Why Is Howard Ahmanson Supporting Leftist Democrats for Anaheim City Council?

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Conservative donor and Home Savings heir Howard Ahmanson is probably the last person one would expect to be funding an independent expenditure campaign to elect to two leftist Democrats to the Anaheim City Council.

Yet, that is exactly what is happening.

Ahmanson is funding mailers supporting Jose F. Moreno in District 3 and Arturo Ferreras in District 4, (and attacking the conservative Republican candidates in Districts 1 and 5 who lack the Tom Tait imprimatur). Two years ago, Ahmanson put $50,000 into a Tom Tait-led campaign attacking Anaheim Councilmembers Kris Murray and Gail Eastman (both Republicans), so there’s every reason to expend his spending on behalf of these two progressive Democrats to continue. Ahmanson is also funding mailers attacking two conservative Republican candidates: Steve Chavez Lodge in District 1 and Steve Faessel in District 5.

If elected, Moreno and Ferreras would easily be the most left-wing local elected officials in Orange County.

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  1. Gringos waste inheritances on stupid causes out of guilt. Tait and Ahmanson did not create the wealth so they have no understanding of what it is like to earn astronomical amounts of money. They become socialists because it is the only way they can feel good about the wealth they did not earn. It is their way of trying to earn respect and love by buying it. They should use their wealth to loan money to people for starting up new small businesses not give it away to freeloaders with no ambition.

  2. Deep thoughts. Thank for sharing. Always interesting to take a peek inside the head of a koo koo bird.

  3. Keep Moving Forward

    This is the same Howard Ahmanson who believes in reparative therapy: turning gay people straight.

    Hope Jose Moreno’s proud that a homophobe is trying to put him on the city council.

    • The company you keep

      So Jose is aligned with a major league homophobe who believes in gay conversion therapy and wants the support of a mayor who has endorsed against Sharon Quirk Silva. But don’t worry. Diamond and letourneau will look the other way Who will Moreno sue when he loses?

  4. Tait said “thank you” to Joshua Collins for hateful comments about gay people. It’s on city council video. True colors.

  5. Vote for the candidate who has the best interest of the community at heart. Vote Arturo Ferreras for City Council in District 4. Vote Dr. Jose Moreno for City Council in District 3.

  6. Vote for Arturo Ferreras he has the best intrest of the community at heart

  7. Vote Arturo Ferreras:District 4 Anaheim City Council

    • It’s not just about best interests, Marie. The politics of both will greatly impact residents’ pocket books. Not just in your district, but city wide. There are so many other issues involved than STRs.

      • The beauty of the People’s Map is that the voting will be by the people comprised of those living in their respective districts. What is in the pocket books of the impacted residents would be included in “having the best interest of the community” because what you have in your pocket book affects your quality of life. The current city council has not taken our best interest at heart, rather they have take the best interest of the special interest’s at heart. As our city has grown in numbers, it has not grown in residencial prosperity.

        “A politician who stays in office too long becomes self-serving”JFK. Our current representatives have had their chance to make Anaheim a better place for all, residents and business entities. The community felt so strongly that the current City Council did not have their best interests at heart that they demanded their voice be heard through the People’s Map, voting by districts.

        Arturo Ferreras will represent ALL residents in Anaheim’s District 4 fairly.

        • My taxes being raised effects my quality of life. Being denied charter school access effects one’s quality of life. As the city grows, the budget needs to grow. The policies he supports do not increase the budget, they take from it. I’m all for putting more funds into neighborhoods, but you can’t use money you don’t have. People are already squeezed now, raising our taxes hurts people even more.
          Lastly, district elections mean your rep will truly only care about your needs, not all of Anaheim.

          • The People’s Map will ensure that each district will be represented. Each representative will bring the issues of their districts to the Anaheim City Council. The council will then vote on issues, with all areas represented, something never done before, by the people, for the people.

          • They affect all lives. Respectfully said,if we stop giving money to business entities that do not need need it, and charge them accordingly we would have more revenue to work with. We need base our decision making on what is in the best interest of our community. Arturo Ferreras, in District 4, will represent all enitites, both residential and commecial, with what is in the best interest of the City of Anaheim’s residents. All people.

            • Your group self inflicts poverty. No one is taking general funds from your group. Stop destroying Anaheim’s neighborhoods with graffiti vandalism and gangbanging. Clean up your group’s impovershed mindset and filthy environment.

