Takeover of West Anaheim Neighborhood Council Topic At Next WAND Meeting

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A number of active long-time West Anaheim residents are upset at the political ambush executed led by young Connor Traut at the West Anaheim Neighborhood Council meeting two weeks ago. Billed by the Orange County Young Democrats as part of the campaign “to take back Anaheim from the Republican Party,” Traut and Leonard Lahtinen, a member of the North Orange County Community College Board of Trustees who ran unsuccessfully for Anaheim City Council in 1998, ran for the positions of chair and vice-chair, respectively. Traut prevailed by a single vote (cast by a friend’s girlfriend) over the sitting chair, Amanda Edinger, a long-time West Anaheim resident and young mother who dedicates a great deal of her personal time to neighborhood improvement issues.

Traut’s  surprise maneuver has roiled the ranks for area activists. According to the notice sent out for the November 4 meeting of civic improvement group West Anaheim Neighborhood Development Council (WAND), it will be on the meeting agenda:

The next WAND meeting will be this Wednesday, November 4, at the West Anaheim Youth Center from 7 PM to 9 PM,

Police Chief Raul Quezada will be our speaker. 
There will be a report from the West Anaheim Police concerning activity in West Anaheim.
We will also discuss the election of our new West Anaheim Neighborhood District Chairman and Vice Chairman last Wednesday at Brookhurst Center.  The District, run by Community Services, is part of the city’s effort to keep the community informed of activities of the different city departments.   Politics  however entered the picture and has created some controversy over the election of Connor Traut, Chairman and Leonard Lahtinen, Vice Chairman.
See you Wednesday, November 4, at the Youth Center at 7 PM.
Esther Wallace
WAND Chairman


  1. Interested to see if Connor and Leonard will show up.

    • Hahshaaaaa,
      Um, no. They won’t. If Connor does, it will be with his head down. And not one person thinks Jordan will show uo. He’s done his job for now. He taught Connor how to be shady, and he’s just waiting until the next election. Lol. If they REALLY cared, they would have supported WAND all along, right??????????????

  2. The position of chair and vice chair of the neighborhood council is a vote by the majority. It happens every year. Is Someone is to be elected, they get the votes, right? Just as if someone is to be voted out, the other person gets the votes to replace them, right? It’s not a political stunt, it’s a popularity contest. We have seen it with past elections. If the chair has no authority then any efforts, calls, meetings attended and phone calls made don’t really matter either. Anyone can continue to make our voices heard with the issues of west Anaheim, and most of us do. The neighborhood council position doesn’t make the difference. The person themself makes the difference. Now, as a community we are faced with the decision to accept those individuals in the position they now hold. After all, nothing illegal was done.

  3. True, Connor Traut didn’t do anything illegal. Someone can move into West Anaheim from Idaho a week before the neighborhood council elections and be elected chair by rounding up a few residents to show up. That’s legal. But would that sit well with you?

    What has people mad is Traut’s main motivation is personal political advancement, not improving West Anaheim. How many of his buddies who showed up at the meeting are active in trying to better West Anaheim? Google this guy. He’s been running for elected offices since he was in high school, in both Ladera Ranch and now Anaheim.

    Traut did this to get another credential to put on a council campaign mailer to fool voters into believing this kid who moved here last year from Ladera Ranch is a West Anaheim activist. That’s why he’s getting so much blow-back.

  4. I don’t disagree with you. I Googled him and still don’t see where he is going to harm our progress. The neighborhood council meetings simply introduce our residents to our city department heads. We have other meetings in the West District that do the exact same thing. Some groups we vote in new leaders and some have had the same leaders for years and don’t get elected. When he realizes that he doesn’t have any more pull than the previous people who have held this position then he will most likely move on. I just think that we are much bigger and stronger as a community than this chair position and who is filling it. If we live and die on the position and actions of the district chair only then we aren’t using all of our power to continue to improve West Anaheim. We can continue to spend time grumbling about his intentions or we move forward with the same plans and progress that we’ve ALL worked hard for.

    • I agree. But the reason why we grumbled is not about the seat, who really cares about that, it’s just that politics entered an arena that was for the community, and in such a devious way, all with plans to eventually get the west seat, which is scary, because then they would be representing us…and they don’t care. Connor already wants on the Beach blvd committee, but I’m sure he had to Google it before to know what it was. We are trying to make Beach better, not seat a candidate.

