Anaheim District 4: Who Is Arturo Ferreras-Querijero?

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Most of the focus on Anaheim’s District 4 contest has been on the incumbent, Mayor Pro Tem Lucille Kring, a conservative Republican. But what about her principal opponent, Fr. Arturo Ferreras-Querijero, who is comparatively unknown outside of progressive political circles.

Ferreras-Querijero is a registered Democrat whose politics can be fairly characterized as being on the far-left end of the political spectrum. He’s a former Roman Catholic priest who is now a priest of the Ecumenical Old Catholic Church, a dissident sect that broke from Rome in 1870 over the papal infallibility doctrine, and has since diverged sharply from the Catholic Church on issues such as Sacraments of marriage and Holy Orders.

Ferreras-Querijero is active in progressive political causes. He is an Orange County leader in CLUE (Clergy & Laity United for Economic Justice), a Religious Left political group. CLUE advocates for a range of left-wing causes. CLUE’s stances include:

  • Supporting Proposition 30 – Governor Jerry Brown’s $9 billion package of tax increases.
  • Actively participating in a campaign to unionize charter schools.
  • Joining the campaign by the giant government union AFSCME aimed at pressuring the UC Board of Regents to adopt the “living wage” requirement, which actually reduces the number of jobs and would impose costs on the UC system then would ultimately be passed on to students in the form of higher tuition. Here’s CLUE’s letter to the UC Regents, signed by dozens of progressive clergy – including Fr. Ferreras-Querijero.

Fr. Ferreras-Querijero was a vocal supporter of one of the most egregious anti-property rights, anti-business actions taken by a Orange County city council in memory: Anaheim’s forced “amortization” shutting down all existing short-term rentals less than 18 months from now. This was led by Mayor Tom Tait from the council dais, in coordination with the militant hotel workers union UNITE-HERE, its “community organizing” appendage OCCCORD and leftist activists like Ferreras-Querijero. The small businesses into which literally hundreds of individuals and families have invested their savings are being extinguished in order to advance the conjoined political agendas of Mayor Tait, UNITE-HERE and OCCORD.

He supports UNITE-HERE’s current campaign of political blackmail against a hotel developer; the union is trying to qualify a referendum on the city’s development agreements with the Wincome Group’s for the development of two 4-Diamond hotels. UNITE-HERE will drop the referendum if Wincome Group will require employees of those hotels to join the union. In a different setting, it would be called racketeering.

Here’s Fr. Ferreras-Querijero laughing it up with UNITE-HERE organizers:

arturo ferreras with UNITE HERE

No honest person believes this is a principled stand by UNITE-HERE, fighting for “letting the people decide.” Neither of Ferreras-Querijero’s big backers – UNITE-HERE and OCCORD – are opposed to using TOT tax rebates to attract luxury hotels. Wincome Group had signed a “labor peace agreement” with UNITE-HERE prior to approval of the TOT tax rebate agreement, there would be no referendum.

If Fr. Ferreras-Querijero is elected and forms part of a progressive council majority, long-time Anaheim watchers expect to see official council support for such union strong-arm tactics.

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  1. Oh Dear Lord! Fr. Arturo forces workers into Unions! That is a form of slavery. Workers being forced to pay money to Union Bosses is not acceptable! I used to work for Alpha Beta Supermarket and I quit a year later because I refuse to give my earnings away.

  2. Mr. Ferreras is a true representative of our district. Ms. Kring has her supporters however most of them are not living here.

  3. Cynthia Ward is in full Tait-stooge mode over at OJ Blog. She tries to deflect from Ferreras’ leftism. Somehow, because he wants clean water he’s NOT a leftist. It’s fun to watch the self-styled “truth teller” twist herself into a pretzel spinning on behalf of her beloved MAYOR TOM TAIT.

    Cynthia absolutely KNOWS Ferreras is a leftist. But she’s willing to lie for her team. What a joke.

  4. I think what the people that live in district 4 care about most is that Arturo will protect the property rights of homeowners that actually live in the area.

    To call him names and attack his character shows how desperate the money behind LK is getting.

    • Arturo raising taxes and shutting down private rentals is not protecting property rights!

    • So, you want the government to protect the property rights of some citizens but not of others, according to your subjective preferences. In other words, you favor arbitrary government.