            • Marie,
              The hotel policy is exactly what puts money into the general fund to pay for neighborhood projects. All of the things you want done in your community cost money. So you need good businesses to bring in the revenue. So if you don’t like incentives to attract those revenue generating businesses, what is your game plan? How do you plan on generating more revenue for the city?

  8. It is all about the best interest of the community at heart.

    • No Marie, the Jose F Moreno group excludes African Americans, Japanese, Vietnamese and many others because their strategy is to turn California into Mexico. My Mexican friends in Mexico do not want Mexico to be the United States and my Mexican friends in California do not want California to be Mexico. Only your group Marie is promoting that the United States stole this territory from Mexico and are planning to take it back through graffiti vandalism and political means.

  9. What do you facts do you base that comment on?

    • I know people in your group and I am very familiar with many of your tactics. I also have friends, Mexican, Guatemalan and Caucasian, who report to me. You are a racist group and if you don’t finish what I started by removing the remainder of your murderous graffiti vandals and gangbangers from Anaheim then I will start the process to have your group labeled a terrorist group. So I suggest you get together with your lovely Socialist leader Jose F Moreno and remove all remaining gang members from Anaheim immediately. Stop blaming everyone else for your lack of ethics and horrible parenting.

      • “…who always says that Jose is a practitioner of racial politics. It’s the other way around”

        First, don’t blame me for JRR.

        Second, your statement is deeply dishonest. Moreno’s politics, his world-view are infused with racial and ethnic identity politics. That much is crystal clear from his public statements, his writings, even his profession. Claiming otherwise is to propound a lie.

        He and his cohorts believe democratic representation is a function of race; that voting rights are group, rather than individual rights. Their claims to the contrary are belied by their own words and actions.

        • Amigo blano aka Robert Walsh aka Honestly aka every pro-Moreno commenter

          A profound lie? Really? Please lay out your exact evidence that supports your claim that Jose f. Moreno is a practitioner of racial politics and I will methodically debunk your flawed opinion.

      • “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background. or his religion.

        People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate. they can be taught to love. for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

        -Nelson Mandela

        I am saddened by these posts. I wish you all well. Peace be with you.

  10. You are either uninformed or typical cult follower of Jose F Moreno. Moreno did nothing to help when my Mexican friends and I annihilated the leaders of the Pauline, Eastside and Ponderosa street gangs. Moreno and his smug expression will catch up with him soon.

    • If one more 50 year old white man is shot to death, 50 year old black man stabbed in the spine or 9 year Hispanic girl shot to death by murderous graffiti vandals or gangbangers then you and Jose F Moreno will be packing your bags and leaving Anaheim.

      • So I guess you were lying when you said you actually did anything positive to help this community. It’s much easier to sit at home and type bs on a blog than get out do something about it. Now you obviously disagree with Jose and his approach. Through thousands of your of work with neighbors he is helping make anaheim a better place to live for all of us. While violent crime is down by 20 percent since Jose moved to Anaheim about 10 years ago, we still have much work to do. I look forward to seeing you give as much of your time as Jose has to assist in this endevor…..but kind of vet you will not do that – it is simply much easier to be a critic and keep promoting your prejuduced view points…you are a sad creature.

        • Tell your crime stats to the many dead.

          • “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion.

            People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

            -Nelson Mandela

            I am saddened by these posts. I wish you all well. Peace be with you.

            • “Marie” sounds like another youth “conscripted” by Moreno/Ruleas to do their dirty work.

              Mrs. Moreno was said to be passing out Halloween goodies at Westmont recently with a “VOTE FOR JOSE” message attached.

              I am all for FAIR AND SQUARE elections, but, Moreno and company pimping out children is disgusting.

  11. “One’s dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked, but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered.”
    ― Michael J. Fox

  12. say what?

  13. So based on todays Voice of OC article – Howard Ahmanson and Tom Tait are supporting three candidates that supporting making Anaheim a Sanctuary City!

    Anaheim will become the San Francisco of the south!

    This is outrageous….we know the Mayor has lost his mind – but now we see so many others have too.
    Stop Arturo Ferraras – Jose F Moreno and Mark Lopez!!

  14. It is absolutely truthful… Of course the truth never matters to people like you and the Donald. Just keep on promoting your biggoted the theories and when the facts don’t support you just call it all rigged.

    And for Matt, that was in interesting pivot. So will you stop calling him a race baiting leftist and just focus on the leftist part now?

