC – whose publisher Norberto Santa moderated the forum – reported:

“District 3 candidate Jose F. Moreno and Lopez both cited personal experiences with being undocumented in their support for such a resolution.

Lopez told the audience that his father had been undocumented, and that he had sponsored him for citizenship “a few years ago,” noted his opposition to deportations that split up families, and then said he did not want the city to enforce immigration laws or doing “immigration checks.”

Sanctuary cities once again became a hot political issue with the murder of Kathryn Steinle last year in San Francisco by Francisco Sanchez, a criminal illegal immigrant who was at large due to the S.F’s “sanctuary city” status. Sanchez had been deported five times and was in the custody of the San Francisco Police Department. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) had requested an immigration detainer, but the police department refused due to San Francisco’s sanctuary city status.



  1. Good grief! And this is who our mayor and Shawn Nelson are supporting? Shaking my head!

    • Lopez also said he supports repealing the city’s anti-camping ordinance.

      • Equally a horrible idea. They are PARKS, not shelters. Residents pay for them, but I guess Lopez doesn’t want residents to use them! Perhaps he’d prefer the parks to look like Santa Ana Civic Center.

    • Vote for the candidate who has the best interest of the community at heart. Arturo Ferreras for District 4 Anaheim City Council.

      • So you’re in support of making Anaheim a sanctuary city? You’re in support of repealing the camping and storage ban for our parks? That’s what’s in the best interest for Anaheim??
        I am sure you wouldn’t support a sanctuary for STR’s!

  2. Thank you OCGOP for endorsing this progressive activist. The party has lost all credibility with the voters of Anaheim. It’s time to stay out of our city – you continue to let liberals use our party’s logo and resources. Disgusted.

  3. OCGOP what is your criteria for endorsement?
    Do you care what candidates actually believe?
    Or do you only care who supports who ?
    Crime is on a the rise in Anaheim….don’t make it worse. Say “no” anaheim voters to sanctuary cities….and “no” to Mark Lopez!

  4. Sanctuary City for Dogs & Cats, NOT GANGBANGERS!

  5. Why do so many of Dr. Moreno’s supporters come from outside district 3 and ANAHEIM for that matter?
    I count a couple of Brean’s, a Buena Park denizen, two south county people………

    Oh and who loaned Greg Diamond the scratch to buy a ticket?

  6. Ferraras will email council 2 hrs before meeting as no show?

  7. I am sure what you are saying is the truth, if that happened I am sure there was a good reason. Recently, Lucille Kring did not show up at a debate. Each have lives and events happen out of our control. Arturo Ferreras is an fair effective leader. He will do what is right over what is popular. He is the candidate with the communities best interest at heart.

  8. At least it starts with fun! Jose F Moreno is BORING!!!

  9. Ferraras’ word is SOCIALISTA!!!

  10. Ferraras, Moreno, NO SHOWS to remove gangs from parks!

  11. Ambassador Kring, endorsed by Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle!

  12. Mark Lopez just sent out a Robo-Call to District 5 Republicans claiming that he does NOT support sanctuary cities.

    The guy is so wrapped up in telling so many lies to the constituents that he’s spinning around and falling apart.

  13. I know it’s true, Ambassador Kring considers residents interests first.

  14. Hi Grant! Anaheim Ambassador Lucille Kring is respected by majority. Check her voting record dating back to 2001. She was the only council member to vote to save San Pedro’s Gate, respecting the private property rights of the landowner and apartment dwellers, and the historically significant building now home to Ruby’s Diner. Thank you Philanthropist Bill Taormina, Councilwoman Lucille Kring and Mayor Curt Pringle!

  15. Briggs is well known for stunts. Not reputable by any standard.

  16. For authentic Lucille Kring go to Anaheim Injustice dot com / City Council / Lucille Kring Acknowledgment.

  17. We trust Lucille Kring’s judgement over a Moreno Socialist any day.

  18. Your Socialist Nicolas Madura needs Ferraras help!

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