District 5: New GOPer Mark Lopez Requested Democrat Ballot In 2008 and 2012 Presidential Primaries

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Anaheim has elected its city council at-large — meaning all voters vote on all candidates — since its incorporation in 1857. This November will be Anaheim’s first experience with by-district elections, the result of a California Voting Rights Act lawsuit brought by progressive Democrat and two-time council candidate Jose F. Moreno, buttressed by a well-funded, well-organized political campaign orchestrated by progressive unions and interest groups.

Anaheim’s city council has been expanded from four to six members, and four districts are on the November ballot: Districts 1, 3, 4 and 5. The outcome of these races we’ll decide which of the battling political factions controls the council of OC’s biggest city for the next two years. OC Daily is profiling those races, starting east and moving westward. Today, we’ll look at District 5.

District 5 map

District 5 is bounded the last outpost of the flatlands before Anaheim ascends into the Hills.  There are 19,651 voters in 10,850 households, with homeowners out-numbering renters almost 2-to-1. 71.9% of District 5 voters are U.S.-born, and 56.8% are permanent vote-by-mail (VBM) voters.

The partisan breakdown:

  • 43% Democrat
  • 29.6% Republican
  • 25.3% No Party Preference

District 5 is a Latino-plurality district in which 43.3% of the registered voters are Latinos.

The Candidates
There are ____ candidates who either pulled nomination papers or filed candidate intention to run paperwork with the City Clerk. We’ll start with the most credible and work our way down.

Faessel med

Steve Faessel

Steve Faessel is generally viewed as the front-runner.  Faessel is a conservative Republican and recently-retired small businessman who has lived in Anaheim his entire life – and in what is District 5 for 41 years. He has authored several books on Anaheim history, and served on more city commissions and civic and community organization boards than one can shake a stick at, including the significant time on the Planning Commission and currently as chairman of the Budget, Investment and Technology Committee and Anaheim’s representative of the Metropolitan Water District Board of Directors.

In 2013, Faessel successfully led resident opposition to the OC Water District’s plan to lease the Ball Road Basin as the site for a power plant.

Faessel has been endorsed by Mayor Pro Tem Lucille Kring, Councilwoman Kris Murray, former Councilmembers Shirley McCracken and Gail Eastman, and a slew of other Anaheim community and business leaders.

As of June 30, Faessel reported raising $43,875 (including a $25,000 personal loan) and spending $5208.01 with an ending cash balance of $38,666.98.  Faessel’s campaign consultant is veteran consultant Dennis Desnoo.


Mark Lopez

Mark Lopez
Lopez is deputy chief of staff to 4th District Supervisor Shawn Nelson, who represents most of District 5 on the Board of Supervisors. He is in his early 30s and the District 5 member of Mayor Tom Tait’s slate of council candidates.

Lopez grew up in what is now Anaheim’s District 4, moved to Westminster in 2012, and returned to Anaheim this spring, moving into District 5 about three months ago and filing candidate papers shortly thereafter.

Lopez changed his voter registration to Republican in January of this year; prior to that he was a No Party Preference voter since 2004, and was a Republican from 2002 to 2004.

In February 2008, Lopez requested the Democratic presidential primary ballot – meaning he would have voted for either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

Lopez also requested the Democratic primary ballot in June 0f 2008, but in June 2010 requested a Republican primary ballot.

For the 2012 presidential primary election – when President Obama was running for re-election – Lopez also requested the Democratic ballot.

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  1. Looks like our choice boils down to a life-long Anaheimer who’s passionate about the community, and a young, ambitious shape-shifter.

    I’m disturbed that Lopez, as Supervisor Nelson’s staffer, was part of sticking that 200-bed homeless shelter next to our neighborhood.

  2. How many pesos has Candidate Lopez raised?!

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