District 1: Denise Barnes On Streetcar, STRs But Not Quite On Hotel Incentive Policy

Here’s video of District 1 candidate Denise Barnes at this week’s Anaheim Republican Assembly candidate forum, answering the total of two questions that were posed to the 11 council candidates. The questions were allegedly selected at random. Barnes is the hand-picked candidate of Mayor Tom Tait, part of his quest to obtain a council majority for this last two years in office.

The first question was a two-parter asking candidates their stances on the proposed streetcar system connecting the Resort District with ARTIC and on the TOT tax rebate to attract luxury hotels to the Resort District. In the hands of moderator David Flores, the question quickly degenerated into “Your position on the streetcar luxury tax.”

Barnes answered the first part but not the second part (apologies for the grainy quality due to a technical issue beyond my control; the shakiness is my fault):

The second question put to the candidates asked their stance on the recent council action to ban additional Short Term Rentals and force existing ones to shut-down within 18 months:

Mind you, STRs are not atop-of-mind issue for voters in Districts 3 and 4, let alone District 1.


  1. Patrick Alexander

    What is she on? She seems a bit mentally strange.

  2. Actually strs are probably the number one concern in district 4 as well as district 3.

  3. Wow she makes me think of herbs….is this woman really the mayor’s selection?

    • It makes sense. Barnes knows nothing about city government, is unqualified for the job and you can see she doesn’t think for herself. She’ll be totally dependent on Tom Tait and Mishal Montgomery to tell her what to do. Mishal Montgomery will pick Barnes’ council assistant and pull the strings like a puppeteer.

  4. Wow. Is this the best Tait can do for a candidate?

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