“King Tut” Held Over And Nokmeejun” Opens At Anaheim Muzeo

This came over the transom from The Muzeo:


Anaheim, CA (January 8, 2016) – Muzeo is pleased to announce that King Tut: “Wonderful Things” from the Pharaoh’s Tomb is being held over through January 30th. This collection of 131 replicas – one of Muzeo’s most popular exhibits to date – has also been visited by over 3500 Anaheim and Orange County students thus far, due in part to a transportation grant from Wells Fargo.

“We are thrilled with the community response to this exhibit. ‘Tut’ is truly ‘King’ here at Muzeo!” commented Executive Director Dan Finley.

Tickets may be purchased online at www.muzeo.org, and group tours booked by calling 714-965-8936. The exhibit is produced by Origins Museum Institute and is sponsored by the City of Anaheim, Anaheim Public Utilities, Anaheim Public Works & Disneyland Resort.

Opening on January 9 in the Carnegie Building is NokmeeJun, or “Verdant Beauty,” a free exhibit curated by the alumni of the College of Arts at Ewha Womans University in Seoul, South Korea. Hailed as the world’s largest female educational institute and one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea, Ewha’s first NokmeeJun was held in 1949. The first exhibition based in Los Angeles was held in 2010, and Muzeo is proud to host the fourth exhibition, held in Anaheim for the first time. This showing marks the 65th exhibit overall since NokmeeJun’s conception.

The content of NokmeeJun varies from year to year, but the U.S.-based exhibitions are inspired by the dreams and struggles of immigrant women artists who are impassioned to create artwork that reflects their experiences and the world around them.

The majority of proceeds from NokmeeJun will be donated to Crops of Love Ministries, a nonprofit organization which manufactures water carriers for Malawi women, who often suffer diseases borne from carrying heavy loads of water and firewood on their heads. The water carriers aid them in a safer and more effective way of providing water and essentials for their families.

The opening reception will be held on Saturday, January 9, from 2 – 4pm, and the public is welcome. NokmeeJun runs through February 13.

Museum hours are 10 a.m.–5 p.m., Tuesday through Sunday. Carnegie Gallery exhibits are free and Main Gallery admission is $10 for adults, $9 for seniors, $6 for ages 3–12, and free for children under 3. Anaheim students always free thanks to our sponsors.

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