House of Blues Moving To GardenWalk


Word on the street is House of Blues is re-locating from Downtown Disney to the Anaheim GardenWalk, although there has been no official announcement and no specifics on what space in the GardenWalk will be occupied by HOB. Sources tell me HOB will move into the space currently occupied by UltraLuxe Anaheim Cinemas.

Landing a marquis tenant like the House of Blues is a shot in the arm for the retail-dining-entertainment complex, which opened in the depths of the Great Recession and has been plagued by tenant turnover.  It will certainly draw in far more foot traffic to the interior part of the complex than the movie theater does.


  1. We heard that too. In all honesty, west Anaheim has been deprived of any recognition and focus in decades. House of Blues would have worked on Beach just south of Buena Parks brews restaurant owned by gene Simmons.Beach blvd hasn’t changed one bit, and I can show you a 1985 article where we were begging for change because of the scummy motels then, and it’s now 2015.
    So yeah, it’s hard to be happy for any new business ventures for everywhere else. We don’t even have a starbucks, not one good coffee hoyse, restaurant, farmers market, shopping, restaurant, entertsinment, dog park, theater, brewery, NOTHING.

  2. West Anaheim doesn’t need trendy places because they live next to Disneyland. A quarter of the city is a resort. Trendy Rockin’ type food places work in resort priced zip codes. West Anaheim is good for dive bars and i will say they need a few more of them.

    • You couldn’t be more wrong, Freddy. WA is home to many wonderful working class families who are deserving of decent places to shop and dine.

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