City Council Approves Three 4-Diamond Hotels Amidst The Usual Drama

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On Tuesday, the Anaheim City Council voted 3-1 to approve three new 4-Diamond hotels that when completed will mark the most dramatic transformation of the Anaheim Resort since the opening of California Adventure.

Two of hotels will go up on the sites of existing hotels,, which will be demolished. The third is being built by Disney – only the second hotel it has built in the Resort (the other being the Grand Californian Hotel). All three are expected to be completed in two years.

What Was Approved
The Disney project (as yet unnamed) will be approximately 700-rooms on a 10-acre section of the Downtown Disney parking lot. The $624.7 million project will create 5,050 construction jobs and 1,150 permanent jobs, the large majority of which will be full-time.

The other two hotels are being built by the Hong Kong-based Wincome Group. One is a 580-room, 8-story hotel on the 8.8 acre site currently occupied by the 55-year old Anaheim Plaza Hotel & Suites – which will be torn down. It will cost an $330.7 million and generate 1,970 temporary construction jobs and 470 mostly full-time permanent jobs.

The other will be built where the 358-room, 3-star Ana Bella Hotel now stands: a $306 million, 634-room 4-Diamond hotel that will generate 1,968 construction jobs and 514 permanent jobs.

anaheim plaza comparison

All three projects were approved for participation in Anaheim’s Hotel Incentive Program, under which the hotel owner receives tax rebate equal to 70% of the annual transient occupancy tax (TOT) tax for a term of 20 years. Of the remainder, 20% goes to pay Resort District bond debt and 10% goes into the general fund.

No 4-Diamond hotel has been built in Anaheim in more than 15 years, The program was created in 2015 to incentivize their construction; none of these projects would have been brought forward absent to TOT tax rebate program.

During the 20-year term of these agreements:

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  1. Larry Herschler

    Great, the rich get richer and Anaheim residents won’t be able to afford these new hotels. These hotels would have come anyway. The Jobss will mostly be maids and service jobs and the employees won’t be able to afford the price either.A wonderful give away to rich corporations. Oh well, best wishes to them. Hope all these jobs really occur. And remember most won’t go to Anaheim residents

    • Hi Larry, if rich got poor, who will hire maids?!

    • Larry – You’re right, wealthy build and create jobs. Who takes those jobs has no bearing on where people live. To suggest there should be an association is ludicrous, given the cars on 91frwy commuting everyday from inland empire and elsewhere. And you are right, most jobs will not be service oriented. FYI: years back business men and women knew future jobs were going to be tied to service industry, as manufacturing and tech jobs leave America for self-created reasons. Its sad you can’t see how wealth business people gambling though investment in build such projects creates jobs for all sorts of white and blue collar people, therefore keeping those people working, moreover out of the homeless ranks. I may be wrong, but sounds as if you’re not in either category and or just down on people that benefit. Maybe its time to rethink.

  2. I learned more about what actually happened from this article then anything else including all the hype and spinning that was going on. The people I hang with and myself steadfastly don’t agree with the City Council’s decision or that this was a good thing for the people but at least now we know the specific background details of what was going on and can find it cleanly laid out in one spot. Thanks.

  3. Currently Anaheim has plenty of worn down old Hotels in that area. Rebuilding is a great idea
    otherwise travelers won’t come here but go to Orlando.

  4. Revitalization of any community should be a leadership priority, especially large and heavily populated city’s such as Anaheim. I understand some people fight tooth and nail against expansion and or change, but it still must be done. We can’t let Anaheim grow old and tattered in areas where visitors frequent. Besides, a great many local people have invested their life’s earnings in homes and businesses. Anaheim needs to be presentable on the world stage and provide as many jobs to residents and surrounding citizens as possible. Who ever was behind bringing the above hotel investors to Anaheim, not only showed leadership, but proved to be a fiscal asset to our city.

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