Radicals Raise Almost $30,000 For Legal Defense of Instigators of Brawl with KKK

29000 for antifa thugs

Last week, an anti-police group called “Copwatch Santa Ana” set up an online legal defense fund to raise money for the instigators of the last month’s street brawl with three Ku Klux Klan members that resulted in three people being stabbed and 13 people being arrested.

As of this writing, the “Donate to Antifas who stood up to KKK in Anaheim!” has raised $29,558 from 1,045 contributors.

Nice lesson for street radicals looking to start trouble in Anaheim: beat people up because you disagree with their (loathsome) views, and your fellwo revolutionaries will not only cheer you on with salutes of “solidarity!” but they’ll contribute tens of thousands of dollars for your legal defense if you’re lawbreaking leads to arrest.

Click here and scroll down the comments from oh-so-articulate radicals around the world congratulating these thugs.

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