Martin Lopez Out In District 4; Ferreras Joins Tait Slate

Rev. Arturo Ferrera speaking at a Justice for Janitors rally.

Rev. Arturo Ferrera speaking at a Justice for Janitors rally.

According to multiple sources over the last couple of weeks, Martin Lopez, an officer of the militant UNITE-HERE hotel workers union, has decided not to run for the Council District 4 seat. Although he never filed candidacy papers, The left-wing political activist had made it clear this spring that he planned to challenge Councilwoman Lucille Kring for the seat.

That leaves Rev. Arturo Ferreras, Joe Moreno and Robert Williams as the remaining challengers to Kring.

Ferraras, a Democrat, is a priest at St. Matthew’s Ecumenical Catholic Church in Orange who is active in various left-wing political causes in Orange County. He is a regular speaker at Anaheim City Council meetings when the UNITE-HERE/OCCORD/OCCCO confederation is mobilizing on an issue.

According to several sources, Rev. Ferreras claimed the support of Mayor Tom Tait when speaking at Los Amigos de Orange County earlier this month. That would round-out the 2016 version of the Tait Slate for city council:

District 1: Denise Barnes

District 3: Jose F. Moreno

District 4: Rev. Arturo Ferreras

District 5: Mark Lopez

The politics of Jose F. Moreno and Arturo Ferrera are squarely in line with those of democratic socialist Bernie Sanders (and probably a little to the left of him in some instances). If elected, they would easily be the most left-wing local elected officials in Orange County.


  1. How far to left is Jordan Brandeman? He supports half a billion in corporate welfare.

    • Hi Bill, are wages earned by union workers paid to union bosses Corporate Welfare?!

      • No Jimmy that would not be a good analogy. Unions do not have “bosses” we have elected leaders that get paid to advocate on our behalf. Some our money goes to lobbying which is viewed of “leftist” on this site by MC who is a lobbyist for the man.

        • “Bill,” thank you for filling everyone in a little more on your background; we were unaware of your union membership. Are you a UNITE-HERE member? I believe that is the only union I have described (accurately) to as leftist on this blog.

          I do not view lobbying as “leftist” or conservative or being of any particular philosophical coloration. But people and organizations can and do lobby for leftist causes and positions, which UNITE-HERE, for example, often does.

          Furthermore, I am not a “lobbyist for the man.”

          Now, if you have run out of red herrings and ad hominem arguments, you might consider engaging in genuine discussion and debate.

  2. Bill-
    Luckily the OCTA came to their senses and pretty much killed the Anaheim streetcar deal. Ridiculous to expect the residents of Anaheim to pay 300 mil+ for a streetcar to nowhere- oh yea, a streetcar to Disney’s door.

    • Are you against the cost or do you object that any transit system to move people within the Resort District will benefit Disney? The former is an area where reasonable people can disagree (although streetcar opponents often prefer ad hominem attacks against anyone supporting the street car). If it’s the latter, then you would have to also oppose Mayor Tait’s bus alternative. Both are intended to relieve traffic congestion in the Resort, which benefits Disney (and every other business in the Resort). As such, it is still an indirect subsidy for Disney, isn’t it? if you are going to be consistent, should you oppose any public funding for Resort District transit?

      If you’re against indirect or direct public subsidies for a private entity, then it shouldn’t matter whether the price tag is large or small – you’d oppose it on principle. If it’s a disagreement over cost, then you’re Disney bashing is phony populist rhetoric meant to whip up emotions and cloud reasonable discussion.

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