UPDATED: Jose Moreno Kick-Off Fundraiser: The Usual Leftist Suspects..And Some Fellow Travelers

Jose F. Moreno, the vessel for progressive dreams of taking control of an Anaheim City Council that has been in GOP hands for decades, held a kick-off fundraiser at his home this afternoon. Moreno is chairman of the Chicano Studies Department at Cal State Long Beach and a leftist who practices the politics of racial identity and grievance.

The fundraiser was attended by the usual leftist suspects like close political allies like Ryan Ruelas, Al Jabbar and Julio Perez – plus non-leftist supporters like Tom Tait, the Republican Mayor of Anaheim.


Julio Perez, the executive director of the Orange County Central Labor Council; and Ryan Ruelas, teachers unions acticist and Anaheim City School District (ACSD) Board of Education trustee. Ruelas is one of the ACSD trustees fighting the Palm Lane parents attempt to convert their school to charter status.

ruelas cole

Ruelas and fellow ACSD Board of Education member Jeff Cole. Cole is a vehement opponent of charter schools. Like Ruelas, he opposes the Palm Lane parents; they both voted to spend more than $500,000 in tax dollars to continue litigating against those parents.



Al Jabbar (on the left), Anaheim Union High School District (AUHSD) trustee, government union activist, and Moreno’s campaign manager. On the right is Oscar Reyes, the name author of the so-called “People’s Map” of council districts successfully pushed into adoption by the same left-wing coalition now backing Moreno for council. The man in the middle is Alfonso Rodriquez, a teacher at Anaheim High School and one of the union representatives there.


UNITE-HERE Local 11 official and District 4 candidate Martin Lopez with fellow members of the militant hotel workers union, along the former state Sen. Joe Dunn (on the right), who is running as the left-progressive favorite in the CD46 race.


Mike Matsuda, the left-wing superintendent of the Anaheim Union High School District. Moreno backed the controversial appointment of his ally to the position 2014; since then (and the appointment of Jabbar to the AUHSD Board), the district has declared war on charter schools.


On the right is Gretchen Shoemaker, owner of Georgia’s Restaurant in the Anaheim Packing House. Shoemaker has spoken at Anaheim City Council meetings against economic assistance agreements such as the Hotel Incentive Policy, but apparently has no philosophical issue with the massive city subsidies that made the possible the success of the Packing House – and therefore of her business.

chuchua michaels

Members of the leftist academic’s Republican auxiliary: Brian Chuchua and Victoria Michaels. While purporting to be the collective conservative conscience of Anaheim, these Anahem Republican Assembly members are supporting a democratic socialist for city council of Orange County’s largest, most important city.



Mark Lopez is pictured here at the Moreno campaign kick-off with Ryan Ruelas and Al Jabbar. Lopez is running for Anaheim City Council in District 5. He is a Republican and deputy chief of staff to 4th District Supervisor Shawn Nelson. The question is why is he at the campaign kick-off of arguably the most left-wing political candidate in Orange County?

UPDATED (5-2-16): I spoke with Mark Lopez a short time ago. He told me he has not endorsed Jose Moreno, and wasn’t going to endorse Moreno. He had spoken to Ryan Ruelas last week about the possibility of Ruelas running in District 5 (the answer was Ruelas wasn’t going to run), and during the conversation the ACSD trustee invited Lopez to the kick-off event. Lopez said he’s trying to spend more team meeting the public; he went by in case there were any District 5 people and was there for about 20 minutes.


Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait. The mayor has become a political ally of Moreno, Jabbar and company. He led the effort from the council dais for Jabbar’s demand that the AUHSD be given a permanent share of the city’s budget. He unofficially supported Moreno’s 2014 council candidacy and is widely expected to openly support Moreno’s candidacy.

Moreno, Jabbar, Ruelas et al are close friends and ideological allies who are part of an organized, ongoing, well-funded political project to enthrone a progressive political power structure at all levels of government in Anaheim and central OC.  It’s like they make a secret of it. What’s amazing is the extent to which Orange County Republicans leaders remain oblivious or indifferent to it — or worse, are actively assisting the Left in this enterprise.


  1. Talk about “useful idiots” …….

  2. This is very disturbing. Look at those pictures! Young people, old people, gay people, brown people, black people, white people, republican people.