  15. In Monday’s City Council Candidate Forum meeting, Dr. Moreno proclaimed that he wants to end Anaheim’s camping ban. He also complained that the real reason for the city building the dog parks was to push the homeless encampments out of the parks.

    Dr. Moreno has hung out to dry the leaders of GOALS and GOALS Academy. The staff and leaders of those two organizations are constantly struggling to try to create a safe environment for the kids on their campus.

    The leaders and staff are always patrolling the surroundings of the GOALS campus to clean up used hypodermic needles, feces, urine, broken beer bottles, discarded drug paraphernalia, discarded food and lots of other trash left by the transients. Often times, they find themselves having to deescalate confrontations with mentally ill and/or drug abusing transients.

    Dave Wilk has been fighting for years to turn that area (including La Palma Park) back into a hospitable environment for families and businesses. The city support for his efforts has been bipolar at best.

    I feel for the GOALS and GOALS Academy leadership because they are champions of Dr. Moreno. Their support for Dr. Moreno is due to the fact that GOALS Academy may not have ever received its charter if not for him.

    While Dr. Moreno did fight to get GOALS Academy established, it looks like the support from GOALS and GOALS Academy families means less to him than the support of the transient activist groups.

    He has also publicly shown his antagonism towards the concept of charter schools, even though he privately says that he still supports GOALS.

    When pressed about his supporting of GOALS Academy, he says that he supports grass roots formed charter schools but not corporate run charter schools. However, he rarely makes that distinction in public.

    I have trouble believing that he will continue supporting GOALS Academy if he continues receiving pressure from the powerful anti-charter cartel that has significant control over the Anaheim Elementary School District and is involved in his City Council Campaign.

    Hopefully, Dr. Moreno will reconsider what he said on Monday night and be willing to be more vocal about his support for GOALS Academy.

    It would be sad for the 240 children from predominantly Hispanic, working class families, if the enemies of GOALS Academy succeeded in shutting down the school because Dr. Moreno found it politically expedient to drop his support.

    • “When pressed about his supporting of GOALS Academy, he says that he supports grass roots formed charter schools but not corporate run charter schools. However, he rarely makes that distinction in public.”

      That’s because it is a phony distinction – a focus on means rather than ends. Who cares if it is “grass roots” versus “for-profit”? What matters is whether school kids are receiving the quality education to which they are entitled. Does Jose Moreno believe the profit motive somehow produces inferior results, when all evidence is to the contrary?

      It’s doubly phony because the traditional public school system is very profit-motivated on its own terms: charter schools are reviled because parents take their kids out of traditional schools and put them in charters. That takes money and children out of the control of the traditional public school system and its attendant unions. THAT is what the anti-charter agitators really can’t stand. Their pontificating and preening about “corporate” charters schools is propaganda.

      • There is a small group of charter school proponents that support only “grass roots” schools versus “corporation run” schools.

        Dr. Moreno is one of them (at least based on the conversation I had with him).

        The anti-charter agitators, closely aligned with Dr. Moreno in other areas, see no difference between a “grass roots” charter like GOALS Academy and others run by corporations. Those agitators see all charter schools as a threat to their power and their money.

        The irony is that the traditional public schools are supposed to be held by the same standards as charter public schools. The difference is that traditional public schools are given a wink, nod of the head and a “try better next time” when they fail to meet state standards. Charter schools get their charters rescinded.

        I am worried that Dr. Moreno’s support for even “grass roots” schools will falter because of the political pressure he receives from his closest allies.

  16. Thank you David for not making it about race. As I established earlier Dr. Moreno is fighting for the hard working people of Anaheim. Many feel powerless and intimidated by the political and governmental institutions that run any city. From day one he has incourraged his neighbors to challenge school disticts and the city council. Sadly most have stayed out of the political scene and it has been easy to ignore them.
    Lets not judge him on what ifs and loose associations or even close associations. Lets judge him what he has done. He has challenged the school districts to offer more programs like the dual language academies and when they were slow in listening he ran for and won a seat on the board. He has great respect for Dr. Debbie Schroder and fought for GOALS to get its charter. When our tax money is at stake it is simply irresponsible to give it away to unproven profiteers that will promise the world and leave town with our money while we pick up the pieces of the mess left behind.
    So don’t beilieve the hype. Believe the man and his record of service.

  17. I am a Democrat, I know Ambassador King has integrity.

  18. Family values escape Moreno. He tried to use his reputation, influence and title to reduce the sentence of his brother convicted against domestic violence. Maybe being too left has caused him not to value whats right that’s a disappointing family man

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