Rudy Gaona Running for City Council…Again

rudy gaona

The 2016 Anaheim City Council election has gained its first second candidate: perennial council aspirant Rudy Gaona.

Gaona filed his intention to run paperwork on July 6 for what will be his third city council run, having previously run in 2012 and 2010. He pulled papers to run in 2014 before opting to run against Supervisor Shawn Nelson.

According to Gaona’s campaign bio:

I work at LAC-USC-MEDICAL- CENTER. And have served for 15 years for the department of Supply Chain Operations . In addition to my full time job, I also served my country, I was a member of the California, Army National Guard.  I feel honored to say that I have served the National Guard for 21 years.  I first volunteered to serve the Army National Guard when I turned eighteen.  I am what you call, your basic Infantry soldier. My tours include Los Angeles Riots, Northridge earthquake, Central floods, Operation enduring freedom and Operation Iraqi freedom.   

As readers know, the 2016 council elections will be conducted on a by-district basis.


  1. Well, first, he’s not the first candidate to enter the race. While Gaona filed a Form 501 this month, Gail Eastman filed both a 501 AND a Form 410.

    Beyond that, I’m a little surprised that their street addresses are redacted, given the move to district elections. Presumably, once the new lines are drawn and finalized, the Clerk’s office will at least have to indicate what district they are in.

  2. Thank you, Greg. I reported on Gail opening a 2016 committee back in March — – so that was an oversight on my part.

  3. Another HUGE victory for Vern Nelson and his adopted brethren:

    The OCDA released (or declined to charge) the gang member felon that murdered the good samaritan Dave Douglas this week.

    One can only hope that the accused is a “SNITCH” like Yogi and is trying to save his own life.

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