      I haven’t called Fr. Ferreras names not attacked his character. I have stated that he is a leftist – which is true. Do you consider accurately describing his politics a character attack?

      • I want the government to protect the property rights of all homeowners. Residential areas need to be kept that way. These strs are hotels which belong in commercially zoned areas.

        As far as your attacks on Arturo Ferreras… I point to your headline “who is…?” sounds like some one to be feared. It looks like some your loyal customers have taken the bait. As JRR posted ” a foreign takeover of city council is violating the soverignty of Anaheim”

        • I want the government to protect the property rights of all homeowners. Residential areas need to be kept that way. These strs are hotels which belong in commercially zoned areas.

          As far as your attacks on Arturo Ferreras… I point to your headline “who is…?” sounds like some one to be feared. It looks like some your loyal customers have taken the bait. As JRR posted ” a foreign takeover of city council is violating the soverignty of Anaheim”

          • This is your over-active imagination at work. The headline poses the question who is because Ferreras is an unknown outside of progressive political activist circles. You are engaged in a typical progressive tactic of trying to silence a critic by claiming nefarious motives that do not exist.

          • Also, STRs are not hotels, just like a bed and breakfast is not a hotel. Neither is home sharing. A hotel is a hotel.

            I suppose you also want to outlaw people from telecommuting out of their homes. That is a business activity, not a residential one.

            Face facts: STRs were a legal and permitted use. People invested their savings into operating STRs, in accordance with city rules, relying on the promise of the city that this was a legal and permitted use.

            Then, rather than find a solution that accommodated everyone as much as possible, Mayor Tait – along with Ferreras and the hotel workers union and a vocal group of residents – have deprived those people of the legal use of their property. It is shameful and unjust.

            • Matt – some of your pals on city council voted for this STR shutdown. Tait is on vote.

              • I know that, Jason. Do you support the draconian STR amortization? I think it was awful and unjust.

                The ban – which was actually more of a cap – would have been a reasonable compromise as part of a larger effort to unwind the mess and deal with nuisance STRs.

                But Tom Tait was not interested in a reasonable compromised. He sided with the passions of a very vocal group of residents from one part of the city, and the hotel workers union (involved for their own self-interested reasons). He was the leader on the city-side to out those owners out of business. It was unjust, immoderate and made a mockery of all the rhetoric about “freedom and kindness” and making Anaheim a place where government gives people room “to make their dreams come true.”

          • “I want the government to protect the property rights of all homeowners.”

            That is patently false. You have already stated your support for abridging the property rights of a certain group of homeowners.

    • Well said. It is about protecting who actually lives in District 4, rather than those “homeowners” that just own a home to make money off the home’s proximity to Disneyland. Those that live in District 4 should have a say in regard to their environment. It is our home. Arturo Ferreras seeks to protect the rights of the citizens residing in District 4.

      • I did not realize that a person’s property rights are diminished if they do not actually reside on the property they own. Do you have more property rights than someone who owns a commercial building or a restaurant or an apartment building?

        • You were discussing property rights, as in homes. I believe that individuals are registered to vote in the area, or as in Anaheim’s case, the district that they reside in. So in a sense yes, if you are a voting resident of District 4, than yes, you have more rights as a homeowner. Now, with this election the people residing in their respective districts will all have more rights within their districts. Arturo Ferreras will represent District 4 fairly and most importantly transparently.

          • I wasn’t talking about voting rights, but property rights. Why do an STR owner’s property rights count for less than yours? Why is it OK for the city to make it a legal to operate an STR, license it, tax it, require the operator to follow specific rules – and shortly after the owner makes a major investment in the STR, the city does an about-face and puts the owner out of business in response to organized political pressure? You’re OK with using governmental power in that way?

          • “So in a sense yes, if you are a voting resident of District 4, than yes, you have more rights as a homeowner.

            You’re rights as a property owner aren’t contingent on whether you vote in every election, in no elections, or are not eligible to vote (say, in the case of a green-card holder). Certainly, voting has an impact on whether one if governed by officials who respect property rights or are more responsive to immediate, organized political pressure. But the nature of the property right, it’s reality, is independent of the frequency with which people exercise the franchise.

          • “Arturo Ferreras will represent District 4 fairly and most importantly transparently.”

