Reclaim Anaheim From Whom?

stop racismThis past Saturday, the student political activist club operated by school board member and political activist Ryan Ruelas held an event they called “Reclaiming Our City: A Youth Conference About Ending Racism.”

Reclaiming it from whom? The half-a-dozen pathetic Ku Klux Klan members who in late February drove up to Pearson Park, late for their own “rally”? They were out-numbered and immediately set upon by amped-up “antifas” (self-proclaimed anti-fascists) who proceeded to beat them up.

And none of the Klan members were even from Anaheim. The “antifas” were nearly all from out-of-town, too.

No matter. Progressives of all ages need to believe racism is pervasive. That need is as central to their existence as oxygen is necessary to breathing. America has made enormous progress in a couple generations. Racism’s ebbing from American life provokes a bizarre need in the Left to find racism – somewhere, anywhere. Denizens of the Left continue defining down racism down to the point where university campuses are roiled with the vicious, petty totalitarianism of “trigger warnings” and shutting down any speech not in accordance with the prevailing progressive orthodoxy.

So it isn’t surprising that Anaheim’s energized Left morphs what was an out-of-the-norm incident involving a handful of out-of-town racists into a crisis demanding action to reclaim Anaheim from the racism!

As the AnaheimBROS event was billed on Facebook:

For almost 2 months, the Anaheim Bros as well as other concerned students from Anaheim High School, have been developing a conference to put an end to racism in the beautiful city of Anaheim. In the month of February, a racist rally took place at Pearson Park, a place located near our own school, in which violence erupted. This event caused our city of Anaheim to be portrayed in a negative image, one which we know is not true. We need to reclaim our city and its image as the city of kindness! We need to work together as one and put an end to racism and these stereotypes that were developed about our city. Please join us and the other students who helped piece this conference together; it’d be much appreciated. Our voices need to be heard! ‪#‎ReclaimingAnaheim‬

Really? Has the non-stop “City of Kindness” campaign been so weak and ineffective that more than five years of waging kindness 24/7 is undone by a single slug fest between between two lunatic fringes? Where is the racism in Anaheim? Examples? In which district does it reside? Who are its purveyors?

Does that really matter? The act of opposing racism is the thing…even if there isn’t really much to oppose. And apparently the AnaheimBROS conference was successful, per this post from their Facebook page:

Anaheimbros 4-18-16 FB post on anti-racism rally

Yes, that is Joe Dunn, liberal Democratic candidate for the 46th Congressional District, speaking to the students:

joe dunn 4-16-16 anti-racism rally

Also taking turns at the microphone were leftist Democratic candidate for CD46, Bao Nguyen:

bao nguyen anaheimbros 4-16-16

And Sharon Quirk-Silva, liberal Democratic candidate for Assembly District 65:

sharon quirk-silva anaheimbros 4-16-16

And leftist Democratic candidate for Anaheim City Council (District 3), Jose F. Moreno:

jose moreno anti-racism Anaheimbros 4-16-16


And Moreno’s campaign manager, AUHSD Trustee Al Jabbar:

al jabbar maybe

Here’s liberal Democratic candidate for Anaheim’s District 5, Ana R. Martinez:

ana martinez


What are the odds that most of the speakers were left-liberal Democratic candidates and political allies? Were any conservatives or Republicans or even centrist Democrats invited? And should the Anaheim Union High School District really be in the business of allowing school property and resources to be used for a thinly-veiled volunteer recruitment event for political candidates? That’s mostly a rhetorical question, given the increasingly political (in a left-ward direction) bent of the AUHSD since the hiring of Superintendent Michael Matsuda and the appointment of Al Jabbar (Moreno’s campaign manager) to the Board of Education.

None of what I’m writing in any way diminishes the evil of racism. It is morally wrong.  At the same time, it does more harm than good to act as if it is endemic – and even worse to indoctrinate young minds in the belief America is a racist country. Is there racism in America? Of course. There are 318 million people in this country. It’s inescapable. Is it epidemic? Not even close. Quite the opposite, in fact.