      • What makes you think Connor even Googled the Beach Blvd committee? Simply seeing it on a list somewhere is enough to make him want it, he need not know what they do or have interest in doing actual work. His campaign pitch for the West NC seat tells you he doesn’t do his homework, since when does a Neighborhood Council leader push their own agenda to begin with? NC is about facilitating the long standing desires of the residents who attend. Unless, of course, on the meeting dates when the residents are voting for funding priorities he once again shows up with a bunch of people who have not been involved, but are legally permitted to vote, and hijacks that process as well.

        Sorry to hear this is happening to you, West Anaheim. I grew up there before our jump to “The Colony” (only because I wanted an old wreck of a project and couldn’t get an orchard house in West Anaheim) it will always be home to me, and deserves so much more attention than it has been getting for decades.

        Someone named June (I did not catch the last name) Holmsy? from West Anaheim spoke at the last Council meeting, nailing the Council for doling out special favors to their friends while making West Anaheim wait for decades for the slightest crumbs, and taking Jordan to task for facilitating the takeover by his buddies. Lucile Kring (who was inept in her Chairing of the meeting) ignored the message presented and instead chose to focus on one detail of the message she could pick apart, conveniently skipping over her responsibility to even TRY to hear what her constituents were saying, and Jordan chose to cloak himself in the mantle of professional victimhood, ripping into the speaker for “homophobic and sexist” remarks!! Go watch the video, beginning 41 minutes into the meeting, the speaker from West Anaheim (June) began, and then Kring and Brandman correct her, with Brandman going totally over the top, and for the life of me I cannot understand what he thinks he heard from the speaker. Either he misunderstood her or he opted to use his newly declared orientation as a deflector shield to keep from having to answer for his actions, and that is as low as it gets. This guy wants to serve West Anaheim as your new leader, it is not just Connor, there are TWO seats that cover West Anaheim, and two little political climbers ready to take those seats at all costs, using outside money and any ruse they need to make it happen. West Anaheim, you better be cultivating to your own home grown leaders and start your bake sales NOW for campaign cash, because you are in for the fight of your lives!

        • West Anaheim not getting what it needs is not Disney’s fault. It is the fault of YEARS of neglect by council. This council seems committed to trying and fix those issues. However, the problems did not happen over night and they won’t be fixed that quickly either. As for what he found offensive, listen to her comments again and how she phrased how he got Connor in. It took me a few times watching it. Keep in mind not many in West Ana know JB is gay, much less do they care. Second, most of them don’t even know what that term means. JB was wrong to talk to her that way and out of line.

          West Ana wants a candidate who will listen to us and fight for what we want. The R or D next to their name is irrelevant.

          • West Anaheim does not get what it needs because the very limited resources left after Disney gets their taxpayer funded benefits is then stretched so thin that the politically astute interests get to suck up the rest and there is nothing left for West Anaheim.

            If you watch the video of the long term debt workshop from July 21, the Finance Director explains that the deal that made sense in 1996 to fund infrastructure for Disney by diverting 100% of the property, sales, and bed taxes from Disney above what we collected in 1995 has now been outgrown, and we overpay the bond payments in that agreement by about $10MM per year and that is growing now. The Star Wars improvements will not add a penny to the taxes that get to the General Fund. It does not matter how much more above the bond payments we collect, it ALL goes to a trust fund, where even the interest does not come to the General Fund! THAT is why we all ask, if we have this economic engine, why does our city look so bad? In financial terms we are better than we were in 1995 only when we collect bed tax from non-Disney hotels, and now the City has begun giving THAT money away too! So what are we supposed to use to increase Police patrols in West Anaheim and clean up Beach Blvd?

            The City Council had the chance to ask Disney to rewrite that agreement, prior to July 7, 2015, when Disney got the only thing they wanted that we could have used as leverage to demand Disney let us recapture the tax increment that is COLLECTED but not used by the General Fund, so we still pay the bonds on the same track as agreed in 1996, but we score $10mm (or more) per year back to the General Fund, without a single nickel in additional tax raised on anyone. Did you see any attempt to try that? Ask the Council, and they will tell you they don’t even KNOW how much money goes to the Disney infrastructure, or what it buys (we are paying for every bit of the Mickey and Friends Parking Structure, while the taxpayers are NOT getting the parking spaces and revenues promised for the Convention Center from that deal! I checked. Anaheim is keeping up our end of the bargain, Disney not so much, and our only chance to fix it disappeared when the Council majority was in such a hurry to approve handing over the only leverage taxpayers had to hold Disney accountable!

