Tom Tait and Jose Moreno Headline Pro-Districts Panel Talk

Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait and Dr. Jose F. Moreno (leftist academic and would-be Anaheim councilmember) will be the featured members on a panel tomorrow night sponsored by the Arab-American Civic Council to discuss the impact of the recently adopted council districts map and sequencing. Joining them on the panel will be Mirvette Judeh.

The panel is entitled “We The People’s Map: the New Voting Districts Map and Moving Forward with Strength in Diversity and Equal Representation in Anaheim.” and is described as a discussion of what the map and sequencing “means for the city and how it could shape the future of Anaheim.” This sounds like progressive-speak for “planning the next phase in the progressive Democratic plan to win control of the Anaheim City Council.”

AACC districting panel med


All three panelists were active collaborators in the left-wing coalition that has been pushing by-district elections in Anaheim since 2012. Tait has been the leading council cheerleader for the efforts by UNITE-HERE, OCCORD, Moreno and other left-wing political interests groups and activists to make race the central organizing principle of elected representation and re-jigger Anaheim election rules to make more likely the election of councilmembers of a leftish persuasion.  Moreno was a leader of that coalition: suing the city to force the imposition of by-district council elections without a city-wide vote, articulating a racialist view of representative government (and running for city council in 2014 with the mayor’s tacit support).

Mirvette Judeh was a regular pro-districting speaker at council meetings; recently, she compared this political campaign for by-district elections to Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott. A number of other pro-district speakers also made this ludicrous comparison, which is typical of the Left’s tendency to trivialize the heroic civil rights struggles of the 1950s and 1960s to casting new progressive political objectives as “the civil rights issue of our time/generation.”

In short, this panel looks more like a planning and recruitment rally than a candid panel discussion of the pros and cons. Will there be any discussion of what it means for Anaheim to elevate the race and ethnicity of winning and losing candidates as a criteria for judging the “legitimacy” of an election? Will they talk about how the lack of a run-off system could very well result in Anaheim having councilmembers for whom a majority of their constituents did not vote?  Perhaps a discussion of exactly how by-districts elections will now produce the acceleration of city services these very people promised to voters in exchange for their support for Measures L and M?

Probably not.

Radical Union Celebrates Council Districts Win
In the meantime, UNITE-HERE organizers have been passing this out in Anaheim hotels where they represent staff – a flyer celebrating their win with a photo of Tait and Moreno beaming after the January 12 vote approving UNITE-HERE’s preferred map and election sequencing :

UNITE-HERE tait moreno districts flyer


We appreciate UNITE-HERE quoting directly from Anaheim Blog’s post about the January 12 vote, and the de facto admission the coalition it led is left-wing. It’s not as though you’ll read that in local media coverage.

One cannot fault leaders of this radical union for taking some victory laps: they spent a lot of money, time and energy during the last several years to fashion council election rules more favorable to their political priorities. The capstone would be electing a council majority that makes UNITE-HERE representation a condition for approving new or expanded hotel projects, and forces the Honda Center to re-incorporate its food service workers into the militant union’s ranks.

The “next action” referred to in the flyer is tonight’s council vote on the Reyes map and putting Districts 1,3,4 and 5 on the 2016 ballot. Despite the crocodile tears shed over lack of council representation for West Anaheim residents, their interests have been kicked to the curb in favor of advancing the racialist politics of the the left-wing districting coalition.

The Moreno v. City of Anaheim settlement agreement requires three council votes to finalize the map and sequencing, meaning this vote is a formality. The UNITE-HERE-OCCORD coalition is encouraging the usual suspects to show up and celebrate, which presumably means they won’t feel the need to shut down the city council again or close of the intersection of Harbor and Katella during a key trade show. Which begs the question: will the mob-ification of city council operations be one of the impacts discussed at tomorrow night’s panel?


  1. If I went to Tijuana and made these type of demands of the local Mexican government then they would throw me out of the country!!!