    So that’s what racial politic looks like.

    How about you post a set pictures of a party in Jordies back yard? Nope not going to happen for two reasons:
    1. Only old white people will show up
    2. Not needed any because Disney gives him a blank check

  3. Darn it… I forgot to mention the Asians, Jews, Christians and what for it…. Yep Muslims were there too! Like I said this has be very unsettling for you Matt.

  4. In almost every post or reference that you make on this blog you portray Jose as racially devisive.

    In reality Jose is very inclusive and can work with people from all camps. Your pictures demonstrate what a broad base of support he has. Thank you!

    So no party at Jordies?

    • He practices racial identity politics, which is inherently divisive. The legal-political campaign for council districts was about treating citizens differently according to the race and ethnicity – in fact, that REDUCES people to being, first and foremost, members of a racial or ethnic group. It’s premised on dividing us by skin color and ancestry. Good grief – Moreno was publicly disputing whether Lorri Galloway was a “real” Latina based on her bloodlines.

      You look at the photos and only see various complexions, and pronounce it “diverse.” But beyond that skin-deep diversity is uniformity of opinion – a shared commitment to progressive political orthodoxy.

    • Sick of Politics

      Moreno has spent the past few years being racially divisive. He has made it clear that he only cares about Latinos. And only Latinos that think like him. Ask the Palm Lane Parents how they feel about him. The Latino population that have different views are attacked as “not real Latinos” or worse. Non Latinos are deemed racist. Now, all the sudden in 2016 he is claiming that he cares about all of Anaheim. You’ll have to forgive that I have a hard time buying it. An Anaheim representative needs to care about ALL of Anaheim, not just one group. Moreno cries for diversity, but doesn’t embrace diversity of thought. He attacks it.

      • Reality Is . . .

        Please. The only thing attacking diversity of thought in Anaheim is this website.

        Leftist ho!

      • Based on my personal experience, I respectfully disagree with your conclusions.

        I think that his kick off shows that people of all races and views are friends. I have never heard him call people not real Latinos or worse and I have been at many Los amigos meetings.

        • I guess you missed the city council meeting when Moreno, during public comments, disputed Lorri Galloway saying she is Latina.

          Ah – the wonderful world that ethnic studies, racial bean counting and ethnic identity politics has bequeathed us!

  5. You say it… Spin it…. Twist it all you want but it’s not true. The pictures and broad support proves that Jose is respected from people with different views and backgrounds.

    Even those who believe in corporate welfare could be friends, but since he won’t be voting for them I guess you could say that he is a Marxist leftist if ivory tower elitist to yawl.

    • I’m not spinning anything. On the contrary, that’s what you’re engaged in. You’re trying pass off race, sex, age – things over which we have not control – as “diversity.” But when it comes to matters over which there is a choice – ideas, beliefs, actions – the prevailing condition is uniformity. The ideological spectrum present among the attendees runs from liberal to radical.

  6. Reality Is . . .

    Nothing better to do with your Sunday? Write up a hit piece using stolen Facebook photos?

  7. Most disturbing attendee to the Moreno kickoff is Mark Lopez. He is deputy cos to supervisor shawn Nelson. He purports to be a republican….even sought the Lincoln club support last month. But never told the Lincoln club committee hat he supports jose Moreno. What a fraud!!

    • A fraud, or a human being that has different ideological beliefs on some issues but can respect the fact that Jose cares deeply about Anaheim and has proven it with over a decade of community service.

      You see Matt would like to label everyone, but we don’t have to. We can listen and do what’s best for Anaheim

      • Did I say Moreno doesn’t care about Anaheim? I’ve no doubt he does. Liberals like Lyndon Johnson cared deeply about ending poverty when they launched the a Great Society, but the practical result of translating their caring into policy was to wreak havoc on the poor and freeze the poverty level in place.

        It doesn’t really matter how much a politician “cares” if their policy prescriptions are wrong-headed and make thing worse.

        • Thank you for recognizing Jose and his work in the community. My response was primarily to Kevin who was disappointed that a republican would attend an event and show any willingness to work someone who is not lock step with you view. While Jose disagrees with mayor Tait on many issues, they are able to respect each other. It is quite refreshing in our polarized political environment to see such an inclusive public servent.