            I think he is a sincere man, and the he sincerely believes his political progressivism – which depends on aggrandizing government power — is the proper expression of his personal Christianity. But he is sincerely wrong. His politics are inherently unfair and unjust. And I do not believe he is any particular exemplar of transparency. His claim to be a “non-profit director” is a ludicrous. His last minute excuse for backing out of his commitment to attend the Anaheim Chamber’s District 4 candidate forum was also ludicrous: the event for which he bailed on the candidate forum started two hours prior to the candidate forum. There was no real time conflict.

            • Ferraras is not a sincere candidate for democracy and his groups’ goal is to give control of California back to Mexico under the demented argument that the United States stole this territory during the Treaty of Hidalgo. Ferraras’ Socialist leader Jose F Moreno interferes with law enforcement eliminating muderous graffiti vandals and gangbangers as their crime is viewed as a form of territorial acquisition and supplements the takeover.

  5. For the people that bought houses and condominiums in a residential area — these strs have ruined the quiet residential neighborhoods that they once enjoyed. Protecting the investment that small homeowners made should trump the few large $ investors that want to purchase votes on the council.

    • No, your gangbangers have ruined the quiet neighborhoods!

      • I wonder why you say “your gangbangers” ?? Perhaps you could clarify?

        The fact is that gangs are active in anaheim and eliminating gang activity is a shared goal of pretty much everyone ( except those in a gang) the question is how to do it.

        Jrr, Lucille Kring, Tony rackaukus and Donald trump all apply tactics that overgeneralize and actually do more same than good. There is a market for stereotyping and fear mongering. Hopefully the voters choose a different path.

        • Robert g- interesting commentary… You seem to lump all STR owners in one category and supported a tactic that essentially over generalized them. So why is that tactic ok for you but not trump, t rack or Kring? Perhaps you have more in common with them than you thought…..

        • Robert g despises private rentals, silent on murderous graffiti vandals and gamgbangers. Supporting territorial acquisition through graffiti vandalism and foreign takeover of city council is violating Soverignty of Anaheim.

        • You’re quick with the specifics-free broad brush; and yet offer no solutions of your own.

        • In a video interview a couple of weeks ago, Jose F. Moreno said the Anaheim PD just needs to start foot patrols of these areas and then they’ll see that they’re “all good kids.” Do you agree it is that simple, Robert Bob?

    • Robert Bob: like other anti-STR absolutists, you present a false choice of doing nothing and eradicating all STRs. Noise and nuisance issues can be solved. Forcing all those people out of business was wrong, unjust and totally unnecessary.

      When an STR becomes a long-term rental, and the renters are loud and obnoxious and don’t care if they’re bothering you, what will you do then? They have far more legal rights than a vacationing family? Will you then seek to ban long-term rentals? How about sober-living homes? They can go in right next door to you by right, as long as there are 6 or fewer people living there? Or converting them to some other protecting non-residential use?

      STR owners will need to find someway to protect and recover their investment (many of them invested their education or retirement savings); you’ll only have your extremism and short-sightedness to blame if you don’t much like the alternatives.

  6. And raising taxes? Where did you get that?

    • Fr. Ferreras is very active in a Religious Left group called CLUE. Maybe you should do what I have done and actually research his politics and affiliations, and you would have an accurate understanding of the kinds of policies he would support as a Councilmember.

      • Notice the lengths I have to go to post. When I make “the man” look bad he erases my comments and posts his one sided paid for propaganda.

        I have not been rude. Not once.

        I would like you to share with everyone where to see the interview because I believe that the more people that are and speak with Dr. Moreno the more they will like him. Your strategy of scaring people only works if you keep the booty man in the dark.
        Also you said that I have an overactive imagination and I am impoying typical progressive tactics of claiming nefarious motives that don’t exist. Really? Its not nefarious when it’s said that “my gangbangers have ruined the neighborhood” not nefarious when Ferreras is told to “go to Cuba and give your papa Fidel his last rights. Not nefarious when people with brown skin are said to be attempting a “foreign takeover of Anaheim”???? Come on man? Who is being malicious?

  7. The first two fake e-mail names were created by me. Not the second two which are much more vulgar. I apologize for the obsenity even though I never intended for anyone else to see it – that was bad judgement on my part.

  8. Man I thought I had cornered the market on fake democrat names.

    Let me take another bong hit and call Greg to get “legal advise”


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