            So you are right, Sick of Politics, it is not Disney’s fault that West Anaheim is getting the sort end of the stick, Disney is in the business of profit, and we expect them to extract anything their greedy corporate minds can take from taxpayers. It is not Disney’s job to look our for the taxpayers (although we would hope a good corporate neighbor would not take advantage of their position to ream the taxpayers) No, it is the duty of those elected to represent US at the City Council, and they FAILED beyond belief while doing backflips to appease their corporate masters, and if West Anaheim wants to know how to fix Beach Blvd, look to Anaheim Blvd, and watch the connections to Harbor Blvd.

            • Where is this tax increment going and why are we overpaying on bonds? Is the Mickey and Friends structure included in the 1996 deal?
              What other benefits does Disney get that are drawing from the general fund?
              I think Beach Blvd could have been cleaned up long ago if we had actually strengthened ordinances instead of essentially giving code Enf little to no teeth.
              Why did council (Tait was on it) approve removing the 30 day rule? Why did they not use redevelopment money like Buena Park to buy bad motels?
              Council approved a quality housing program, which I think is a great idea. But what teeth does it have? 5 chances before you’re hit with a small fine? I’m all for trying to get landlords to make improvements, but at the same time, how many chances to they get? Take a drive down the Ariel/Olinda/Danbrook tract. I’d be in tears if I had to live there. But the properties apparently meet code! And what’s worse is that the owners won’t sell to developers. Add the density bonus that CA offers and it makes me vomit…. Why are we incentivizing density?

              • It is a long story, and hard to post on a blog comment. If you want a direct email please contact me and i can send better info, as Matt doesn’t let us post links here last i checked. But in a nutshell, in the 1990s the City was in a bad place, at one time we were $20MM in the hole and about to lay off cops. Instead of initiating a gate tax supported by Police, leaders forced us to tax our own utilities (the first time) that was later repealed, but it shows how Disney does not want to participate in resolving issues in the community that has played host to them for decades. Sadly they can no longer pretend to be an island, as guests DO now leave the Resort for “experiential tourism” and I hope they are good and ashamed of what their guests see of the surrounding city, because the lack of upkeep is largely due to what is siphoned off for them!

                So in 1996, Disney agreed to invest ONE BILLION in expanding the 2nd gate (DCA) and build Grand Cal Resort, and Downtown Disney. In exchange, taxpayers were stuck investing ONE AND A HALF BILLION in Disney’s expansion, with $500MM in bonds (it takes a LOT to repay those suckers) which paid for infrastructure around the Resort, a Convention Center expansion, and the Mickey and Friends Structure. At the end of the bond payments (2037) we sign over the structure to Mickey, which is fine since we get nothing out of it now anyway. BUT…we were supposed to get 1,000 parking spaces for the Convention Center, for 345 days per year, which could be negotiated, but adds to 345,000 parking spaces per year, at the Disney location that works for all, and 70% of the revenue from those spaces coming back to Anaheim. It kept us from having to build another structure for the CC, gave us income, and Disney is committed to provide a shuttle for CC guests to get from parking to CC and back for their cars. The bonds are paid by diverting one hundred percent of the taxes from Disney property, over the baseline set by what was collected in 1995. So the tagline (which we have heard since then too) was “no loss to the General Fund” as we would still collect what was coming in, not less. Bit it failed to account for inflation, and does not allow us to collect any MORE to cover the increasing costs of keeping up the City as more low wage work is demanded to feed the economic engine. We have learned many lessons since 1996, I cannot blame the leaders for that decision back then, i would have signed it too. But we HAVE since learned that we have to let the contract keep up with inflation and rest them occasionally to reflect changing conditions. So imagine when we see all this tourism money coming in, it DOES NOT GO TO THE GENERAL FUND from Disney. Everything above 1995, that means ALL the bed tax from Grand Cal, ALL the property tax from turning a parking lot into a theme park, ALL of the sales tax from Downtown Disney purchases and meals, it ALL goes to the bond payments for improvements that benefit Disney. Lucille Kring just corrected that woman from West Anaheim saying Disney pays taxes, but DO THEY? DO THEY if the taxes fund improvements that in another circumstance they would be expected to fund themselves? In exchange for Disney promising to cover any shortfall in bond payments if their new theme park bombed so we weren’t on the hook for their failure, Disney got exempted from a gate tax, since they rightfully didn’t want to pay a gate tax AND fund the bonds AND cover losses on a theme park that didn’t work. That is where the gate tax deal came from that Council renewed in July of this year. BUT…when a benefit is tied to an agreement to be revisited in 20 years, you look at the WHOLE agreement, and make sure everyone is compliant with all provisions. Anaheim failed to make sure Disney kept their end, and failed to use Disney’s desire to renew the deal to extract any benefits.Keep reading and see why that was very stupid.