          • it’s one thing to work on a specific issue of mutual interest with adherents of a fundamentally different world view. It’s quite another to advance them into a position to implement that worldview across the board as policies.

            For example, conservatives should work with liberals and leftists to enact civil asset forfeiture reform – but that doesn’t mean we should help elect liberals and leftists to higher office where they can pursue their broader agenda. It’s mind boggling to see Republicans trying to elect a radical to the city council of the largest, most important city in Orange County. I hope at some point they’ll have a Colonel Nicholson moment and snap out of it.

      • “Labels,” as you call them – such as conservative, liberal, Republican, Democrat – give voters a good handle on what a candidate believes.

        In my experience, when politicians and/or their supporters object to “labels” it is because their political views and philosophy will be unpopular with most voters.

        • The “Labels” that I’m referring to are derogatory and inflammatory not to mention inaccurate. I have no objection to the descriptions that you listed in your most recent post. What is highly objectionable is when people label conservatives as wackos, not jobs, racisist, elitiest, and the like. Or democrats are labeled as Marxists, communists, leftists etc. it reminds me of Joseph McCarthy.

          • “Leftist” isn’t derogatory, at least not in the way you’re trying to make it. It is an accurate description of Moreno’s political philosophy. He makes no secret of his leftism.

  8. Stand For Anaheim

    This is concerning for many reasons but the two that stick out is 1) Tait is there. OCGOP- stop defending this fraud. He is trying to elect a liberal Dem and turn the council over. Pull your heads out WILL YOU? 2) Mark Lopez is there. Huge mistake for a carpetbagger and first time candidate who is trying to tout himself as a republican candidate. Perhaps he has made a deal with Tait. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  9. Why do we have to avoid each other. Just because somebody attends a kick off doesn’t mean that you have to agree with every view that person has.

    Like Matt said, Jose has been a good volunteer in the city for a long time so it’s not a crime recognize that.

    I hope the Lincoln club invites me to a bbq.. I would certainly go and listen

    • Don’t put words in my mouth. What I said was I’m sure Moreno cares about his community.

      Why would someone attend a campaign kick-off if they didn’t support that person’s candidacy?

      • Fair enough. We are taking baby steps toward mutual respect and kindness.

        Why attend? Open bar, tacos, enchiladas… Listen to each other? Maybe the same folks will be at Jordan’s BBQ. When is it?

        • Sick of Politics

          We shouldn’t have to avoid one another- I agree with you on this point. We should also be able to foster an environment where we can discuss our views civilly. We have lost that.

  10. Julio Perez. Has there ever been a more ineffectual labor leader in OC? Wonder if he was able to ask Tait why he votes against city labor contracts. Uninspiring and tone deaf to the voters. Keep losing Julio. Wish you could be fired but you’re union.

  11. Wow.

    If your goal, Mr. Cunningham, was to use found Facebook photos to illustrate the fact that your corrupt bipartisan clique has succeeded in creating unusual, and beautiful, alliances between Anaheimers of vastly different political ideologies, races, and social backgrounds, then well done!

    Was this supposed to make your dozen fans fretful, or scornful?

    • Vern, just snap out of it and return to reality. Do you really think that endlessly – and falsely – calling people “corrupt” actually makes it true? Sometimes I think you just get caught in employing florid language for its own sake – like a politician who likes hearing the sound of his own voice? But I’m starting to think you really believe the BS you shovel out.

      There is virtually no ideological diversity among the people in those photos. It’s a collection of leftists. It’s groupthink.

      Why does it bother you for people to see this is just another phase in the ongoing progressive political program to take over Anaheim city government?

      • “virtually no ideological diversity among the people in those photos. It’s a collection of leftists.”

        WTF? No ideological diversity between Mayor Tom, Jose, Julio, the two Veronicas, Brian…

        Well obviously you are never party to our arguments. So soldier on!

        And “fellow travelers.” You are really enjoying trying out the McCarthy stuff, aren’t you? All these white Republicans are traitors eager to sell us out to the dastardly Mexican Soviets!

        • A general range of radical left to mildly left. What diversity. Tom Tait is a token here, an outlier, in terms of political philosophy.