But if progressives are searching for a way to end what racism does exist, a good start would be ending their insistence that we be judged, classified and organized as members of this or that racial or ethnic group.  “We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst,” wrote C.S. Lewis. By the same token, progressives insist people think in racial terms and are shocked to find racists in our midst.


  1. Sick of Politics

    Great points Matt.
    How can public tax dollars be used in this manner?

    • I have the same question. Thought it was illegal to use public facilities for political purposes. Do they claim this event to be a discussion on policy and not politics? And were any Republican elected officials or leaders even invited to provide balance to this left wing indoctrination of our youth?

  2. It’s time to engage the ACLU to sue the district over the misuse of public funds for clear campaigning and violation of state law! Matsuda is destroying this district by allowing indoctrination and recruitment on his campus to occur. Were any non candidates of any party invited to speak? Was there even a pretense of balance to the program? Very sad for the students and parents should be furious.

    • Hahahaah, who said the ACLU was ever on the side of American citizens??? They are always at the border, quick as lightening, when they feel the rights of the “undocumented” need to be protected from the citizens…LOL

  3. It’s not lost on me that Joe Dunn’s main contributor (and personal lawyer) is Mark Geragos, the guy who unsuccessfully defended Michael Jackson, Scott Peterson (killed his pregnant wife, MG blamed a roving gang of Mexicans) and others. While Correa has the Law Enforcement support (save the CHP who has a unique relationship with Joe Dunn from an incident when he was a State Senator).

    Joe Dunn playing the race card is predictable.

    These guys should be ashamed of themselves, schools in Anaheim are among the worst in the state, and the talk race, not math and reading. Must be nice to be a millionaire lawyer in Floral Park pretending your one of the “people”.

    • Exactly. We can’t have teachers down there volunteering their time introducing students to these rich and powerful people. These kids might get the wrong idea and think they have some sort of future. I just wish they would have all stayed home and played video games.

  4. All great points. We better something about this quickly, because if those people start voting, we are all skrewed!

  5. I think most of your comments have missed the point. Racism is not as big an issue as in the past. However, did any of you attend this event or are you just looking at pictures and making general statements. I did not attend, nor had I heard of it until the Blog covered it. I hope that some of you actually went to the event and then are able to make comments. If none of you attended, your comments mean nothing. I do look forward to hearing from all of you and that you were actually at the event. Educating students and having folks speak to them is part of the educational process. Or did none of you ever have a politician come to your school and speak. You have a right to your own opinions, most of which are negative. Again, please let me know if any of you actually attended this meeting.

    • Hi Larry! Is Jose F. Moreno still prancing through the halls at Anaheim High School brainwashing students into believing the white man is denying Latinos an education?!

      • This has been going on since the late 1960’s. Nothing new at all, except the massive change of demographics, illegally done, which now gives hispanic/Mexican activists more POWER!! POWER, is the name of the game. Too bad the democrat party convinced people about multi-culturalism, instead of assimilation. You’re never gonna have assimilation when you have Lavanderia’s, Carniceria’s, etc.etc. Right? Sorry about the spelling…..but, again, I studied and learned English….I do know another language, but it’s not popular in California..LOL

  6. Paula Smitherson

    Oh please Larry,
    Just like Kris Murray and Lucille Kring always point out, the Anaheim kids are horrible students. There is no learning going on down there. Matsuda and Jabbar only care about getting these little anchor babies to register as dem’s so they can take my tax money for free candy

    • What a ridiculous statement. Site one example where Kring and Murray disparaged Anaheim students. And Jabbar and Matsuda have repeatedly used the district for political events. This is just one example.

  7. I hate it when I agree with you.

  8. With African Americans and Latinos making up 30% of the U.S. overall population and 60 % of the prison population, we have a societal problem.

    If you believe that we are all created equal….Then wealth, college education, prison numbers and other benchmarks should not be so skewed in favor of whites.

    You might find it obscene that people of color are being singled out for special attention in an attempt to motivate and inspire them to share in our great country.

    However I find it obscene that this website advocates denial of an obvious problem.

