District 5: Mark Lopez – AnaheimBROS

Mark Lopez moved into Anaheim’s District 5 in April of this year. A few months earlier, he changed his party registration from No Party Preference to Republican.

However, a pattern has emerged in his choice of allies and supporters is making that switch seem puzzling.

In May, he joined a who’s who of local progressive political activists at the kick-off of leftist academic Jose Moreno’s Council District 3 campaign. Lopez explanation at the time: he’d been invited by Ryan Ruelas – a teachers union activist, soldier in the union’s war on charter schools and proponent of higher taxes – and went there in search of District 5 residents.

Here he is in July at the home of a Moreno supporter, with a group of Moreno supporters, listening to the Moreno expound on what he’ll do as a councilmember.

Two weeks ago, the Anaheim Union High School District organized a weekend rally to send walkers out into the neighborhoods to knock on doors and give residents upbeat reports on the state of education in AUHSD. Of course, there were politicians on hand to exploit the situation. Here’s Jose F. Moreno at the event, and mugging with the AnaheimBROS – the progressive Anaheim High School political club moderated by Ruelas that doubles as a source of precinct walkers for Moreno and his political allies:


Also there, wearing an AnaheimBROS t-shirt: Mark Lopez:


At the ACLU-sponsored candidate forum last week, Lopez said he was active with the AnaheimBROS. Again, that is a curious association for someone who stood before the Republican Party of Orange County and proclaimed himself a follower of Ron Paul. The aspect of AnaheimBROS pertaining “breaking negative stereotypes” is well and good, but its pretty obvious the club is primarily a vehicle for channeling teenage boys into progressive political activism.

This is the same club that used the Communist term “Politburo” to describe itself – until it was reported on by OC Daily, and posted videos of members regurgitating dishonest teachers union propaganda about charter schools and organize rallies to “reclaim Anaheim from racism”. The AnaheimBROS were active in the progressive/union/Democratic political project of shifting the city to by-district elections, and now are actively walking precincts for Moreno under the direction of Al Jabbar – Moreno’s campaign manager and an AUHSD trustees. They trust and look up to Moreno, who takes advantage of that to mislead them – for example, lying to them that Disney “Pays no taxes. Zero.” In this respect, these kids are being ill-served by their mentors.

Moreno, Jabbar, Ruelas, etc. are friends and political confederates who are on a mission to turn Anaheim into a Democratic stronghold – a Santa Ana with financial resources to harness to progressive purposes. Jabbar, Moreno and Ruelas are all leaders in the war on charter schools being conducted in Anaheim. These are true believers. They and their followers aren’t going to waste time helping elect a councilmember they believe will oppose their progressive agenda.

Conservative donor Howard Ahmanson’s political team is going to spend a huge sum of money on an independent expenditure effort on behalf of at least some of council candidates endorsed by Mayor Tom Tait. It remains to be seen if they’ll engage in de facto support of Tait-endorsed leftists like Moreno and Arturo Ferreras by attacking their principal opponents. However, Mark Lopez joined Team Tait after blowing himself up with the Anaheim business community via his associations with leftists like Moreno, Jabbar and Ruelas – an association that has since deepened.

Anyone active in politics knows we tend to associate with the like-minded, and help those we believe will advance our issues.  The embrace of Lopez by Ruelas, AnaheimBROS et al – and vice versa – ought to be of concern to those conservative activist who still think the right path forward in Anaheim is supporting Tom Tait’s candidate slate. They might want to take a step back and really think through the true political consequences of success.


  1. He has never been a Republican. It seems he’s nothing but another political opportunist embracing anyone who gives him cache. Not what Anaheim needs now or ever. Tait endorsing him is further proof he’s willing to be a puppet in exchange for a seat on the council. Sad times for our city!

  2. I have not seen the shameless manipulation of children used to this degree in a while.

    Dr. Moreno is using these kids as pawns. It’s terrible.

    • I get you…an essence you believe that stupid Mexican kids can’t think for themselves. Well fyi…they are American and their parents are smarter than you give them credit for.

      • Man oh man! Already calling me a racist? Boy! That really is the go to debate-shut-down tactic for you progressives isn’t it? Scratch a progressive, find a fascist.

        My point is that kids tend to believe the things that they are told by adults they trust. These young men trust Jose Moreno, and so they believe him when he tells them, for example, that Disney pays zero taxes. Why would they think he is misleading them?

        And when did I say they weren’t Americans? If you are not only a coward, but a liar, as well.

        • I never called you a racist. Interesting that you went there. I was referencing your paternalistic viewpoint that these young people are seemingly not capable of thinking for themselves. If you ever took the time to speak with these young men you might have more respect for their intellegence

          • Uh, yes you did, in so many words, when you falsely accused me of believing “Mexican” kids couldn’t think for themselves. I didn’t inject ethnicity into the discussion – you did.

            And I never said those boys aren’t intelligent. But if you don’t think adolescents are going to accept at face value things they are told by adults they trust – then you don’t know much.

            Come to think of it – you’re kind of a one-trick pony with your when-did-you-stop-beating-your-wife style of argument. You take issue with things I haven’t said.

            • actually “Oh Please” you used the words “stupid Mexican kids.” So by the rules of projection, it is you that thinks Mexican kids are stupid. They aren’t. But nice dodge.

        • It’s very ugly to put those words down and I understand why you don’t want to admit what your inner voice is saying….but it is. As white men that have been born into privilege you don’t get it but that doesn’t stop me from calling you out. Bottom line is that you just want to live in Orange and keep everything going along nice and easy for yourself with no concern for the hardship that minorities face…you are sadly ignorant

          • Privileged? Socialists self inflict poverty. Latinos in Anaheim are not “minorities” they are more than sixty percent of the population.

          • Enough of your condescending, ignorant, pseudo-psychological leftist BS, calling anyone who doesn’t subscribe to your impractical progressive schemes a racist. Transplant someone like you to a place like Cuba, and you’d be rounding up people like me at gunpoint and herding us off to re-education camps to acquire correct attitudes. Good grief – you don’t even have the nerve to be honest about your fascistic, Alinskyite tactics, let alone put your name to them.

          • Calling white men out because they were born white? Not every white person is born into privilege and I find that attitude racist to be honest with you. Spare me. And you still haven’t addressed the fact it was you calling Mexican kids stupid. Really? Just what would you like white people to do to help minorities overcome hardships? Get a clue: everyone has hardships that aren’t affected by race. Life hasn’t begun to screw with you yet and no one gets out alive.

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