          And leave it to you to resort to those trusty lefty devices to shutting the unprogressive up: inject race into the conversation, call them racists and yell “McCarthy tactics!” for good measure. How very unremarkable.

          • Reality Is . . .

            Actually, the reality is your presentation of stolen photos presents exactly the lens you want it to present, which is just sad.

            You weren’t there. You don’t know who was there. You have absolutely no idea how diverse the collection of views or is not.

            We, on the other hand, know exactly how broad and diverse your prejudice is.

            • “Stolen photos”? Good grief. At least aim for credibility and truthfulness.

              Some attendees took photos at the kick-off for the express purpose of publicly sharing them. A couple of sources, unsolicited, downloaded them and sent them to me.

              How exactly can I “steal” publicly posted photos that were sent to me? That’s right – I can’t. Before you accuse someone else of not knowing what they’re talking about, you might try applying that standard to yourself.

              And from these and other photos that were sent to me, I have an excellent idea of who was there. And judging from the political ideas and positions publicly expressed by these folks, it’s clear they are squarely on the left end of the political spectrum.

              It’s revealing how much consternation is caused by identifying leftists as such.

            • Oh look! Our favorite posturing hypocrite is back!

              R is totally cool with his Orange Juice buddies doing what he’s blasting Matt for, but should we expect anything better from this holier-than-thou clown?

        • “Why does it bother you for people to see this is just another phase in the ongoing progressive political program to take over Anaheim city government?”

          There’s another gem now that I re-read it. It’s of course meant to communicate with a little Cunningham snicker, “Oh, am I making you uncomfortable by shining a light on you and your friends?”

          Best way I can respond, dude: Anaheim hasn’t been run by CONSERVATIVES in all the decades I know of. It’s been run by thieves and scoundrels of both parties. Conservatives like Tait Vanderbilt Chuchua, progressives like Moreno Lopez et al, any would be huge progress for this town.

          And you need to stop using all the old scarecrow cliches from your Young Republican days. I’m surprised you’re still getting paid. Up your game.

          • Thank you for responding by not really responding, Vern – albeit with your patented nastiness.

          • God love you for simple blogger, Vern. But Tait and Chuchua aren’t conservatives. Tait been a dupe for the lefties. Yeah, he’s a good vote on pensions, but that’s lost in the wash because when it comes to the big picture for the liberal-Left – taking over the city council – Tom has been their MVP. There’s nothing conservative about helping progressives take control of City Hall so they can enact policies that conservatives oppose. Even you can figure that out.

            And Chuchua? Poor Brian just wants to belong. Jeez – last year he supported BOTH Young Kim AND Sharon Quirk-Silva. A tower of principle, that man!

            • Oh yeah: there’s Tom Tait’s furious fight against making it HARDER to raise taxes, or asking the Lincoln Club to back off helping the Palm Lane parents get their charter school. That’s a conservative for you.

            • Interesting. Based on this logic, the last Mayoral election would indicate that Anaheim is about 75% “liberal.”

          • So this post, by Vern Nelson, was less than 30 days after his FIFTH FELONY DUI.

            What really went on with Vern, Tait and the Anna Drive crew, during this time?

            If someone downloaded VPN’s comments, actions and arrest records……

  12. George Caldwell

    I think Vern has illustrated an excellent point. The coalition of Brandeman Murray and Kring is connected by their big money backers.

    Your pictures show a very diverse group of people is uniting against the mouse and other political insiders that get special welfare privileges.

    • Is that right, George? Who are “their big money backers”? How much “big money”? What “special welfare privileges” are Disney and “other political insiders” getting? And who are these “other political insiders”?

      And where is this diversity you and Vern insists exists among Moreno’s backers? You and Herr Nelson and “Roberto” – oh wait, you and “Roberto” are the same person – can chant that word all you like, but it doesn’t make this cadre of leftist activists diverse.

    • Also…George Caldwell/Roberto/Juan/Walter Coombs/Wow, Really? (I’ll omit you’re real name, with which you started out)…please pick an online ID and stick with it, instead of continually changing names to create the impression your opinions are representative of more than yourself.