    • Sick of Politics

      They aren’t motivated on their own? Or by their parents? Is it incumbent upon taxpayers?
      I think it’s obscene that you’re essentially saying that certain groups of people lack the ability and motivation to succeed unless the government intervenes. Wow, really?

    • Are you saying these societal issues are the result of racism? That African Americans and Latinos make up a disproportionate percentage of the prison population because of the color of their skin?

      Are honestly going to boil everything down to race?

      I was going to say that say it is “obscene” for you to label as obscene disagreement with your views – but stupid and close-minded are more apt descriptions.

      • It’s the typical cop out. People in prison are usually there, regardless of race, because they violated societies laws. Not rules, laws. That’s more serious. Every judge and cop knows it. It’s easier to claim discrimination, however.

    • To paraphrase Greg: “Why would you need to remain anonymous to post this?”

      Is it appropriate to call you “just another leftist coward”

    • You don’t want equal opportunity, which you already have, you want equal outcomes, which no one can have. It’s the classic communist argument. PEACE.

  9. Of course they are motivated. That’s why they were down there on a Saturday. And the teachers didn’t get paid either.

    I’m sick of people like you not understanding. You might not be aware of this, but these kids don’t have a rich dad to take a small million dollar loan from.

  10. Sick of Politics

    I didn’t have a rich dad to give me a million dollar loan either. In fact, I don’t know anyone personally who does. I would gather that most Anaheim residents didn’t receive million dollar loans from their family. What does that have to do with the issue at hand?
    First you say that certain groups need motivation, then you contradict it by saying of course they are motivated. Second, this was an event at a local high school labeled as reclaiming Anaheim. From whom? With speakers who are all conveniently Democrats AND running for local office. Right, that doesn’t look odd or anything. Did they invite the other people that are running in those races? Did they invite any Republicans? Sure looks like a candidate event to me.
    Second, I don’t believe in special treatment. I believe in equal treatment.
    Third, I understand just fine. I JUST DON’T SEE THE ISSUE THE WAY YOU DO. Just because a person disagrees with you doesn’t mean they don’t understand.
    So if a public school held an event with only Republican candidates in attendance, you’d find no issue with it?

    • I didn’t have the million dollar loan either… That comment was something called satire.

      In my first post I said that I believe it is appropriate and motivational for our youth to attend such events… I was responding not only your inane comments but others on this piece of crap site. Calling our students anchor babies and failures.

      This event was open to the public and repubicans could have come. The point was unity and empowerment. The event did not cost any taxpayer money, just a lot of caring people willing to reach out and share ideas.

      Republicans are always welcome at our schools and we have hosted them recently.

      • And yet, somehow, it was only the same coterie of leftist activist politicians who showed up. Amazing how it worked out that way.

        I’ll ask again: are you blaming racism for those issues you brought up in your comments? If the concern is about greater opportunities for Anaheim students to achieve earned success, then why spend a day talking about “reclaiming Anaheim from racism” – which presupposes that Anaheim is in the grip of racism. I don’t think any reasonable person could honestly make that claim, so perhaps these students could use more mature and reasoned guidance.

        And if overcoming socio-economic disadvantages and I order to achieve earned success as adults is the goal, then why not bring in speakers who have already walked that path? Surely they could offer better advice than a parade of speakers who either work for the government or work for a union that represents government workers.

        • Simple, because no one who has “walked that path” was pandering for votes from an uninformed, unmotivated electorate.

          Got rally them up some how, what better way than telling them they are opressed and discrimimated against?

      • “The point was unity and empowerment.”

        What exactly does that mean in the context of this event? Progressives have a penchant for using buzzwords like those. They’re banal, cliche and overused but inoffensive to the average person – but I can’t help think they have a more specific meaning to the progressive ear. Unity for what purpose? Directed toward what? Empowerment to do what?

      • B.S. Republicans don’t play racial politics, that’s the democrat party, for whom race politics is the “breath of life”. They have successfully convinced people it’s Republicans who talk race 24/7. Nope!! All Republicans care about, at least all the ones I’ve ever known, is money and they don’t particularly care who has it. It just that Republicans also believe in U.S. borders and the importance of them, just like Mexico does. The democrats would sell out everyone and everything for another vote. LOL

  11. nope… Didn’t say that.