                Anyway, because Disney is knocking it out of the (theme) park, and revenues coming in from the various Disney properties now exceed the bond payments due by about $10MM per year, you would think we would get to keep that gap, right? Nope. It goes to a trust fund held by the bond trustee, and sits there, waiting for future bond payments to come due (you don’t pay off bond early and save the interest like paying down your mortgage, there is no advantage) the only thing it speeds up is signing over the parking structure that much faster to Disney. We save no money. And if you think our leaders are NOT going to commit that money to some other crony capitalist project, you have been hitting one of the dispensaries we need to get rid of.

                So now, we have given Disney the only thing they really wanted, the gate tax forgiveness is sealed in place, they will not come back to the bargaining table to let us rewrite the finance agreement, and recapture for the General Fund the revenues above the bond payments to use them for fixing up Anaheim instead of paying off their parking garage early. AND I did a CPRA request (the ones people like Matt get all huffy over, but how else are we supposed to find out what is going on when staff and Council won’t tell us?!) and the docs I got with receipts, audits etc do not show anywhere NEAR 345,000 parking spaces available for Anaheim Con Center guests, so we also miss the revenue from that, And we have to pay to replace the spaces our guests use! And I can find NO evidence Disney EVER provided the shuttle for CC guests to access parking, the only reference in all those docs was a note that there was a problem with it, sounded like Disney refused, but no documentation to prove any of it. So we fund Disney’s parking garage where they suck down $17 per car while we cover the cost, we forfeit parking spaces they make money on, we forfeit the revenue from those parking spaces they make money on, we have to provide shuttle service to get Con Center patrons to their cars which Disney was supposed to cover, and when it came time to review the agreements from 1996 and we had a chance to negotiate a better deal that would give us $10MM a year, which is ALREADY BEING COLLECTED not a tax increase, simply paying the bonds at the 2037 completion date agreed to instead of paying them down early with accelerated payments that benefit Disney and offer Anaheim nothing of benefit, instead we saw ONLY the benefits to Disney approved on July 7, separated completely from the rest of the agreement they were once tied to in 1996.

                And again, Sick of Politics, I agree this is not Disney’s fault, I am saddened that they have chosen to take advantage of their position as the 800 lb gorilla, but I expect my elected leaders to step in and demand they treat taxpayers who are hosting and funding their success with some measure of respect. Instead our leaders go to Europe with Disney’s executives and return to shove bad deals through the meat grinder as quickly as possible to make sure nobody could even LOOK at the agreements!

                I asked for the original documents linked to the 1996 agreements, assuming they were on Paul Emery’s desk where he had reviewed them so he knew how to negotiate the best deal for taxpayers, right? I have to pay extra for them because they were still in a remote storage facility, proving nobody at City Hall even LOOKED to see what the original agreement was while they shoved through ONE PART OF IT!

                Nope, no problem here.

                Anaheim should be the gold plated City, with the money generated into our General Fund there should not be a pothole in the town, and we should have plenty of Police and park staff etc, but because the money gets siphoned off for benefits to ONE segment of the population while the rest of us go begging, fighting between neighborhoods for the crumbs left from the tourism industry, we look like a back woods 3rd world slum.

                So forgive me for being bitter, as I watch my beloved home town swirl down the porcelain bowl while the same corporate giant siphoning off the money we should be using for improvements now wants a $300MM streetcar paid for by us, and the City Council gives away the hotel taxes that were our consolation prize for not collecting money on Disney property, but we were supposed to get the funds from others who came to Disney but stayed off property. Now that is going too, so what is the point of having built this monument to greed when it leaves Anaheim as a slum? We deserve better, and our leaders are failing to provide it. Worse, they are bringing in their like minded friends, who have no roots in Anaheim and are certain to leave again once they have extracted their money or used us as the stepping stones to bigger offices, and those of us who care about the City like the hard working leaders in West Anaheim who have been busting butt for decades trying to get attention at City Hall get displaced so outsiders can get what they want from us.

                Either we reverse this RIGHT NOW or there will be no way to do it! We are at the tipping point, if we don’t fix this NOW we won’t be able to.