    • Our fore fathers came here, built a country, fought and died for a better way of life.
      We are America and seek a different path.
      Don’t you love it?!!


  2. If I went to an Arab country and made these type of demands then they would execute me!!!

  3. Shouldn’t Oscar Reyes by headlining this panel? It’s his map.

    • Because it’s not really “his” map. Reyes is a cog in that machine.

    • Oscar Reyes was there and he spoke about it. You have to give the organizers the credit for being courageous enough to have the first public panel after the passage of the Map, Dan

        • Haters and racists will lose when people unite. Latinos , Arabs, Vietnamese, and every emerging community are aware of haters and we greet you with a smile

          • OK. How about you stop with the stilted left-wing sloganeering, and talk like a normal person?

            What are you trying to say?

            • He’s trying to say that if you disagree with him that you’re racist and a hater. Typical argument. Name calling is really easy, but to actually debate the issue is more complex. And even then, it’s perfectly acceptable for people to disagree. But how are we to debate and discuss issues when the other side only wishes to shut down the debate by calling people racist?

              • This sounds like professional peacenik Monica Brasov-Curca. Typical.

                You’re right SOP. Instead of reasoned debate, she tries to shut people up by calling them “haters” and “racists.” What a hypocrite.

              • Thing is, these goofballs are the REAL haters.

                And these are Tait’s allies and fans. It makes all his kindness blather such a joke.

  4. Gotta love how these people love comparing themselves to Rosa Parks and the old civil rights activists.

    On one hand, you had truly oppressed people risking arrest, physical violence and death to peacefully work for the abolition of segregation and ensure the law is color-blind.

    In Anaheim, you have a bunch of wannabe revolutionaries risking nothing. They completely owned the map drawing process, dominated the discussion and shouted down anyone who disagreed with them…and they did so in order ensure election law is color CONSCIOUS instead of color blind.

    Oh yeah – they’re exactly the same. NOT!

    • Couldn’t have said it better.

    • I don’t recall anyone, much less OCCORD, locking the doors and preventing the attendance of those who disagreed with them on the mapping process. This puts them ahead of the City of Anaheim for their actions in July 2012, when shutting down a Council meeting was called a “big time win.” So perhaps you can tell me how OCCORD “owned” the mapping process? And how does that excuse the Council majority’s attempt to flip over the game board, flinging players’ pieces everywhere and shouting “we win, you lose!” I have trouble being upset with OCCORD for expressing very real frustration against truly bigoted leaders who will do anything, including damaging their own community by dividing otherwise intact neighborhoods, in order to keep their special insiders club free of those they don’t like. Gee, here I thought it was supposed to be the voters who select our leaders, not the pre-ordained choices of those already in power. Silly me.