  13. If you want the list of who attended, there is no need to stalk facebook pages. Ask Jordan, who spent his Sunday afternoon frantically texting and calling those in attendance, whining about how they could “betray” him. This included a plaintive wail to someone running for office who is being opposed by a Brandman supported candidate. It’s OK in Jordan’s mind to run an opponent against someone, but that person isn’t supposed to support the candidate running against Brandman? Yeah, pot does need to call kettle.

    All of these people DO have something in common. They are friends of Jose Moreno. One does not have to support his candidacy to show up and offer him moral support as a friend, which I honestly considered doing, without writing a check or endorsing.

    The other thing these people have in common is absolute terror at the thought of 4 more years of Jordan’s increasingly erratic, disjointed, and juvenile behavior on the Council. Following Murray’s bizarre Resolution last meeting, we saw Brandman come right out and admit to what he has been tap dancing around for 2 years. That he has been acting in a retaliatory manner, using public resources to get his revenge on those on the high school and elementary school boards that he honestly believes have gotten in the way of his “campaign platform” (entirely unknown to the world if one relies on Jordan’s campaign communications) to complete the non-plan of the La Palma Park expansion, as if this has become the Holy Grail of public projects. Look at every time Jordan has brought up the La Palma park expansion during completely unrelated Council votes, he is telling us he is voting against or for something based on his power to use a Council seat to get back at the education crowd.

    He honestly believes the high school district declined to spend their limited bond funds to build new stadiums at La Palma park, despite some “long standing agreement” to do so, an agreement that exists only in his mind. He went on to state the elementary school board dropped the GOALS charter school into the middle of the La Palma park expansion on purpose and without consulting the City, as an up yours to him. Thus he feels perfectly justified in voting as a Council member, not on what is best for the City, but what is best positioned to stick it to those who likely had no idea Jordan was trying to implement some “master plan” that staff told the parks commission doesn’t actually exist, one that was never authorized by any vote of the City Council. ever in history.

    Brandman and Murray then went on to play-act the final demise of the Tennis Center’s “event space” and the related improvements that greatly exceed the original agreement, which has been hijacking funding and final approvals for the Wagner House restoration to move forward.They claimed they never knew we were granting MILLIONS in public benefits beyond what was contractually obligated, and Brandman feigned any knowledge that the tennis center had not ALWAYS been run by private contractors. The last time that issue came up at Council, I gave them this info and gave them the copies of the contracts asking them to do their jobs and read them for themselves. Clearly they didn’t bother. Why do their jobs when they can simply throw staff under the bus and move on?

    So while you rip into those who are getting behind Moreno, keep in mind that the only viable District 3 candidates so far are Moreno and Brandman, and thanks to Brandman’s own bizarre and possibly unhinged behavior at public meetings, a lot of people think “the leftist” looks pretty good in comparison. If a grassroots campaign is to succeed against the buckets of money Brandman has pulled in during past efforts, it is understandable that folks won’t wait for a late filing, and end of behind the 8 ball.

    I can’t blame people for getting behind Moreno in order to block another term of Brandman, who is not only willing to make public policy decisions based on potential for vengeance against enemies in an imaginary war taking place almost entirely inside Brandman’s head, but he openly announces he is doing it, just in case we missed prior references, because he wants everyone to know what a Machiavellian genius he is. I have to say blocking Brandman takes higher priority than shutting out a “leftist” who still needs to get 3 other votes before turning us over as a territory of Cuba. Given Brandman’s clearly fragile and diminishing grasp of reality, the best thing that can happen is to get Brandman out of the spotlight, and out of the pressure cooker, so he can resolve whatever it is he is dealing with.

    I am personally sitting it out until filing closes, I have to because of obligations to organizations whose rules I abide by. But if it comes down to Brandman v Moreno, every voter I know in the 3rd District, including the Republicans, will vote for Moreno. Some will do so reluctantly due to his admittedly left leaning views, but even those who question Moreno’s political views don’t question Moreno’s mental balance, and a whole lot of people are questioning Brandman’s. Now go ahead and hammer me for being mean and vindictive, completely overlooking the evidence that Brandman has not only handed us, but called our attention to, in a clear plea for help.

  14. Cynthia: going forward, would you consider serializing your comments as multi-part series published over several days for those of us who can’t block out an afternoon to both read your comment and then try figuring out what the hell point(s) you’re trying to make?