                Consider this, even if we had succeeded in negotiating a better deal with Disney to let that tax increment leak back to the General Fund, We just saw the pathetically small number of neighborhoods that can be repaved with MILLIONS spent (borrowed with MORE bonds so we repay twice the cost of the paving) tell me honestly, even if we recaptured that $10MM per year, and put all of it back into neighborhoods, how many years would it take of that kind of focused investment, before Anaheim looked the way it should?

                10 years? 20 years?

                You tell me.

                • That is a well reasoned response, Ms. Ward. Given your amateur/gadfly position understandable and to a degree impressive.

                  Yet, speaking for myself I continue to have a hard time believing that YOUR (CATER’S) efforts are not equally nefarious. You refuse to identify any members save your attorney, who lives for publicity (and has experienced a couple of public “meltdowns” recently), and some old guy who drives Jeeps but hasn’t been a player in Anaheim since before Most college kids were born!!


                • So if I understand this correctly, Disney is not providing the number of spaces per the agreement nor are they providing the shuttle. Is the failure to abide by the contract a council issue or a city staff issue? Why is staff not forcing the terms agreed to? Or alternatively saying ‘if you don’t provide them, you give is X amount of dollars?
                  Why do we need to allocate all of Disney tax to the bond payment? Why can’t we use the funds to pay the bond payment and then divert the rest to the general fund?
                  I’m not a fan of a gate tax… It taxes those of us that frequent Disney and every other entertainment venue…. In a state where we already heavily taxed, I don’t think higher taxes are the answer.

  5. I’m with you on that. Everyone is working together just fine without these people butting in with their agenda. We just need to stick to our plan and focus on our ignored part of Anaheim. There will always be politics. Politics is why we vote in the first place. Keep doing a great job!

  6. Sick of Politics says: “I think Beach Blvd could have been cleaned up long ago if we had actually strengthened ordinances instead of essentially giving code Enf little to no teeth.”

    Agreed. Places like irvine are not exactly hurting while setting a high standard and saying “this is what we envision for our community and this is the bar that will be met if you own property here,” I have no idea why we don’t do that, but we never have. Please, whoever you are, run for Council and fix it. Someone needs to.

    “Why did council (Tait was on it) approve removing the 30 day rule? Why did they not use redevelopment money like Buena Park to buy bad motels?”

    I don’t know why RDA did not buy up the motels when they had the chance. RDA took direction from Council and Council back then was focused on other things. Believe me i very, very much wish someone had focused RDA on cleaning up Beach rather than bulldozing our historic downtown core. You have no idea how much I wish for a time machine. As far as the 30 day rule, I am pretty sure it was a court order that said they can’t anymore. That the motels are the last desperate attempt of many to not land on the streets and the impact of people becoming truly homeless if not permitted to stay in the motels would be worse than letting them remain. But at that point we should have begun working on the homeless shelter, not waiting until now. BTW some non-profits DID, they went into the Lincoln Inn and put in cleaner management and social workers, and they built a gorgeous shelter over on State College, you probably drive past it all the time and would never know it is a shelter. There is one here by me in the Colony that has some of the best architecture in town and the locals had gone ape&^%$ over it going in here, but there have been NO PROBLEMS when it is done right shelters are good, but retaining the dumpy motels is not an answer, nor is the human warehouse dormitory style of shelter we all fear when we hear “shelter.”

    “Council approved a quality housing program, which I think is a great idea. But what teeth does it have? 5 chances before you’re hit with a small fine? I’m all for trying to get landlords to make improvements, but at the same time, how many chances to they get?”

    Agreed. There is no enforcement of anything any more. I participate in the Mills Act program, I am supposed to be held to a higher standard than anyone else in town, and for years they have sent a congratulatory letter for taking such good care of our home, when it needs new paint so badly I am ashamed of it (had to put on a new foundation at $40,000 first, sorry, now I have the money and am on a waiting list for the painter, they are hard to get for historic work) so I don’t hold my breath thinking the city is going to follow up on basic Code Enforcement. When he ran for mayor Tait said he would put Code officers in charge of their own areas and they would be responsible for the appearance of those areas, hoping the accountability would up the ante a bit but I think union rules killed that. He tried. I don’t know what the answer is. And of course we need to have the flip side, and offer non profit aid to those homeowners who CANNOT maintain their property so they are not punished for what they cannot do.

    “Take a drive down the Ariel/Olinda/Danbrook tract. I’d be in tears if I had to live there. But the properties apparently meet code!”