      Matt, you don’t get it. Your Schtick with calling people “lefties” in the hope of striking fear in the hearts of more conservative Anaheim citizens doesn’t work. For too long we have seen leaders claiming to be conservative, claiming to be Republican, and often running with endorsement from the party that is supposed to be about smaller, less invasive government, and once elected we watch them shovel tax dollars out the back door to their friends, while our neighborhoods go begging for improvements that are long overdue. Anaheim should be the best funded community in the county, one of the best funded communities in the nation, instead we are too often seen as a collection of slums and barrios, called Ana-Crime and Ana-Slime and there isn’t much we can do to rebuke those who run us down, because the truth is we have fewer cops per capita than Stockton who is functionally bankrupt, and our streets are riddled with potholes, our sidewalks uprooted by street trees not properly cared for, our schools are crumbling, and all we hear from those “conservative” leaders we thought we were electing is that we can’t afford to fix what is broken, while in the next agenda item they are shoveling more public money into their friends-and-family programs. So when the Leftist rabble rouser Dr. Moreno gets up at a Council meeting and points out the truth we already know deep down inside, that we subsidize the children of tourists, while refusing to fund programs for our OWN children in our OWN neighborhoods. Well even the most conservative of Anaheim residents can’t argue with that. Your attempts to rile up those citizens who had been the backbone of Anaheim, the solid no-nonsense voters who have owned their homes for decades and remember a different Anaheim, refuse to bend to your attempt to incite hate and fear of “the other” despite your best efforts. People don’t want to hear your unending ranting against a district system that the majority of Anaheim voted for. Nobody asked you what you think of the choice we made for ourselves in the way we will be governed, as you sit up the hillside in Orange. Go home. You don’t like the potluck meal being served at the neighborhood block party hosted by Anaheim residents who set the menu for our own tastes and preferences, so you have to spit in the food so nobody else can enjoy it either. It is over for you Matt, it is over for the Council majority, because Anaheim is at a crisis point, driven there by the leaders you suck up to, and the people of Anaheim KNOW it, they KNOW who has screwed up their city, and it is not “the leftists” who have been refused an inch of space at the table up to this point. The City is a mess and “conservatives” who are anything but truly conservative have been in charge for decades, so who is responsible for the mess? It is those leaders who have brought disgrace to the idea of being Republican, and they have you shouting at the top of your lungs promoting the same ugly messaging that nobody out there wants to hear anymore. You can say people hate Tom Tait but the election results say otherwise. You can say Districts were a leftist lie but even the most right leaning of precincts high in the hills that voted Kashkari voted for Districts, are you going to claim they were deceived by Moreno or blinded by the dazzling rhetoric of OCCORD going door to door in their guarded gated communities? You don’t get it, your world is coming to an end as surely as the old cattle baron dons after the droughts, and shouting that its all someone else’s fault isn’t going to stop the accountability that is headed your way. Keep shouting Matt, but the circle of people gathered together to listen and cheer you on grows smaller by the day, until your employers figure out you are not worth your paycheck, for the 6 sock puppets who remain over here.


        WHO IS CATER?

        Ms. Ward, your theatrics are laudable, but it is more of the same, you are a political operative, with a hired “gun” (albeit an attention starved, unemployed, of the kitchen table variety type) lawyer.

        When I shopped for property in WESTMONT this winter, I asked specifically about CATER, You, and the districting. The consensus what what you would expect: No One knew who CATER was, No one cared about the issues you bring forth, No one knew about “Lil’ Clumsy, Yogi or Donna Aceveda running for council.

        They liked the neighborhood. SIMPLE.


      • It’s lost on NO ONE that the two most vocal proponents of districting are a couple of Brea guys. Dig deep in these two folks (or not even deep) and craft your own opinion about them.

      • Cynthia, you need to get a grip on reality. You can start by stopping your practice of putting words in my mouth and falsely ascribing motives and actions to me. You call yourself a “truth teller.” Try acting like it. Try being intellectually honest instead of constructing straw men arguments and pretending I am advancing them.

      • Also, I am not trying to scare anyone. OCCORD is a left-wing group. So is UNITE-HERE. Jose Moreno is a leftist, as is Martin Lopez, Ada Briceno, Eric Altman and other leaders of the by-district elections coalition. Funding for the Yes on L and M campaign was almost entirely from left-wing sources, primarily from LA, the San Francisco Bay Area and DC. Their goal is to shift Anaheim city government, policies and politics to the Left. You allied yourself with this leftist coalition and made their cause your cause. That’s simply the truth. Don’t get mad at me or anyone else for pointing that out.

  5. One Who Knows Something

    How embarrassing. Tom Tait has poured his energy into advancing the goals of liberal interest groups while waging war on his GOP colleagues.

  6. Sinon

    La Malinche


    Tom Tait

  7. It’s interesting that OJB denizen (and supposed Anaheim resident) David Zenger, has been repeatedly making fun of dead gang members “Lil’ Clumsy” and “Yogi”. I wonder what Ms. Ward and Mr. Diamond have to say about this. I guess it’s RACICIST for others to poke fun at criminals, but OK for “Juicers”.

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