  15. Another installment of: “Your crazy, sick, unstable and a double-crossing SOB Brandon, But, I am Christian and support you (not politically of course) and love you. Part of my being a loving good Cristian is to share with the world details of our PRIVATE relationship, sprinkling in a not so subtle attack against your Mother, God Bless Her! It’s just that I no longer agree with you, therefore, THERE MUST BE SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU” Coming your way soon courtesy of Cynthia.

    Stay tuned for next weeks description of Octogenarian Brian Chachua’s BRAVERY and selflessness driving…..wait for it…………….A JEEP over some rocks in a far-flung place, now that’s American, that’s BRAVERY and (Cynthia’s version of a real CONSERVITIVE.

    Go feed the dogs Cynthia.

    • The dogs are fed, thanks for your concern. Now when did I slam his MOTHER? Mara is off limits, that is just plain humane, and not only would I not use her as a weapon, I did not know her other than by reputation and Jordan’s frequent comparisons of us. Beyond that I have no experience to reference, why would I go there, and why would YOU?

      As far as Jordan, I love the kid who used to call me “Big Sis” and I miss the guy i thought he was. It makes it hard to be incredibly pissed at the person he became. but it does not make it impossible, and Jordan works hard at it. I believed him to be a better person than the petty dictator he wants to be. Go figure.

  16. “Ryan, get off those damn blogs and get to work, I’m not gonna tell you again”

    “Sorry, Daddy, I promise, I’m almost done. Besides, I am using a fake name again,even though Greg says thats what cowards and liars do. Just one more comment Daddy and then I’ll get back to work”.

    “By the way Daddy, can I have a raise?”

    • Dan Chmielewski

      That’s pretty funny.

      NLRB guidance on lawful social media policies and work rules is less than clear (and arguably contradictory at times), but, what we do know is that to comply with the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), employers must:

      •Clearly and specifically communicate organization, legal, and regulatory rules to employees, executives, independent contractors and others working on behalf of the company;
      •Provide employees with a clear understanding of what constitutes appropriate, acceptable, and lawful business behavior; and
      •Help employers demonstrate that the company is committed to operating a business environment in a straight-forward and NLRA-compliant manner.

      With those guidelines in mind, here are some best practices for drafting NLRA compliant social media policies:
      1.Set forth the goals of the policy. State the goals the company intends to achieve. Advise employees of their right to use social media while providing a clear understanding of prohibited social media activity.
      2.Use specific and clear language. Do not use general, broad, or vague prohibitions against certain conduct that could be interpreted as intent to chill protected activities.
      3.Define key concepts and terms. Provide definitions of key terms either within the text of the policy or in a glossary section. Consider defining such terms as “confidential data,” “trade secrets,” and “customer information.”
      4.Use plain English. Skip the confusing legalese, sophisticated technical terms, acronyms, and abbreviations. If you must use such terms, add the terms or acronyms to the glossary or define them in the body of the policy.
      5.Provide specific examples of prohibited conduct. The context of a social media policy or work rule is key to determining its lawfulness. By providing a list of specific examples of unacceptable behavior, statements, and activities, an employee can more easily understand the type of activity prohibited under the policy.
      6.Do not restrict more than necessary. Overbroad policies not only decrease employee morale, but could expose a company to liability for chilling its employees’ protected rights. For example, a policy prohibiting the use of social media on company property would most likely violate an employee’s right to discuss terms and conditions of employment with other employees on non-work time and in non-work areas.
      7.Do not prohibit employees from identifying themselves with the company. Employees have a protected right to use the company name and logo while engaged in protected concerted activity.
      8.Advise employees of the employer’s right to monitor them. If you monitor your employees’ online activity at work, the social media policy should advise them accordingly.
      9.Tailor the policy to your company. There is no “one size fits all” social media policy. You should tailor your policy to the specific needs of your company. For example, if your company has trade secrets, or it is subject to HIPAA laws and regulations, then ensure that your policy prohibits employees from posting that type of sensitive information on any social media platform.
      10.Do not rely on savings clauses. The NLRB routinely determines that a savings clause, which states that no rule contained within the policy is intended to prohibit protected activity, is insufficient to cure ambiguities and overbroad work rules and policies. A better practice is to use limiting language within specific rules to make clear that the particular rule is not intended to limit protected rights.

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