Find Your Council District And Other Cool Info With City of Anaheim’s Interactive Map

On the City of Anaheim – on the City Clerk’s page, to be specific – there is a cool interactive map that makes it simple for residents to figure out in which council district they live.  This comes in handy since this is the first time Anaheim voters are electing their council via by-district elections, and it’s a certainty many Anaheimers aren’t fully cognizant or aware of the new electoral regime.

interactive_map feature AB

You can also check off additional boxes to display nearby parks, schools, libraries, police beats, land-use designations, school district boundaries, historic districts, etc.

It’s a powerful and simple-to-use tool.


  1. There’s also Andy’s Map…

    This tool allows a user to get info on the different building permit applications in the city.

  2. Also check out Jose F Moreno’s map of AnaMexico!

  3. Vote for the candidate who has the best interest of the community at heart. Vote Arturo Ferreras for Anaheim’s District 4 City Councilman.

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