Anaheim in Wonderland: Tait Maxing Out To Moreno In Every Way

Flashback to 2012: the Republican Party of Orange County names Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait as its “Local Elected Official of the Year” – an honor bestowed to recognize noteworthiness in advancing the Republican cause:


Fast forward to the present day: the same Tom Tait is working hard to elect two hard-left Democrats – Jose F. Moreno and Arturo Ferreras – to the Anaheim City Council.

Last week, his company, Tait & Associates, gave both Moreno and Ferreras the maximum $1,900 contributions. On Tuesday, Tom and Julie Tait each donated $1,900 to Moreno’s campaign.  It’s guaranteed both campaigns will be sending out mailers to Republican voters in their respective districts, touting Tait’s endorsement. In Ferreras’ case, Tait will be his accomplice in trying to oust a GOP incumbent, Lucille Kring.  There is a distinct possibility that Tait family funds and those of wealthy conservative savings-and-loan heir Howard Ahmanson will fund an independent expenditure campaign to elect two candidates who adhere to a political philosophy against which Ahmanson and crew have spent their political lives fighting.

Given how completely he has thrown in with the progressives political take-over of Anaheim, the OC GOP’s lauding of the mayor back in 2012 is surreal – as if it was something that took place in an alternative universe. It was comical to hear an Endorsement Committee member waving it around and expressing disbelief that Kring in 2014 had dared to challenge “our Local Elected Official of the Year for 2012,” when the mayor is doing everything he can to move the city council firmly to the left and reverse Republican fortunes in Anaheim.


  1. Tait could shoot someone in the street and they would still support him. OCGOP has no focus or vision anymore beyond supporting their buddies. Moreno is riding in and the GOP is holding the door for a progressive era not just in Anaheim but all over the county. You have to applaud the liberals for getting a dupe like Tait to make it happen for them and to even spend his inherited wealth to fund their take over. Well played Moreno and co!

  2. Tom Tait is a traitor to the voters who supported his first term as Mayor.

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