    Honestly I have not been in the area in a long time, but I will go look this weekend, that is like Knott and Orange, right? I am sorry to hear about this. What exactly is going on and what needs to be done? The area from Knott to Lincoln to Stanton to Orange is on the 2016-17 priority list for improvements as far as streets and sidewalks but I suspect it is more than that. Yes?

    “And what’s worse is that the owners won’t sell to developers. Add the density bonus that CA offers and it makes me vomit…. Why are we incentivizing density?”

    We are forced to incentivize density by a variety of insane State laws and regional planning directives that require us to shoehorn people into high density packing boxes, for their “smart growth” experiments. That isn’t a city thing it is a stupid liberals thing that believes politicians know how to plan a city. Sorry…makes me tear my hair out too.

    One night I stayed late after a RDA meeting, asking Lisa Stipkovitch why we were building so much high density stuff when it was obvious our resources cannot handle the population, and she said it was a requirement in order to accept the RDA funds. So i asked why we even ask for the RDA funds when there are so many strings attached, why not let the market dictate what will be built, based on input from locals to determine what WE want OUR community to look and feel like. She looked at me like I had grown a second head. Sorry, i tried. I wish we had answers, i wish ANY of us had answers, I honestly would support good projects and good proposals even from leaders i don’t personally like, if it would move the city forward in a direction that creates the city i want to grow old in. I was born here, I assumed I would die here, but as Richard and I get older and have less opportunity to start over again if the city around us takes down the investment we have made in our real estate nest egg, I am terrified, and i admit to acting or perhaps reacting to that fear because I don’t want to be an 80 year old woman trapped in a city where I fear walking to the corner without tripping over crumbled pavement and breaking a hip or being mugged and knowing there isn’t a cop for 15 minutes response time thanks to budget cuts, I don’t want to be there, and either we fix it or I leave, I am done with hoping things get better, I am ready to fight like mad to make it better, but that isn’t going to happen with City Hall fighting back against efforts to recapture funds for neighborhoods, and flat out retaliating against those of us tying to make a difference.

    Anyway I hijacked Matt’s post, and I am sorry about that, but I saw legit questions that were reasonable to ask, and I didn’t see anyone else answering, and I suspect there will be others arguing with my views, but I hope I gave you some places to look and find answers for yourself and if anyone wants to contact me offline I can send links to back up absolutely every thing I have said here, I have the 96 agreements with Disney, the receipts and audits of Con Ctr parking, all of it, boxes of papers fought for to extract them from City Hall and purchased 10 and 20 cents per page, and I would love someone else to get some use out of them too, please let me know if anyone wants this stuff, I will gladly copy or scan all of it and let others put it to use and also prove I am not making this up, I was horrified to learn everything I had been telling others about how great tourism was turned out to not be as true as I believed and it made me sick to think about the misinformation I presented because I didn’t question what I was told by those I trusted. So now I question everything, and demand to see docs before I believe anything I am told. If I have files anyone can use, they are yours.

    Good luck West Anaheim. I am sorry you are dealing with this nightmare. I grew up in LinBrook, and it breaks my heart to see what West Anaheim is becoming/has become. Stand up for yourselves, and holler for help if you find solutions, honest the rest of the City is not trying to take from you, there IS NO MONEY LEFT in the till and we are fighting for the leftovers. But West Anaheim is way, way overdue for attention, that is clear. Hang in there. Don’t let these thugs do this to you.

    And now for the dog pile that Cynthia Ward is evil and can’t be trusted and I must be lying because others don’t like what I have just said and can’t dispute the facts so they will trash my character. at 3….2…..1…..

    • Seems like we could achieve success in making changes to how we handle code enforcement issues. Doesn’t seem to pose any real issues in cities like Irvine or Cypress.
      I also agree with you that if those are the strings attached to RDA funds, then I don’t want them. I think cities should be able to exercise greater control to their own city planning. The same likely applies to the density bonus. The state offers the bonus, but is Anaheim required to comply or are they able to set their own standards?
      Second, Anaheim takes in way more HuD finding and low income housing than other OC cities of similar size and population. Why do we have three times the HUD vouchers as Santa Ana? I’m not opposed to them but you cannot plan a city without a proper mix of housing… The Danbrook location is the prime example. Neighborhoods need be a better mix. That’s why it’s so difficult to get decent businesses in the area…. Anaheim shouldn’t bear the responsibility of housing the county’s poor. All OC cities share in it…
      I do believe these problems can be fixed, but it’s going to take a lot of effort.

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