VIDEO: District 5 Candidate Forum – Faessel and Angel Answer Questions

District 5 candidates Steve Faessel and Sandra Angel answered questions on a range of issue at the District 5 candidate forum organized by the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce and moderated by OC Taxpayers Association President Carolyn Cavecche.

The forum was held at the Jagerhaus restaurant on Ball Road. At least 50 people filled the meeting room to capacity – most of whom were not partisan supporters but regular voters.

Where were the other two candidates? Donna Acevedo-Nelson had originally accepted the invitation to participate, but withdrew two days before the forum.

According to the Anaheim Chamber, Mark Lopez – who moved into District 5 from Westminster five months ago — never responded to multiple attempts to contact him.

Here’s the video:



  1. Public Safety, #1 issue in District 5, said Candidate Steve Faessel. That’s a good start.

  2. Very informative for the District 5 voters.

    I wish the other candidates would have appeared. I recall Vern Nelson posting a comment on this blog about Ms. Acevedo looked forward to debating with Steve Faessel the topic of the Transient Occupancy Tax subsidy.

    Question for Matt Cunningham….

    Was there additional video of the event? This one cut out half way through Steve Faessel’s response to a question. I believe there were additional questions that the candidates needed to answer.

    If there was additional video, can it also be posted?


  3. I was curious to learn if Mayor Tait condones, his friends and sponsoered candidate Donna Nelson and her husband dressing up in costumes and paradying ones looks?

    Vern and his band of cronies dressed as Steven “Fester” Fassel. I don’t know what Fassel has done to Donna to deserve this, but, I near certain you’ll never Steve and his associates mocking Donna’s looks outside a fundraiser.

    The adolecent behavior of these folks is embarassing, is this what Anaheim wants to represent them.

    What does Jose say aboit this? What is somebody dressed in a sombrero and called him: Jose “Frito Bandito” Moreno because of his suave look?

    • Vern Nelson and Candidate Donna Acevedo Nelson are acting in that manner because they know Donna is a distant 3rd (maybe even 4th) in a two person race.

      It’s the only trick they have in their bag.

      Dr. Moreno doesn’t need to be dragged into this topic. There’s no need to provide a ‘How would you like it…’ response to such a childish act and “Frito Bandito” is a racially charged insult while “Fester” isn’t.

      The high road is all ours in District 5, let’s stick to it.

      • I would agree with most of what you said David.

        Except, Dr. Moreno, stands by SILENTLY while these characters continue this abhorrent behavior, he benefits from their support, and worse, plays the whole “race thing” better than most.

        “Frito Bandito” may be baiting, but Paul’s point is clear.

    • “Fester” was my silly idea, on one blog comment, inspired by the way Faessel turns out to be pronounced, which most people didn’t know till now.

      Nobody’s making fun of his appearance. Steve is a fine-looking man. But I do consider the ideology of shoveling back hundreds of millions of expected tax revenue to well-connected business interests that don’t need it to be somewhat vampiric, hence the masks my friends and I wore.

      • Plus, what’s Tait got to do with it? He endorsed Mark Lopez.

        • I don’t know, ask Henry Lipton, or whatever name Paul goes by these days.

          My take was this: your childish antics, will keep you and your well intentions, will restrict you and your wife from being taken seriously and/or elected. Somehow, I think you know this and that you are more comfortable being an “outsider” or an “agitator” as opposed to someone who desires to effect change.

          Your credibility is harmed with these stunts, I think you know that, but it provides you a level of cover. You are for sure a student of Greg Diamond University.

      • Right. Faessel sounds just like Fester? Calling him Fester has nothing to ridiculing a bald man by comparing him to the famously bald and creepy Uncle Fester from “The Munsters”? You ARE ridiculing his appearance. Bald-shaming from Mr. Conscientious. How progressive.

      • Vern, nice job drafting Donna’s debate answers for her Facebook page. Since I screen her text messages to me and occasional comments from her on the blog, that’s not her “voice” at all. Further proof if she gets elected, you and your pals will be de facto council members. But there is no way she wrote those answers.

        • Are you suggesting that Vern Nelson, would manipulate his wife for political gain?
          Certainly, someone of Vern’s level of credibility would stand out and shout: “I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS”. He would never allow Donna to be embarrassed like this.
          I only wish there was a fourm in which we could her speak, on her own, with out the puppet strings.

    • Would you prefer they dress up as Bonnie & Clyde?!

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