    So how do you explain it?

  12. This was nothing but a liberal campaign event disguised as a symposium on racism – why else were all of the speakers liberal candidates. Give us a break on the program being about bettering kids. It was about recruiting them to work on the campaigns of Moreno, Dunn, Quirk Silva. Their parents should be upset with the district for the blatant manipulation of their sons and daughters.

    • Richard Smitherson

      Thank you for bringing this to light. These people are clearly uninformed and uneducated. The last thing we need is for them to register vote and possibly talk their parents into voting. It’s sad but they simply don’t have the necessities to make these complex decisions. We have always taken good care of them and now they are trying to bite the hand that feeds them. Let’s put a stop to this so they can go back to lighting their stupid little candles.

      • I just watched my daughter present her TED talk at cal state Fullerton.

        I’m sorry that your ignorance leads you to make so many mean and insensitive comments, but I couldn’t be happier with my child’s education.

        With hundreds of students up on stage all morning presenting on p21 and sustainability issues, our students demonstrated what a quality education they are earning.

  13. So let’s review:
    The student’s at Anaheim High School sponsor a youth conference about ending racism. The flyer says “everyone’s invited” even though not one person commenting on this thread chose to go to event, certain assumptions have been made let me review them:
    1. Children in the AUHSD need interpreters
    2. The people of Anaheim are better served if “those kids” just stayed home and played video games
    3. Voters of Anaheim are better served when “those people” go back to lighting their stupid candles
    4. Anyone who reaches out to “those people” is pandering to an “uninformed and unmotivated electorate”
    5. The children and families of the AUHSD are all”anchor babies” and since they are incapable of thinking for themselves will all register democratic
    6. “Don’t have the necessities” to make complex decisions
    7. And from your fearless leader Matt. The students could benefit from “more mature and reasoned” guidance.”

    Matt is right about the fact that the old school tactics of the KKK are not as pervasive. But the amazing lack of respect for the challenges our families face, the clear view that brown people need the paternalistic guidance from people who know what’s best for them and the community is racist.

  14. Richard Smitherson

    There it is… The race card. I knew it was coming. Excuses, excuses!!!!

  15. Come on. Much of the Mexican community know they have come into this nation illegally and are now blaming racism when people point it out, like Donald Trump for instance. Honesty in California politics??? Don’t make me laugh…..

  16. Ah Bobby… How did your community get here?

    Most in the Mexican American community were born here.

    Bottom line is Kris Murray could give a rip about the little people down in the flat lands. She is just really not very smart. This was an attempt to position helself for her next run for office but it backfired.

    What a waste of our time

    • I agree. She is like so many other B.S. artists who enter politics. No ideals, no sense of right or wrong. She knows the demographics is changing in Anaheim big time, and she is just protecting her job by pandering to the Mexican community. LOL Not rocket science, but definitely despicable on her part…

    • Actually I’ll tell you the God honest truth about how I got here. My parents filed “immigration papers” and were legally allowed to enter.. PEACE.

  17. Reclaiming Anaheim. Who’s gonna reclaim Anaheim, the Germans for whom it was named after?? They’ve moved on…LOL

  18. reclaiming Anaheim from the people that share views like you. Views that are not based in fact, but based on a deep seeded belief that newer immigrants are inferior to you.

    Factually, most Anaheim residents were born in this country or their parents were born here.

    Factually, people with names that appear to be “Mexican-American or African American get their resumes tossed at a higher percentage than people with “white” names.

    Factually, people with brown skin and black skin get punished longer than white people even when the crimes are exactly the same.

    Factually, there is racism. It may be scary that “those people” are starting to empower themselves, but it’s actually good for our economy and city.

  19. Factually racism comes in all colors and even whites have experienced it. I have. Like I said, your thinking is a bit inverted, a bit behind the times…lol

    • I know this will be a challenge for you, but one example does not equal all.

      So sorry you experienced a very hurtful case of racism and the whole world really hurts for you.

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