Council Elections 2016: Steve Chavez Lodge Files To Run In District 1

District 1 Map

Public affairs executive Steve Chavez Lodge, a retired Santa Ana police officer, has filed to run for Anaheim City Council in District 1, which is thew westernmost of the six, newly-minted council districts (see map above).

Lodge ran unsuccessfully for council in 2012, finishing fifth:

2012 Council results


Lodge has remained active in Anaheim and county civic affairs, serving on the city’s Budget, Investment and Technology Committee (appointed by Mayor Pro Tem Lucille Kring) and the Orange County Waste Management Commission (appointed by Supervisor Todd Spitzer).  He ran a robust campaign in 2012, raising and spending approximately $74,000; he was also the beneficiary of significant independent expenditure support.

There’s every reason to believe those resources will be there in support of Lodge’s 2016 bid. While by-district elections advocates are fond of claiming they’re a boon to grass-roots campaigning, the other side of the coin is they magnify the impact of a full campaign warchest: $74,000 goes a lot farther communicating with District 1’s 19,000 registered voters than Anaheim’s city-wide universe of 124,000 voters. A less resources candidate’s ability to off-set that advantage by walking precincts is limited if the better-resourced candidate is also knocking on doors.

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  1. Be careful who’s doors you knock on…there’s still quite a few gangbangers out there!

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